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  1. I see it's a nice LCD , but I really don't need this big monitor .
  2. what is your experience about LG ? From what i read so far Dell offer "0 dead pixel" , do you know if there is some other mark that do the same thing ....
  3. What do you think of LG W2361VG-PF, in best buy it is for $220 .Do you think it's a good price for this LCD ?
  4. I want to upgrade my 17" crt monitor and I'm lost in the sea of LCD. Help me , plsss !! I'm going to use it for gaming and movies. i kind of like the glossy screens , but it's not a must. I just don't want blur effects (when playing games and watching movies) and losing the color of the picture if I move my head up/down , left/right ... 10x in advance .
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