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    New Rage trailer

    Here is an article that IGN just put out to go into more detail about Rage. Its an FPS but with a big driving element, even including races to earn you more cash. It has some light RPG elements, but its mostly a shooter. It is open world as well so you can just do the main story or go out and explore and do whatever you want. It seems really good, I've been following it since it was announced and I'm glad its coming along well so far. Hopefully they announce a release date before long.
  2. bp9801

    New build

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum but not new to the site. I've always used OCC to check on reviews and news, I've checked out the forum some but I've never signed up until today. I know I'll be here a lot more often, it seems really friendly, much more so than some other forums I've been at. Now on to my questions. I've been contemplating a new system to replace my aging E6600, 680i SLI and 8800GTX. I thought about Core i7 but I can't see myself ever having the use for something like that, at least now that I've changed my major to history. So, I've been thinking of going the Phenom II route because it has plenty of power for games, Photoshop, and the like. So far, I've settled on these parts: Antec 1200 AMD Phenom II X4 955BE G.Skill 4GB DDR3-1333 WD 320GB SATA2 WD 1TB SATA2 SATA DVD burner My motherboard choices are the Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P, ASUS M4A79T Deluxe, and ASUS Crosshair III Formula. I'm leaning towards the Crosshair III, but the other two seem to offer similar performance and cost a few dollars less. For a video card, I think I may go with the HD 4870 1GB and wait for the HD5000/GT300 series to launch to get even more performance. I happened to win myself the Antec CP-850 power supply from a contest so I'll use that to power my new system. What all do you think I should do for the motherboard and is there another RAM option to consider for DDR3? I may switch out the hard drives for different brands, depending on the reliability of Western Digital, but is there anything else I should consider with it? Thanks for the help in advance.
  3. bp9801

    Sad Day for Eagles fans

    I wonder how McNabb will handle this. He didn't want them drafting a QB this April, and now they've gone and signed Vick. Man, my old humanities teacher must be fuming at that, he's one of the biggest Eagles fan I've ever met.
  4. bp9801

    Need help buying 22" widescreen

    Out of the three FTI listed, I'd have to recommend the Viewsonic model. It is a little bit more money, but Viewsonic makes some of the better monitors out there in regards to color, grays, and response times. The ASUS one would be another good choice, but I've heard of some issues with the colors and contrast. If you like LG, might I recommend this 23" 1080p monitor for your consideration? Tiny bit bigger screen, supports 1920x1080, 2ms response time, and its right at the max of your budget.
  5. bp9801

    upgrade or wait

    60 amps on the 12v should be enough for Crossfire, with two 4890s you'll probably need around 35-40 amps, depending on settings. It should work just fine with them Crossfired up. As for the brand, HIS is usually one of the better ones to go with, their cooling systems are usually better than the stock ones so it won't be a vacuum cleaner at higher RPM. To save yourself some cash, I'd rather go with the Sapphire 4890 1GB instead, if you're in the US, it goes for $199.99.
  6. bp9801

    Need a good small case

    You can take a look at the Thermaltake Lanbox Lite, its small like the Shuttle cases just it doesn't come with any of the parts. Its basically just the case itself, pair it with the 785G microATX board, an Athlon II 250, and some DDR3 RAM and you should have a nice little system for your grandfather.
  7. bp9801

    New Sound Card

    Yeah, I'd have to agree with hardnrg and say that the Audigy SE isn't that much of a leap from onboard. If you can get a bit more cash together, you could consider looking at the ASUS Xonar D1 or DX, depending on if you have a spare PCI-E x1 slot for the DX. It'll be better sound than the Audigy SE and you'll be able to get more use out of your headphones with the Xonar.
  8. bp9801

    Front audio

    With the HAF 932, both the HD Audio and AC 97 connectors are a single plug, no extra work necessary. Now, with my HAF 932, I could get the front panel to work just fine with the onboard sound but as soon as I plugged it into my new Auzentech X-Raider card, it hasn't worked. I don't know if there is a setting or something I'm missing, but I can't get the front panel to work with an add-on card. With the onboard it worked just fine, but it hasn't with the X-Raider. I'm sure there is a way to get it working with an add-on card, I just haven't figured it out yet.
  9. bp9801

    New build

    I thought about going with the AM2+ and DDR2, but I'd been planning on giving this system to my girlfriend so she has something that can actually play Fallout 3, Oblivion and the like. Her current laptop is a Celeron M I believe, its enough to run Sims 3 on medium settings but it can't even do anything on other games. My RAM right now is at 5-5-5-15, I haven't tried anything lower with it though, I've never messed with overclocking memory that much. The X4 940 does sound nice though.. but I'd like to get an AM3 system so that when the Bulldozers come out, I can recycle the memory for it. Unless DDR4 is used with them, but every indication says they'll still use DDR3 so I should be able to recycle for that. By the time I figure out what I want to do, the new processors will be out by then haha.
  10. bp9801

    Hey everyone

    Its the 120mm version. Right now, with my browsers and music player open, I'm at 34C. Under load, its gotten up to about 45-50C depending on what I'm using for it. At idle though, I've had it go as low as 25C. I love my new apartment, it actually has airflow to keep it nice and cool haha. Thanks for the welcome everyone, I think I'll like my stay here.
  11. bp9801

    need comment/suggestion on my new build....

    Yeah, I'd have to agree with going with the Gigabyte 770 board. You'll save some money in the long run and get nearly equal performance from them. If you go with the 770 though, you'll need DDR3 instead of the DDR2 you have picked out. There shouldn't be too much of a difference price wise between a 4GB DDR3 and a 4GB DDR2 kit, maybe 10-20 bucks at the most. As for a cooler, you could look into the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus, Sunbeamtech Core Contact Freezer, or the Xigmatek HDT-S1283. Any of those would be able to cool your system better than the stock AMD cooler.