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  1. The USB headsets all have an internal sound card built into the USB device. It bypasses all sound from your sound card and just uses its own source. Its definitely not the ideal way if you have a good sound card, but it suffices for most onboard solutions. For the problem you have, I say to disable the wireless internet card and see what that does. I've heard of many problems with wireless internet adapters interfering with other components, usually headsets, so remove that and see if your problem persist. If it goes away with the removal of the wireless card, maybe see if there is a way to adjust the frequency of the headset and wireless card so they are operating on different wavelengths. If not well, time to go back to a wired headset.
  2. Well, they gotta do something since the PS3 can have its hard drive upgraded whenever you feel like it. Buy a 500GB 2.5" SATA drive for 100 bucks, pop it into the the PS3 and bam, instant size upgrade. What is MS going to do, charge 300 dollars for the 250GB drive? The 120GB cost 180 bucks when it came out, and probably still does. As for the console, it looks alright.. nothing that can't be done with some time, some painters tape and a couple bottles of spray paint.
  3. So does my mom's car. I just called my parents and let them know. And guess what I said.. remove the floor mat. Problem solved, no recall needed. Unless its the accelerator itself sticking, then that could be an issue. But the floor mat? Remove it and you're done. I had it happen on the highway a few months back when I was heading home. I was passing someone and I realized I was approaching 100mph and my brakes didn't slow me down enough. So I looked down and saw the accelerator was stuck.. so you know what I did? I pulled back on my floor mat and poof, problem solved. Some people are just idiots you know? My solution to that is have an IQ and common sense test as well as a driving test. If they fail any of them, no license.
  4. Taken from what you just said, it sounds like she has something to hide since she starts yelling at you about it. Just keep acting calm about it and maybe she'll see you aren't mad, just curious. Take it slowly and don't force the issue too much.
  5. You and me both, last year I had a guy who started Tom Brady every time. And well, Brady wasn't exactly healthy last year. Sad thing, I'm damn near religious about fantasy leagues haha. I check them every single day and make changes as much as I can if they benefit me. I believe I've solidified my roster finally, but I'm still keeping an eye out for injuries. If Haynesworth isn't healthy for a long period of time, I may have to replace him. Yahoo doesn't seem to think he'll produce this week, but he does have a strained hip muscle so he is probable... we'll have to see how he does closer to Sunday.
  6. I'd love to have a GTX 260, but I have an 8800GTX. If you want to send me your 260, I'd be open to that.
  7. The problem with getting some defensive guys through free agency is that I don't know who to get rid of to pick one up lol. I may drop Cutler.... unless I can find someone who wants him. I have no use for him because well, Chicago and Green Bay have the exact same bye week so I can't plug him in when Rodgers is out. They're both out the same time so I have Edwards as my bye week guy. So now its like hmm, do I drop Jay and pick up a DE or DT? Or try and trade.. but then the trade may not end up working out so I dunno. I did just pick up Burleson to replace Moore. He wasn't doing anything this year, so I'd rather take Nate any day. I just ditched Scheffler for Brent Celek, so now I have a good tight end in case anything happens to Clark and as insurance for the bye week. Now to do something about my D-Line...
  8. Ok, so I'm cancelling that trade to try and get a better one haha. Look for one soon Bosco! I need to get some people to cover me during the bye weeks, my extra receiver isn't doing jack currently. Plus Haynesworth may be out for a bit, so that means I'm down two D-Linemen.
  9. So long as shipping is free and there are no hidden charges, it sounds like a pretty good deal with the cashback. Without that, its just about 3 dollars cheaper than getting it from Newegg.
  10. For filters, just head to a local hardware store and pick up some filters that'd go for a furnace or air conditioners. You can cut them down to size and save a lot of money on them. I've never had much of an issue with dust personally, just it builds up on the outsides of the case by the large fans. No real worries though, just get an air compressor and problem solved. Thats a pretty nice deal on the HAF 922. I'd definitely get that for 80, just make sure its a decent store.
  11. CM Storm Scout for 89.99 USD. Pretty nice little deal for it currently. @N.E.A, yeah, my hard drive does make more noise than the fans haha. Its so nice and quiet with them all running, no need for a fan controller at all.
  12. I haven't played a PC game in a few months, the most current one I play is Fallout 3 and it doesn't always play nice with nVidia drivers. I mostly wait and let other people be the guinea pig for the new releases so I know which one to grab. I haven't played a PC game in a while because school is currently taking over my life and I have very little free time to game at night. Usually its just filled with reading pages and writing papers, so games are on the backburner currently.
  13. Sometimes Vista needs to be updated fully for some problems to go away. I had those "drivers have stopped responding" errors a lot on various older ones, namely 182 - 185. I'm using 186.18 currently because they are the most stable I've used in some time. I haven't tried the 190s yet, and I see no reason to currently, but check and see if some Vista updates are needed or even if the OC is causing it, like pezcore said. Alternatively, try to disable the SLI on the card so only one is being used.. or check for new SLI profiles with it.
  14. Plus with the 200mm fans, they make virtually no noise. I have the HAF 932 and it has three 230mm fans.. and I can't even hear them running. My hard drive makes more noise than the 3 fans combined. Of those three cases, I'd pick the HAF 922 or Storm Sniper. The 902 would be nice, I just dunno if they have improved the cable management much with it. The 900 sucked for cable management, but I believe they improved it some with the 902.. I just don't know how much. So with that, my money would go towards the CM models. But again, it is up to you and which looks the best to you. If you like the 922 the most, then I say to get it. If you can, try and find a local shop that has those 3 cases that will let you check them out in the store. I know some places have done that before, and I wish I had one near me, but checking the product out before you buy is always a good idea just because you'll know how it looks and feels so you can get a better idea of it. Pictures and videos are one thing, in person is something else.
  15. I don't make any heads or tails of this, anyone help? As far as water on the moon goes, sure its a little amount but it does show that water can form there. Now we just need to figure out a way to set up that moon base and we'd be all set.
  16. So uh, evidently, something must have been wrong with Brees today. He barely did anything on the field... but uh, I should have started Pierre Thomas. 2 TDs, there goes those points I'll never have back haha.
  17. Are you sure they aren't related? Seems like it would be.. I bought myself about 40 dollars in groceries so now I have some food again haha.
  18. I'll take both of those thanks. I'm nearly ready to buy myself some new headphones at last, I just haven't narrowed down which ones. I did purchase a new ringtone for my phone.
  19. You can drop it into any system so long as you have a PCI-Express x16 slot.. probably even x8. If you're worried about PCI-E x16 2.0 vs 1.0, everything 2.0 is backwards compatible with 1.0. You'll just suffer a bit of a performance hit by not having a 2.0 slot.
  20. Kind of sucks about price/performance ratio with it. No denying it is a very solid card, just it should probably cost a little less imo. It is tempting to pick up the 5870 or 5850 to replace my 8800GTX, I just want to see what team green will do with the GT300. Though, by the time I'm ready to get a totally new rig, the 300 series will be just about to launch haha.
  21. I think he means 5870, though knowing AMD, they probably have a 5860 in the works or will before long. They have the 4860, so why not a 5860? Anyways, I thought the 5850 would be ready for reviews a week or two after the 5870 launch, with the release of it being around the same time. And as for price, everything I've ever read put it at 299 USD, not 259. I never saw a thing saying it was 259, just 299 or close to it.
  22. You can always buy stands for them or even mount them to your wall. Doesn't cost too much for either one and it'd be tailored to your exact needs that way.
  23. Same here. Maybe purchase dust filters first and then the tripod.
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