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  1. One 5770 is plenty powerful for most games at 1920x1080. I think you should do what the others have said and try the games you play with the one card and if the performance isn't quite enough, then pick up a second one to Crossfire and hope the games can scale pretty well. One is plenty enough for most cases though, I don't think you'd have an issue with WoW or Aion with just the one 5770.
  2. Its funny because I nearly picked up Kris Jenkins a couple of weeks ago, but I went with Cullen Jenkins instead. Dodged a bullet that. The Jets just have a lot of problems now, lost 3 in a row and now their big defensive tackle is out for the year.. they need some people to step up big. You could look at some of the defensive guys on the Saints, Steelers, Packers, Bears or Eagles.. see if anyone is available or scoring big week to week. Must be nice to get a win at last, one guy in another league of mine has a big ole bagel in the win column. Actually, make that two different guys in my two other leagues lol. I may need someone to replace Cotchery.. but I hope he isn't injured anymore. We'll see once it gets closer to Sunday.
  3. Not a bad card, hopefully you'll see some improvement with it. I am using a card with the exact same audio chipset as that SIIG card, definitely an improvement over the onboard sound. Speaking of, I decided to boot up Mass Effect last night because I had never tried it out with my new sound card installed. I went from choppy framerates at 1920x1200, so much so I had to drop it to 1680x1050 whenever I was in the vehicle, to perfectly smooth at 1920x1200 with no noticeable slowdown at all. Its just buttery smooth and the only thing I changed was adding in a new sound card. Onboard is alright yeah, but the performance increase with a sound card is just too good to pass up.
  4. He's done this exact same thread on another forum I go to, though this time he appears to be slightly less rude. Exact same items though and the exact same person, just a different name. Anyways, how come you're calling this a multimedia/gaming rig if you aren't even considering a dedicated sound card and a good speaker system? Onboard sound can do barely any of the stuff that a sound card can do, especially if you want to watch anything HD or get the most out of your games. Don't skimp on a sound card and speakers because the sound is one of the most important aspects in a game or movie. Without good quality sound, you may as well not bother with anything else.
  5. Exactly the reason I dropped Clayton from my other league. Luckily I got rid of him before he had all those drops that cost them the game, so I replaced him with Johnny Knox. Speaking of Knox, if he is available he would be a very viable option along with Steve Smith and Mario Manningham of the Giants, as well as Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon of the Colts. And yeah, Odom's injury is very painful and can take a long time to recover. I think one of the guys on ESPN said it can take close to a year to be fully healed from it, major ouch.
  6. The closest I can find is this fellow: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811112148. Its mighty similar, just its lacking the top fans which is probably what you want it for. In that case, might I suggest a new model: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811112240 ? Its similar to the Classic Series B25 you like, just its updated and all fancy like.
  7. You should check out David Clowney, Sidney Rice, Lance Moore, and Mark Clayton if any of them are available. I just shored up my receivers, but if Cotchery is out for any length of time I'll prolly be in trouble. Seattle has their bye week next week, but if Cotchery is out again I may be a little bit screwed... maybe. Speaking of injuries, whoever has Antwan Odom got a nasty bit of info. Burst his Achilles, out for the season.
  8. Well I tried again last night to upload a couple characters and still no dice. I logged in with the game, hit upload info for each character and still nothing. Maybe it just doesn't want to see my awesome characters.
  9. Joined it, I was curious who would make this first. I would have if I wasn't watching the game. I'll have to load up the creator again tonight and see if I can get the character upload to work. I'm hopeful it will, but I'm not trusting it fully. Yet.
  10. I wish the sheriff in my town did that. I'm barely an hour away from the Mexican border and there are a good number of illegals around here. We do have a heavy Border Patrol presence here though, every highway out of town has checkpoints to prove you are a citizen. If you don't have proper identification, they'll take care of you no problem. But thats only if you leave the town on the major highways.. we have a few frontage roads that run parallel to it, so its possible to circumvent it. Just not very easily. I do agree with Rokkaholik though, if you are an illegal in this country, you should have no rights because you are not a citizen. The Constitution is for citizens of this country, not illegals who sneak over. Why there are politics about that I have no idea, its as simple as illegals have no rights, period.
  11. Intel will be releasing the 32nm Clarkdale chips early next year, but those are the ones with the IGP. I think the 6 core versions of those will follow soon after, but don't hold me as to when.
  12. Damn rourk, hell of a day to rack up the points. All you really needed was to start Brady, Colston and Sims-Walker and you'd have been set.. though you still have a couple more games so you may have an even higher point total, jeez. Good to see all your roster moves have paid off though, I just hope when I face you your team has an off day lol.
  13. If EAX effects are important to you, then go for an Auzentech X-Fi Forte or Prelude. I have troubles recommending a Creative card just because they use inferior parts on their cards. Auzentech makes X-Fi cards like how they are supposed to be built with high quality components and DACs. Plus on the Forte, you are gaining a dedicated headphone amp which is just a bonus to it. Have a powerful pair of cans, like the Sennheiser HD-595 or Beyerdynamic DT 880, you can plug them directly into that port and get the best sound you can possibly get out of them without needing to spend money on a seperate amp. If you don't care about EAX, which is going by the wayside, then any other Auzentech card or any ASUS Xonar card would work out well. The Xonar D2X is a nice, all around card but if you want even better quality, then check out the Xonar Essence STX or ST. The STX supports 2.0 with RCA plugs and surround through digital, but since you have the ProMedias, the ST would be the better bet imo because of the add-on card you can get that increases it to 7.1. The ST is the PCI version, STX is PCI-E. Both of the Essence cards have a dedicated headphone amp built in, just like the Forte. If you want Auzentech, the X-Raider or X-Plosion would work out well. Both are PCI and offer some really sweet sounds from them. I use the X-Raider and haven't had a single issue with it, easily beats out my old Xtreme Gamer card by a longshot. Plus well, upgrading the op-amps to find a perfect balance for you is just a lot of fun. Don't like the audio quality of the op-amps it came with? Swap them out to get more punch, better highs and mids or booming bass. Nearly all the ASUS and Auzentech cards have easily replaceable op-amps, just pull them out of the socket and drop in a new one. Creative cards don't really play nice with that, you can still do it, just its not as easy or simple. The nice thing about getting a dedicated sound card is the increase in fps in most games. Some cases its small, like 5-10%, but in others it can be as high as 25%. I went from 35-40 fps in Fallout 3 at 1920x1200, 4x AA and 8x AF with drops as low as 5 fps, to closer to 45-50 fps with drops into the mid 20s all because I went from onboard to a dedicated card. Now, it differs from game to game and I'm not saying you'll get a huge increase in everything, but in some cases it is really a nice benefit to have a more consistent frame rate across the boards.
  14. Logitech is coming out with a new board, the G110. Looks to be an updated version of the G11, with supposedly a USB 2.0 hub which if true would be pretty sweet. Comes out in November for 80 dollars US, little bit pricey but seems to be pretty good. I may have to throw this into consideration as well. InCrysis, nice to hear some support for the Sidewinder X6. I really like that it has a volume dial, something I'm kind of partial to with my Reclusa. Its just so convenient to twist that to get the exact volume you want instead of fumbling with a button, its just more precise with a dial imo. How is the attachable numpad with it? Seems kind of gimmicky, but also kind of cool.
  15. Yeah same, I already had all my log in information from the forums so it just carried over to this one. I believe I uploaded a character to it last night, but I dunno if it went through. Nope, just checked, it didn't. Ok, so, how do I upload the character to it? I hit the button in the creator but it didn't went through apparently.. so is there a trick to it?
  16. Me too about the Mirror, its a pure gloss keyboard so I don't have much use for that in a desert. There are a ton of keyboards that claim USB 2.0 hubs built in but so far, the only one I know of is the Logitech G19 and thats mostly because of the power brick it requires. My Reclusa is only 1.1, so I can run almost nothing on it. I liked the Saitek Eclipse II when I tried it in the store, seems pretty decent though the lighting has me concerned a touch. I'll probably get use to it over time.. or just use purple.
  17. http://social.bioware.com/25530/ and here is mine. Added you both as well as friends. I coulda sworn I had one before, but I guess that was on an older site of theirs. Now I just need to upload a few characters to it.
  18. Fileplanet is having a contest with the character creator. Take a pic of whoever you create and show it on their forums and you can win a Fileplanet subscription or a Direct2Drive game of your choice. http://forums.gamespy.com/cosmic_speakeasy.../20144782/p1/?0 Has to be submitted by October 21st though at 1pm pacific time.
  19. Sorry if I seem harsh, just I'm not always known for saying exactly what I mean. It sounds right in my head, but then everyone else just looks at me funny lol. Plus, its been a rough couple of days so my thought process is dangerously low.. I didn't mean to take it out on you if I did. My apologies.
  20. No, I got what you said. I'm saying, I take other people's opinions on something and will use that knowledge when I make my decision. @gabriel, good to know. I hope Best Buy has one I can test or hook up to a computer.. they've had them in boxes and as usual, no one gives a rats butt to ask if you have any help and then they act dumb when you ask them a question. But its the only place around here that would have it, so I just try not to hit anyone upside their head.
  21. Too bad you live so far away from me, otherwise I'd make a little visit. To uh, inspect the card for um.. defects.
  22. I know, but I can still get people's opinions on what they use and how well it performs. No sense in buying something with no prior knowledge of it and then be disappointed when it doesn't do everything as well as it should. Definitely understand the personal thing though, some people love the case I have and others hate its look. I for one love how it looks and even more so how it performs. You gotta like the industrial design of it mostly, which some people just don't get it.. and they are missing out imo.
  23. Soon as Firefox on my system stops eating up a ton of memory resources, I'll be happier with it. I mostly use Opera though, I have been for years and I see no reason to use anything else. Well, except for the sites that don't play well with it, so in those cases I use Firefox. And yes, I have them both running at the same time. Safari and Chrome are my backups or when I don't feel like waiting for all my tabs to open fully. Though Chrome on my laptop does not play well for some reason, keeps me giving me errors that pages aren't responding. I switched to Opera on that and no problems so far. I use IE very sparingly, mostly whenever EA Download Manager needs the latest Flash update, which for some reason they require it to be done through IE.
  24. Is the game fully patched up? Are you using DX9 or DX10 mode? Also, try and run a registry cleaner program to see if there are any problems in how the game or drivers installed that could be causing the issue. I haven't played CoH in a while, the last time I did was on drivers 179.xx or 182.xx, so possibly roll back to older drivers and see if that has any effect.
  25. Are you the one where it seems like they had to delete a lot of swearing?
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