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    Old: Rampage II Gene/mushkin Redline 1600mhz 6-7-6-18 3x2GB/Corsair HX 850 watt/~Core i7 930~ replaced with lapped Xeon X5670 @4Ghz w/ Cogage True Spirit/XFX 5870/WD Black 640 GB
  1. So I have an lga1366 and server parts are much cheaper. Practically all ddr3 ram that comes in 3 packs is cheaper if you get ecc ram rather than "desktop" ram. Obviously server ram isn't going to be on the manufacturer approved ram sheet but neither is most ram. Will server ram run fine on a non server mobos (typically)? Mobo in question is rampage ii gene though I don't expect anyone to know the specific compatibility of my particular mobo.
  2. How do I test the PSU without just subbing in another PSU? I don't believe there was a power loss based on the status of the microwave clock..
  3. Yo, what's up OCC? The computer at the bottom of the post has stopped working while I was sleeping and I need help figuring out what to do. Here's all I know. When I woke up the computer was on but nothing was displaying on the screen. The computer didn't wake or anything when I tried to wake it by pushing the keys. The computer was running so I force shutdown the computer by holding the power button and left. This was the last time the fans moved. Now nothing happens from hitting the power button. The motherboard lights up when the psu is powered and on but no fans run. I have no speaker for the motherboard. That's pretty much all I know right now any suggestions or if you know a good PC shop in the area (dfw texas) let me know. As far as I can figure it would be the PSU half died, or grounding issues (such as a motherboard stand somehow loosing contact) right? What else could it be? Rampage II Gene mushkin Redline 1600mhz 6-7-6-18 3x2GB Corsair HX 850 watt Core i7 930 Cogage True Spirit XFX 5870 WD Black 640 GB
  4. Intel Core i7 930 @ 3.8 (My signature is old) Asus Rampage II GENE 6GB of Mushkin Redline 1700 MHz @ 6-7-6-18 ATI Radeon HD 5870 WD Cavier Black 1TB, WD Cavier Black 640GB, WD Green 2TB Antec Mini P180 Lapped Cogage True Spirit Corsair HX850 PSU 24" Samsung LCD Altec Lansing 4.1 speakers Country United States.
  5. So I have a projection TV that I got off craigslist and it seems to only display things correctly which are set to 1080i, so while my roommates xbox 360 works, my wii doesn't work because it's 480i or 720i (I have both a component and composite cable for it and neither display correctly). So today I plugged my NES into the composite ports on the front and was greeted with the familiar shredded image. Is there some sort of adapter or box that I can plug into to convert my component and composite inputs to 1080i? Examples: Video
  6. Mythos.... IVIYTH0S.... I need to sit down. I've been reading it as "Ivy-Thōs" all this time.
  7. None. I run Linux on my laptop and netbook and windows on my desktop. I use my android phone for mp3 playing and phone stuffs. I don't have a tablet because they are pretty useless right now. Though I do own a tablet as in drawing tablet.
  8. Not if he's have trouble getting even contact, you over estimate the difference in efficiency between the two methods. To OP again: Reseat the CPU, if that doesn't work you can probably buy an after market mounting bracket and it will probably solve your problems.
  9. Newegg, any WD or Seagate drive you can afford. I've heard WD has better customer service but if the drive is DOA newegg will replace it.
  10. First try re-seating your heatsink and reapplying thermal paste with the credit card method. Maybe the mounting mechanism isn't applying pressure evenly, is it screw based or those stupid push through ones? "It idles at 43c while the other are anywhere from 22c-28c." 43c isn't very hot for a CPU, are you using the right program to measure? Speedfan is pretty terrible. If that is the correct temperature It may just be loaded with single-threaded applications. Also you only need ~200, 320 grit, ~500 grit and 800 grit sand paper to lap a CPU and heatsink. For most of it use the 200 or 320 grit till you can see copper then move on to the others. 800 grit is what I stopped at the second time I lapped a CPU and it didn't seem to be worse than 1500 grit. They are both mirror smooth.
  11. I was just joking around cause no one uses them anymore for games (at least not much)
  12. So clicking play isn't doing anything on the menu you get before entering the game. By that I mean it has no response. All other menu items work. edit: Had to run steams validation. Had swapped out some file for a mod. Problem solved
  13. I don't think I'm registered as one[Just registered] but my family knows that I would like to A. Donate my body/organs to anyone who needs them B. Donate my body/organs to research C. Be pulled off life support if I am in a vegetative state. Do your families know how you feel about these?
  14. The problem with trolling Majors is that plenty of people believe what you posted is the truth. Additionally you were minimizing the people of OWS which is the same thing that FOX and other news stations are doing. I realize OWS has problems (like the people in it with real communist agendas) but minimizing them by saying they're all just stupid liberals and so their opinion doesn't matter is ridiculous. But whatever your just a 19 year old so your opinion doesn't matter (see what I did there). And don't think just because your beginning a hard major doesn't mean you'll stick with it. I've seen a lot of teenagers start university as a engineering major and then not stick with it.
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