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  1. I have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router, I got it a few years ago when I first got my PS3. Its been working fine for me ever since, it was before Linksys went all crazy with their setup and everything. My problem with it though, is that whenever I turn on my PS3 or quit a game on it, my messengers disconnect. It doesn't happen when I turn it off, but when I turn off my 360, my messengers disconnect. It doesn't appear to effect downloads much, if any, but it does disconnect MSN, Trillian and Xfire. Is there any reason for it to do this? Is it some conflict of priority or something else? Its more of a bother than anything else, I'd just like to know why it does it.
  2. I know, I've been playing fantasy football for a few years online. This is my first time with Yahoo, though a few surveys have tried to get me on there haha. I won't need a second kicker until Green Bay's bye week anyway.. unless Crosby messes up which isn't real likely, I mostly need to dump someone to pick up a spare lineman. Now to figure out who to trade for it... I'll be sending some emails out to people who have spare lineman, like oh, Bosco, and see who they want in trade. This makes my third fantasy football team this year.. I must be crazy haha. At least the baseball season is nearly over so I can focus more on football. Oh, and school and maybe work.. good ole balancing acts.
  3. lol alright, be sneaky like that. I mostly need a second kicker and a second lineman so I can swap someone in during a bye week. I just gotta figure out who I'm trading for them.
  4. Yeah, thats the one feature that bugs me some. I can't just get to a certain point, save it wherever and go to sleep. I have to enter a room and then quit it and then sleep. Plus if you die or fail something, you have to start over when you entered the room and not say, right before the fight. Minor annoyance.. but at least it does save really often. Just not after certain items, like you said. Its not much of an issue to get them again if you need to restart, just an inconvenience. Still doesn't stop me from playing it all the time haha.
  5. Definitely have to agree with you on the must buy aspect. Even if you don't like superhero games, you still should check this one out. There are just so many aspects of it, from fighting to crime solving to stealth. Plus all the riddles too, so you get a puzzle element added in. 240 riddles to solve in the game, from figuring out actual riddles to finding a hidden item or picking up patient interview tapes. The interview tapes are some of the best, you get to delve into the psyche of the character, say Scarecrow, and learn what made them so twisted. Killer Croc has some good ones, with all the talking about eating people and why he does it. Plus don't worry about not getting them all before you beat it, you can go back on that save file and explore the Asylum, sans bad guys, to get all the collectibles. With the gadgets, you can lay down a trap for the enemies with the explosive gel, toss a Batarang to get their attention and when they come running, detonate it and watch them fly. Once you get the Batclaw, taking out armed guards is pretty easy because you can just grab them with it, pull them towards you and the gun drops. Though, I personally like striking from the shadows and causing all the armed enemies to panic and freak out as their buddies get knocked out cold. The game is just amazing, they perfectly nailed all the aspects of the Dark Knight. The GWR is just icing on the cake, beat out Marvel vs Capcom 2 by a whole point on the MetaCritic rankings which is what Guiness used to measure it.
  6. I got it for my PS3 when it came out Tuesday, I couldn't wait for it to launch for the PC. Easily the best superhero game to ever come out, someone has finally done Batman justice. You actually feel like you're Batman, you can do all his moves and take on a ton of guys at once in fisticuffs, attack from the shadows and sneak around all over, you're essentially Batman. I'm only about a quarter of the way through and I've been playing every night since it came out, just a couple hours a night. There are 240 riddles to figure out, tons of little inside jokes and backstory if you've ever read any of the comics or seen the early 90s cartoon. Overall, definitely one of the best games to have come out this year. Now all we need is a proper Superman and we'd be set with the two large DC franchises. We have great Spiderman games and now a Batman one, why not a few more classic superheros?
  7. Auzentech X-Fi Forte and X-Fi Prelude would be much better choices than anything Creative makes; Auzen uses much higher quality parts in them. The difference is the Forte is a PCI-Express and the Prelude is just regular PCI. Both would be good choices if you do a lot of gaming and want the benefits of EAX in the supported games. If EAX doesn't matter that much to you, I'd check out the ASUS Xonar D2 or D2X, the D2X being PCI-Express and the D2 just PCI. Either of them would give you a great overall sound for music, games and movies.. just you don't get true EAX support. You get GX or DSGX mode, which emulates EAX and the sound is pretty good.. just certain games can have problems with the GX mode and its better to leave it off for them, but its mostly the games from KOEI (Dynasty Warriors). Otherwise, GX mode works really well to emulate EAX, but again, its not true EAX and certain effects aren't replicated exactly but it does a pretty good job with it.
  8. Most USB headsets use their own, built in sound processor instead of using the onboard or add-on sound card. I don't like USB headsets because they usually go with a lackluster sound processor that just disregards anything you already have. If you must get a headset, use one that has the 3.5mm plugs so you can use your own sound card and not rely on the USB one.
  9. If you're deadset on having an X-Fi card, I'd much rather you get the Auzentech X-Fi Forte. It has all the features of an X-Fi card from Creative, just its built with a much higher quality DAC and op-amps. You'll get a much better sound with the Forte over anything that Creative makes.. Auzentech makes the X-Fi chipset sound how it should, they do what Creative never will.
  10. Bought Batman: Arkham Asylum and some orange chicken and rice yesterday. Batman is one of the best licensed games ever created and definitely the best Batman game ever to come out. I could barely put it down last night so I could sleep enough for class today haha.
  11. Looking at the picture, it almost appears as if there should be some clips on the bottom of the case that are holding it in. Look on the very bottom and see if there are any clips or screws down there that can be removed to allow the filter/holder to pop off.
  12. Got the email and just got signed up for it, thanks for the invite.
  13. bp9801

    New Rage trailer

    Yeah, a few other companies have started doing that but id really pioneered it. When I say that, I mean I'm hoping its far enough along for them to be ready to announce something.. also, why I said knowing them, it'd be another year or two away. I just hope I'll be able to get a new computer by then to fully enjoy it at max settings without having to compromise like I do on a lot of other games. If it launches sometime next year, I think I should be good.
  14. Of those two, I'd go with the X-Fi Prelude, its more designed for gaming because it uses the X-Fi chipset, but its a much higher quality DAC then the Creative cards. Its basically what a Creative card should be and you can't go wrong with it. If you don't mind waiting a bit, you can check out the ASUS Xonar Essence ST, its like the STX just its PCI and comes with an additional card to take advantage of a 7.1 system. It should be out before long, so if you don't mind waiting a bit, that'd be a good one to check out for mostly music.
  15. bp9801

    New Rage trailer

    Its quite good. I knew Naughty Dog made the Jak line and now Uncharted, I just couldn't remember if they had also made Crash or not. They seem to make some of the better games out there in their genres, so its always nice to see what they can do. As for Rage, its been in development for ages, they showed the first trailer nearly 2 years ago and they're still slaving away on it. I want to say they started it right after Quake IV, but it could be possible they've been working on it for longer just without telling anyone. Its shaping up to be really great, I'm just hoping they'll announce a release date before long.. knowing id though, it'll be finished in another year or two.
  16. Its been probably one of the worst kept secrets of late, but Sony went ahead and announced the PS3 Slim at Gamescom today. 120GB HDD will be packed in, plus it still retains all the features of the full size PS3 like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a Blu Ray drive, all for the price of 299USD/Euro. It will hit store shelves on September 1st, so only a few weeks away. The regular PS3 will be going on a price drop as well, down to 299 as well, but that goes into effect tomorrow. http://ps3.ign.com/articles/101/1015007p1.html has a bit more info on it, but not too much.
  17. Yeah, they are both kind of expensive. If you want something fairly cheap that should work, these Sony clip ons are a possibility. My ex had a pair similar to them, she wore them when she went running and they seemed to work rather well. Under 15 dollars too, so can't really beat that price. These Phillips clip ons look good as well, little bit cheaper too so you won't have to worry about breaking a 40 dollar pair of ear buds in a second.
  18. You could check out the Sennheiser OMX80 or Sennheiser CX380 as possible choices. The first ones clip on behind your ear and should be a bit more stable, and the second go in the ear and should isolate fairly well. Skullcandy earbuds and headphones aren't great at all, all the ones I've ever tried or had experience with break after a month or so. They deliver bass sure.. but not much else.
  19. PM is sent, hopefully I can still make it in.
  20. You can take a look at the Sennheiser HD 201 and 202, both would offer a good experience for under 40 dollars. You can also take a look at the EH 150 from Sennheiser, its a bit more but should offer even better sound for the price. Koss R-80s would also be a good consideration, though I'm unsure of how those sound. None of them have a mic and are either supra-aural or circumaural, they should be able to easily fit you.
  21. bp9801

    New Rage trailer

    It was similar to Crash, I don't want to say the same developer but its possible. The later games, like Jak 2 or 3, had a fairly large driving element in it which reminds me of what has been shown of Rage so far. It still had the same gameplay as a platformer, just it had vehicles and car combat and the like. Hopefully its as fun as that, I use to play those with my brother a lot or just watch him play them.
  22. bp9801

    New Rage trailer

    Yeah, to me, its similar to Fallout from the wasteland point of view and the people being "saved" in the Arks and then they reopen later to rebuild society. But still, it seems to have a lot of fps elements with a fair amount of driving, sort of like the later Jak and Daxter games if you remember those. You can upgrade different vehicles and drive in whatever you like, fight raiders and mutants and the like. Hopefully it delivers when it gets released.
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