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  1. Honestly, it never crossed my mind because I'm use to a lot of electronic devices having such a short warranty, I've sold them for years and I know how cheap some companies are on the warranty. Kind of surprised me that MS has one for 3 years on keyboards, so I may have to see if I can use that. I've been interested in the Lycosa for a while, but I've heard some problems with the multimedia keys in relation to their touch responsiveness. Like how it won't pick anything up at first and you need to touch it a few times before it does. Any issues with that for you gabrieltessin?
  2. I've gotten 4 emails from them now. The first three are blank but the fourth one actually has information in it. Details who won, the 5770 and 5850 cards with links to their info, as well as testimonials from some winners.
  3. bp9801

    Brutal Legend

    I've only played the first couple hours, I have midterms this week that are taking up the majority of my time. From what I've played so far, its definitely a fun game that has its challenging moments.. I've died once so far. It doesn't always have the best direction as to what to do at first, but if you're stumbling around for a few minutes it'll pop up some hints.. if you want them. Its probably not for everyone, but if you like heavy metal, it is definitely worth checking out with all the cameos from famous metal musicians and the nods to the albums. Plus well, all the music from them. I think it has about 110 metal tracks in it.. very sweet to hear all the songs while you're cruising around or beating up dudes.
  4. Its getting close to 3 years old, which the warranty is a 3 year.. but I can't recall ever having registered it with them. If all they need is proof of purchase, I can easily provide that.. but if they had to have me register it, then no can do on the warranty. I suppose I can shoot them an email and see what they say about it.. hopefully I'm covered haha. They'll prolly end up saying its an accident since it mostly happened while it was being moved so much lately, but I can give it a shot. Though if I had to register it, then well, I need a new one. I've used the ergonomic one that Nate has before, my brother had it for a long time so I have some experience with it. It just took a while to get use to it, but maybe I can find one I like.
  5. By falling apart, I mean some of the keys aren't responding as quickly as they use to.. even with cleaning the board a few times. Basically, its just having some problems with picking up keys.. its been through a lot, several moves including one cross country have rattled it around and damaged some components of it. It still functions fairly well, just not as good as it should or once did. The gaming keyboards don't hold much interest for me anymore aside from them being one of the only ones with lighting. The Logitech Illuminated is quite nice and its backlit, just I'm uneasy because of its ghosting ability or lack thereof. It mostly leaves me with a gaming board, though the Saitek Eclipse II doesn't offer any macro keys.. something I've never really used except for program launches. The problem with trying them out in a store is that my only options for stores are Best Buy, Office Max and Staples. They don't carry that many boards but I make do the best I can. The CM Q board looks nice, as does the Gigabyte one. Hopefully I can find either of them down here, may be hard for both.. but I'll hunt the best I can.
  6. Why on earth would two pairs of jeans cost you that much money? They better be the best jeans in the whole world and make me a sandwich if they cost 220 euro. Hahahahaha, nice! That made my evening haha. I myself just bought Brutal Legend, .ing rocks!
  7. I've been in the market for a new keyboard for a little while now. I've tried out some in the stores, found some I like and some I don't. Basically, I want one that has backlighting and multimedia keys as well as as little ghosting as possible... you know, when you type really fast and it only picks up certain letters, like say "ine" and it will drop the "e", yeah, I don't want that. My current one is the MS/Razer Reclusa and I love the media keys and backlighting on it, just its kind of starting to fall apart on me. I've looked at the Saitek Eclipse II, Logitech G11, G15 and Illuminated, Razer Lycosa, and the MS Sidewinder X6. They all have positive aspects as well as some negatives about them, I'm just unsure of which one to really get. I'm open to suggestions as well, just so long as the board is backlit and has multimedia keys... and very little ghosting. Thanks for any help everyone.
  8. You might want to double check your order if its through Gamestop. I went there the other day and they are no longer carrying the CE of it. Checked online, same thing. No Collector's Edition is being offered through Gamestop.. though they are still carrying the CE Strategy Guide, go figure. Maybe its just in my region, the southwest, but it'd seem rather odd if they just block it out for one region. All I know is, my order through Amazon is still intact. Anyone download or try out the character creator? Just got released today, about to get it downloaded and give it a whirl.
  9. bp9801

    Brutal Legend

    Anyone going to get this game? It just came out in the States today, the review gave it a very high mark. Looks to be a great game, the next classic from Tim Schafer. I just need to get back into town so I can buy the game and see how awesome it is. I loved the demo, wished it was longer but now the game is out so its time to rock! Here's the review: http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/103/1033952p1.html
  10. I've been looking forward to this game ever since it was announced. Day one buy for me. Which will be great because school will be nearly over by then.
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    Just read the review of it, didn't realize the studio who made it also made the Gothic games. I love those games, though Risen seems like its more user friendly than Gothic.. especially the third one. I'm getting the demo downloaded now so I can see how well it works.. and runs on my system lol. I may have to check this out, I need a new RPG since Alpha Protocol is delayed until next May.
  12. Its funny because his very first pass in the NFL was also a completion to himself! Nearly 20 years later and he's still pulling it off haha.
  13. I love that the diaper fits both the doll and monkey lol.
  14. I didn't read the entire article, but if it didn't cover this, then well, its good to know. The Mayan calender has ended 5 times in the course of the world. Know whats happened each time its ended and started over? Nothing. The world kept on spinning and nothing blew up. It'll end on December 21, 2012 and then it'll be reset and the world keeps on doing its thing. We'll survive and we'll all laugh horribly at the idiots who think the . will hit the fan then. Well, I know I'll be laughing my butt off at every single person who believes in it.. but thats just me.
  15. Scratch the email and put in street address if you haven't bought from them before. I use to work for Gamestop, all they needed is your name and a number.. unless you're new to the store, then you need to give them your address to be entered into the system. You just need 5 bucks, but any amount will work, even the full price. I'm doing most of my business with Amazon though, I'm tired of Gamestop and how they don't carry some things.. like the collectors edition of Dragon Age: Origins. They carry the strategy guide of the collector's but not the damn game itself. Plus well, Amazon has way better prices on controllers.
  16. Well, my bye week is over now for Rodgers so.. Edwards got me a whopping 8 points without even throwing a TD pass. Oh well, at least the majority of my games are starting now or later tonight, with one tomorrow night. Today was a good time to have Kellen Winslow, I think he had 2 TDs and a ton of yardage as the only bright spot for the Bucs.
  17. Well, a 3.5mm connection will use your sound card or onboard sound whereas the USB will use its own system that bypasses anything you have installed. Basically, if you have a good sound card or even halfway decent onboard, you're going to want to use a standard connection type headset to take advantage of all the features of the sound card. If you have bad onboard or don't want to pony up for a good sound card, get a USB headset because it will use its own internal sound processor to deliver the sound to you and ignore anything you have installed in your system for sound.
  18. I just bought myself Sennheiser HD-280 Pro headphones after nearly a year of deciding and trying out which to get. Couldn't be happier, but they need a lot more burning in to get even better.
  19. You could check into wireless home surveillance systems and see what they offer. I know a lot of them can do infrared or nighttime shooting, and I'm sure some can broadcast wirelessly to pick up on whichever receiver you want. I'm not sure of any brands, but I'd start by looking at some of them and see what best suits your needs.
  20. The only thing one of my old stores did was to crank up the volume on every TV we could to make our district manager leave quicker. For the color and everything, we just left it at the default settings. Now with Best Buy, holy hell are those terrible looking. Not to mention half of them aren't even HD. Hell, I even saw a bunch of little signs advertising you to hook up a Blue Ray player to it.. see if you can catch the snafu. Btw, Silverfox, its 120hz, not 100hz. But now the 240hz LCDs are out and plasmas advertise their 600hz which I highly doubt is accurate but hey, if people want the wall burners then why not. Oh also, any TV that advertises a million to one contrast ratio is a load of bull. The million to one is the DYNAMIC contrast, which means, it cycles up to that a small percentage of the time and then goes back down to the static, or actual, contrast ratio. Nearly every TV has a static contrast ratio of 800:1 to 4000:1, which is what the TV displays 98% of the time. Don't trust the dynamic contrast because that is just a fraction of the time.. just judge the static contrast and you'll be good.
  21. I'm not sure if they still do, but in the early days of plasma TVs Samsung would actually send you a DVD that had a black screen run for about 3 hours to get rid of any burn in. It was a nice gesture by them, but I don't know if they are still giving it out. Most plasmas do have that setting built in now so its nearly moot... but I still won't get a plasma because of the problems reported to me when I use to sell them. Plus well, the glass screen reflects every image and I don't need to be looking at myself when I'm trying to watch football or play a game. As to the life cycle of LCD TVs, I know it was asked earlier, but generally they can last for 10 years with proper usage and maintenance. Just make sure to clean out any dust from the vents to keep them from overheating and you should be good for a long time. My LCD is right at 3 years old and its still just as good as the day I bought it. And yes, its a Samsung lol. My brother has a Sony Bravia KDL-40L4000, 40" screen and 1080p, that he got as a Christmas gift to himself two years ago and hasn't had an issue as well. I think its the L4000, it may be the S4000, but either way he's had it for about 2 years now.
  22. You have that backwards, most of the full-array LED TVs have a cheaper price and the edge-lit ones, like Sony and Samsung, are damn expensive. The only brands currently making full-array LED TVs are Sharp and LG, both of which aren't that expensive at all. They aren't as thin as edge-lit, but have a much better looking picture and still put off less heat and use less energy than regular CCFL LCD TVs. Samsung will be coming out with their full-arrays real soon, if they aren't hitting retailers already in time for the holidays. If you're looking for a good TV set to go with, I'll suggest the Sharp Aquos LC32LE700UN 32" 1080p 120hz full-array LED LCD TV or LG 32LH40 32" 1080p 120hz LCD TV. Both of which cost under 1,000 USD and would be perfect for anything you want to use it for. The LG is not an LED backlit one, but its still one of the better ones to go with in that size. For their LED backlit, you'd have to jump up to 42" which will add more onto the cost. But the Sharp 32" is perfect and damn cheap for being a full-array LED.
  23. It does not play PS2 games, just PS1 and PS3. There is talk of them bringing a patch online that would reenable the software based emulation for PS2 games, but currently the only way is to get an original 20 or 60GB and the early 80GB ones.
  24. .ing hate you. One .ing point... classy lady. If the line for the Pack did their job, Allen wouldn't have ran all over them... Theres always next week rourk, there is always next week.
  25. As long as the tv is an IPS panel, its a good bet to go with. The LGs I believe are almost entirely IPS panel tvs so any of them are a good bet. If you can find that 32LH30 in stock, thats a nice little set to go with. I'm considering the 32LH40 or 37LH55 myself. With the 32LH30, I'd connect it with HDMI if at all possible. Just be tons better than using VGA.. especially if the video card has native HDMI support.
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