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  1. You can drop it into any system so long as you have a PCI-Express x16 slot.. probably even x8. If you're worried about PCI-E x16 2.0 vs 1.0, everything 2.0 is backwards compatible with 1.0. You'll just suffer a bit of a performance hit by not having a 2.0 slot.
  2. Kind of sucks about price/performance ratio with it. No denying it is a very solid card, just it should probably cost a little less imo. It is tempting to pick up the 5870 or 5850 to replace my 8800GTX, I just want to see what team green will do with the GT300. Though, by the time I'm ready to get a totally new rig, the 300 series will be just about to launch haha.
  3. I think he means 5870, though knowing AMD, they probably have a 5860 in the works or will before long. They have the 4860, so why not a 5860? Anyways, I thought the 5850 would be ready for reviews a week or two after the 5870 launch, with the release of it being around the same time. And as for price, everything I've ever read put it at 299 USD, not 259. I never saw a thing saying it was 259, just 299 or close to it.
  4. You can always buy stands for them or even mount them to your wall. Doesn't cost too much for either one and it'd be tailored to your exact needs that way.
  5. Same here. Maybe purchase dust filters first and then the tripod.
  6. I think you need a steadier hand. The first shot is nice and clear, the rest are kind of blurry... looks good though, how do you like the Cosmos?
  7. Well, I got my friend a near identical build to what you did, just we went through Newegg because it was cheaper in the long run and he preferred to build it himself. But the system you have put together is definitely going to last a few years, maybe longer if he upgrades the video card and drops in a newer processor down the road, but currently, it'll work out great. My friend had a similar system to your buddy's and as soon as he got the new one up and running, instantly fell in love with the speed and how quick it was. The tri-core is going to have that extra core available to lighten the load on the others so it won't be bottlenecked like a dual core would be. I'd say to go with what you got built, its a pretty handy system currently and your friend will love how quick it is.
  8. My money is on getting 4GB of DDR2 RAM so long as your operating system is 64bit. If its still 32bit, then upgrade the OS to a 64bit so you can take advantage of 4GBs of RAM. Not much of a point to get more RAM if your OS is only 32bit imo. As for the video card, the 4890 or 275 would be a good bet. They are both pretty comparable, just get whichever is the cheapest in your area.
  9. My sentiments exactly. Bose is good for bass.. and not much else. The Logitechs would do alright, but I'd also throw my hat into the ring for bookshelf speakers. In addition to the ones Crazy_Nate linked, you could also check out the Sony SS-B1000 speakers. One of my buddies uses those and they sound really great for the price, they are a little cheaper than the BICs but if you're going to spend the money, either of them would work out fine. Just depends on how much you want to spend.. and since you are thinking of dropping 200+ on Bose, I think the money would be better spent on either the Sonys or BICs imo.
  10. Thats one reason why I've stopped buying tickets like that. Not that I don't want to see the show, just they overprice everything for it. Anyways, I just bought myself Mini Ninjas and a sub from Subway. I'll give Mini Ninjas a go later tonight if I get enough reading done for class.
  11. Hahaha, I liked it because it got me a little bit more with Dallas Clark. Oh yeah, and I grew up a short drive away from Indianapolis, so I've been rooting for the Colts for years.. it was a good night, next week they're on the Sunday night game. I can't believe I pulled out a win against rourk, I wasn't expecting a huge night from Clark but I'll take nearly 200 yards and a TD. Only InCrysis and I are undefeated so.. you know who to gun for haha.
  12. I just read the recap of it, 7 passes for 183 yards and a TD for Clark. Thats a huge game for a tight end, I was hoping for maybe 15 points to pull close to you, I was down by 17 before tonight and now I won by 14. You'll get them next week rourk, Brady should have a much better game.
  13. I had to work tonight so I only caught the last 7 minutes of the game. I heard the Colts only had the ball for less than 15 minutes, setting a new record. So uh, yeah, I was hoping Clark would have a big game and hey, I was right. Sorry rourk, next week will be better for you.
  14. That combo is what I got for a friend, but Miek wants to do Crossfire and the 770 board cannot do that, hence, why I did not recommend it. Yep, the 790FX has no integrated graphics. The GX, hence the G for Graphics, has one built in. The 780GX has an HD 3200, I think, and the 785G has an HD 4200. Not really much work to play with for gaming, but the G/GX are more suited to home theatre rigs anyway. With the FX, you are getting the full 32 lanes for PCI-E so you can run two cards in Crossfire at x16/x16 just like Hell Raizer says. The 790FX is the top of the line, 790X is middle range, 770 is budget and 780/785 is for home theatre.
  15. That is a very sweet house man, though its more like a mansion than anything else. How many square feet is it, how many rooms and such? I bought myself some new socks, Gold Toes. Though, I am planning on purchasing new headphones before long, I just gotta settle on which pair.
  16. She comes along later, the scene from the trailer is the big fight scene. You see her first and everything, and then later on you'll get to fight her... but its not for a little while after you first meet her. I suppose they had to put some clothes on her to keep their rating away from AO, but just enough.
  17. Some of the 790FX boards can do a x16/x16 split. The ASUS Crosshair III and Gigabyte 790FX boards can both do a x16/x16 split because they have the full 32 lanes to give for it. If you're looking for going Crossfire, I'd consider one of those personally.
  18. That part got me too, I actually paused and had to catch my breath when that happened. It was like, woah, the hell just happened? @Clay, looking forward to the screens. You should take more once you unlock her trophy haha.
  19. Odd, usually it goes away with a 64 bit OS.. though maybe because its unrestricted, it'll let it share more than usual. Does it do it all the time, even at desktop, or only when the card is being stressed more? Also, your BIOS may have an option, like AGP Aperture size or just Aperture size, that can be set to different levels. Try to leave that at 64MB or something small so that Vista can only pull that many megabytes away to add to the video card.
  20. Nice screen, I did the same thing at that part too. I'd prefer one of Ivy though and her painted on panties... Definitely not a game for the kids.
  21. I listed a couple there, they'd be good options if you want to go DDR3 and AM3. At the price point of DDR3 RAM currently, there isn't really much of a reason to stick with DDR2. You are getting a tiny bit more performance and you'll be future proof for when AMD releases the Bulldozer lineup in 2011.
  22. Sometimes it also works out, that if you're running a 32 bit OS, it'll dock off the amount of available system RAM that the video card takes up. So if you have 4GB installed in the system, but your video card has 1GB of its own, Vista will act like you're only running 2.5GB instead of 3.5GB of system RAM. When I had 32bit Vista, its what showed up on mine.. my 768MB 8800GTX took away from the 4GB installed so it read it as 2.85GB instead of 3.5GB. Funny little trick Vista has, lovely "feature" like N.E.A said. It doesn't hurt your games unless the game needs a lot of memory, which can happen but the most I've seen something take up personally is about 1.5 - 2 GB. If its causing a problem, just shut down all programs you aren't needing to conserve resources. Or well, upgrade to 64bit.
  23. I'm hopeful someone does. Rivers threw near him last week, made a couple tackles but that was about it. McGee was the only one of my DBs who saw any action, had 5 tackles and one assist.. even Grant just had a couple tackles and an assist. Oh well, the Seahawks are playing the 49ers so maybe there will be more passes thrown his way. Ah well.. I may be shopping around before long depending on how things pan out these next couple weeks.
  24. Good to know, I figured they did something like that but I just wasn't for sure because I couldn't remember if anyone had it. At least its a pretty simple process for it, maybe the 1156 will be out soon. Though, if the ASUS board has 775 holes as well, you could just use that bracket on it. Though I don't think that one does..
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