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  1. Nice screen, I did the same thing at that part too. I'd prefer one of Ivy though and her painted on panties... Definitely not a game for the kids.
  2. I listed a couple there, they'd be good options if you want to go DDR3 and AM3. At the price point of DDR3 RAM currently, there isn't really much of a reason to stick with DDR2. You are getting a tiny bit more performance and you'll be future proof for when AMD releases the Bulldozer lineup in 2011.
  3. Sometimes it also works out, that if you're running a 32 bit OS, it'll dock off the amount of available system RAM that the video card takes up. So if you have 4GB installed in the system, but your video card has 1GB of its own, Vista will act like you're only running 2.5GB instead of 3.5GB of system RAM. When I had 32bit Vista, its what showed up on mine.. my 768MB 8800GTX took away from the 4GB installed so it read it as 2.85GB instead of 3.5GB. Funny little trick Vista has, lovely "feature" like N.E.A said. It doesn't hurt your games unless the game needs a lot of memory, which can happen but the most I've seen something take up personally is about 1.5 - 2 GB. If its causing a problem, just shut down all programs you aren't needing to conserve resources. Or well, upgrade to 64bit.
  4. I'm hopeful someone does. Rivers threw near him last week, made a couple tackles but that was about it. McGee was the only one of my DBs who saw any action, had 5 tackles and one assist.. even Grant just had a couple tackles and an assist. Oh well, the Seahawks are playing the 49ers so maybe there will be more passes thrown his way. Ah well.. I may be shopping around before long depending on how things pan out these next couple weeks.
  5. Good to know, I figured they did something like that but I just wasn't for sure because I couldn't remember if anyone had it. At least its a pretty simple process for it, maybe the 1156 will be out soon. Though, if the ASUS board has 775 holes as well, you could just use that bracket on it. Though I don't think that one does..
  6. Yeah, the Chargers O-Line is pretty busted up currently.. as are some on the defensive side. McNabb has got to hurt a lot of people, though he's had some injuries in the past that have kept him out before so its nothing too new. I'm watching Terrence McGee on my team, he had some spasms today or yesterday that may keep him out. If not, I'll just have Asomugha back in.. maybe the Chiefs will throw the ball toward him this time. I'm hopeful Rodgers has a much better game this week, its against the Bengals so that is pretty favorable.
  7. I'm sure Corsair either has or will have an 1156 bracket for the H50. You'll probably just need to contact them, show them proof you bought it and they'll ship it to you if its not included. Its how it works with Noctua and others, so Corsair should do the same if its not included. For a simple air setup, the Hyper 212 Plus would work out pretty well if you aren't doing high overclocks. But if you have the money, I'd go with the H50 and pair it up with a couple of Xigmatek 120mm fans.
  8. My brother went to school at Kansas State in Manhattan, so you can say he's a Mizzou hater. I'd personally stick with the Core Contact Freezer, its perfect for the AMD systems and even out performs the vaunted TRUE in most cases. 40 dollars is much better than spending 65-90 on the TRUE, so I'd go with the CCF all the time. Plus, the CCF just works out of the box and doesn't need lapping or a washer to work properly.. it just works like it should the instant you get it. Just food for thought. I'd personally get a 790X board to pair up with the AMD Phenom II 720. For future proofing, I'd go with the DDR3 based boards just because you'll be able to keep the RAM for future builds. With the price of DDR3 nowadays, there is no reason to stick with DDR2. You can get the same amount for nearly the same price, so I'd go with DDR3. The Gigabyte 790XT-UD4P or ASUS M4A79XTD EVO would be solid choices to pair up with some DDR3 RAM.
  9. I have a 24" widescreen, Samsung 245BW. Got it uh, little over 2 years ago and won't go to anything smaller. It was from the time when 24" meant 1920x1200, not 1920x1080 like everyone has nowadays.
  10. That does look pretty awesome. The cutout on the lid has gotten really nicely sanded down, looks pretty pro now. What will you be adding to the right to make it more even?
  11. Well, LT has been officially scratched from Sunday's game. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=4485260. Looks like Sproles will be getting the majority of the carries, along with Michael Bennet. Bad day to have LT rourk, hopefully its just a one game thing though. Also, if anyone has Chris Canty, he's sitting out Sunday's game as well. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=4484991. Seems to be a calf injury thats keeping him sidelined this weekend.
  12. Last thing I bought was a sub from a local deli, chipotle chicken and cheese. Mighty tasty. Though I nearly bought myself a netbook today... I got my student loans in so it was pretty tempting. But I restrained myself... for now.
  13. This is why I'm kind of glad my school went from WebCT to Blackboard 9.0. At least nothing got screwed over and its been pretty stable so far. Little bit more so than WebCT I'd have to say.. I'm still not liking the switch to Blackboard though. It seems rather complicated. Now, if you want something to murder, try AstroPortal. My astronomy class uses that and the thing takes forever to log me in. I have to play a game with it, it has the password memorized so it should log me in automatically.. but no, it refuses. I enter the password multiple times before it finally realizes that its correct. Pisses me off all the time, at least the homework is once a week thing in it.
  14. It was a joke. I have Edwards as my week 5 guy, I need someone to fill the void during Green Bay's bye week. It was going to be Cutler until I saw that Chicago and Green Bay are off the same week, so Edwards will take over for then. So long as Aaron can find Jennings and Driver, I'll be good every week. Btw, Edwards did have 2 TDs compared to Rodgers 1... and Cutler well, he thought Green Bay was his team.
  15. Typically LT would be a sure bet.. but lately he hasn't been that great. Sproles is such a better bet imo, at least for late in the game carries. I remember watching him in college and he's still just as explosive then as he is now.. plus he's so tiny that people don't see him. He did get layed out a few times though, but then he turned on the jets in the return game and fourth quarter. I should have started Edwards at QB instead.. few more points than Rodgers. Btw Bosco, Edwards is off the table now. I just remembered that Cutler and Rodgers have the same bye week so.. Cutler is available if you'd like.
  16. My parent's house as well. Just today, my mom was complaining about how the keyboard wouldn't work when writing an email. The backspace, apostrophe and arrow keys all would not work in any email program. So I had them clean out the keyboard and try again, still no luck. Then she tells me that when she hits apostrophe, a Quick Find window pops up so she inputs the apostrophe command and suddenly it all works just fine. She sent me about 3 emails from MSN and Gmail telling me all of this. I don't know what they did, but I'm just glad I didn't have to drive over there and fix it. As for Rokk, I'd have to say your wife causes too many problems and must be taught the proper way to use stuff. Or just you know, not be allowed to use anything.
  17. Lucky man, though you need to check out my trade proposal. Or make a counter to it, whichever. Brees is definitely the best QB imo as well. Over 5,000 yards last year, came very close to breaking Marino's record. I have Brees in both of my other leagues, very nice performance I got from him. Though I had the Eagles on one team and I didn't start them.. and they had a ton of points as well, much more than the Giants did. Sort of really kicking myself now.
  18. I agree, the 900 just has better airflow in my experiences, plus the side fan really does help out. Cable management in the 900 isn't that great though, its rather lacking in it. If you can, try and get the 902 but thats just my opinion on it.
  19. Well, Seymour has reported to the Raiders and should start in tomorrow nights game if all goes well. Well, maybe not start, but at least be in the game. And man, whoever had Drew Brees got one hell of a game out of him. 358 yards and 6 TDs, man. The Eagles defense put up really great numbers too despite McNabb getting injured in the 3rd, any of their players have big days or just the team overall?
  20. Yeah, interception and I think nearly a recovery on the blocked field goal that twisted his knee around. Seymour is currently still in the Massachusetts area because of his kids, he doesn't want to take them out of school and move them cross country. Can't say I blame him personally, its always tough moving a huge distance like that, especially with young kids. Haha, I guess so. Speaking of, you seen that new Head and Shoulders commercial with the Polamalu spoof? Kind of funny, they aired it a few times during the game if you caught it. I'm still shopping for a D-lineman.. if Bosco would ever check his freaking fantasy team, I may have an option.
  21. I second this list of games. RE5 just came out.. I think. I saw a review for the PC version but its possible that they are doing an early review like every other gaming site. So if its not out now, it'll probably be out on Tuesday or Wednesday. Of those, I'm eagerly awaiting MW2 and Dragon Age.. mostly Dragon Age. I just need a better PC to run it. BF2 patch 1.5 came out recently, its on Fileplanet and nearly every other download site.. but not on the official page? Good ole EA, always delaying the goods. Anyways, that patch has been seriously needed for the game, definitely a huge improvement. Its almost like a brand new game again. Almost.
  22. Plus, Polamalu injured his knee last night. Most likely out for 3 to 6 weeks, sorry InCrysis. http://news.steelers.com/article/110147/
  23. Woo another follower! I beat the game last Monday, definitely a great way to end it though it was a little bit weird. I'm currently going through trying to find all the challenges, though the one right outside the Mansion is starting to annoy me. I can't seem to find it anywhere and thats where the Secrets Map said it is... its probably under that giant damn plant thats in my way.
  24. If you're going to get the Cooler Master HAF 932 and the Sunbeam CCF, you won't have any clearance issues at all with it. I'm using the CCF and the HAF 932, there is maybe an inch and a half between the top of the heatpipes and the side of the case. It doesn't come close to being near the side fan, its near the glass section so you have plenty of room there. I'd go with the HAF 932 as the case personally, it'll definitely work with the Sunbeam CCF no problem.
  25. I like how the SSDs are strapped to the back panel behind the motherboard.
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