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  1. Hehe no probs I tried to help understanding it with the "View", to show where to view it from - but it can easily be misread like you did
  2. Yeah I've posted my 5870s score, will definately post the twin 6950s as soon as i get my hands on it, will post both stock and overclocked scores Oh, well then I am definately not installing a side fan
  3. Oh, then I'll just save myself for the potential extra noise and keep my rig as it is FFS can't wait for my twin 6950s... they won't be sent before 31st Oct... and God know when they will arrive... oh the impatience of me.. it's killing me lol
  4. That's from the middle of the screwhole to the D14, if you get me (see attachment) So if there is more than 10-12mm from the screwhole to the edge of the fan, then I've only got 45mm clearance But if it's less, then I have 75mm clearence (plus or minus something depending on size of 6950s compared to the 5870) EDIT: Seems like the 6950 is 1mm wider, so roughly the same clearance
  5. I was wondering if I should install a 120mm fan on the side of my DF-85 (the optional 120mm fan slot it got built-in), when I get my twin 6950s If it's a good idea - then I am just wondering if I can get one that fits (due to my D-14 bulking out) Attached is a picture with measurements - The 11m one is an approximate - couldn't measure it preciesly.. prolly 10-12mm Also: these 45 and 75mm ones, they are measured with the side taken off, so I don't know if, when I put the side on, that there is less space And finally: note the 75mm is with an 5870 - I haven't got time now to see if the 6950s are larger or smaller Thanks in advance - gtg catch train now! EDIT: Seems like the 6950 is 1mm wider, so roughly the same clearance If there's good chance there is enough cleareance: What's the best 120mm fan? as always I want the best of the best when I buy hardware (I don't care about how load it is, I just want the lowest temperatures, so I can maximize my overclocks ) EDIT: I take that back again.. what I said about noise... I just found out about the delta fan... and 60+ dB... ok that's a bit too much tbh.. so best fan not too loud to cause insaneness
  6. Because it costs between 4038DKK and 5771DKK in Denmark That's $755.42 to $1,079.62 or 542.41€ to 775.20€ or £472.93 to £675.90
  7. Cool - haven't had any issues with it =) OMG I can't wait for my first dual GPU setup Should arrive in 3 days =P Can't wait to run Heaven 2.5 and 3DMark11 with more than 5-10 fps
  8. Corsair TX750W wevsspot said I wouldn't have any problems running 6950cf with it Thinking hard - to make a better estimate of the age of my PSU I would say 2-2½years - doubt more It has also folded 900k points over 11months (first couple of months it was folding 24/7 - but only 5 days in a row; went to parents in weekends - due to university) EDIT: I'm going with the XFX - I looked at how they both overclocked and these are the results; Club3D: 840/1280 XFX: 906/1493 RAMPAGE!!!!
  9. Yeah I understand that, but as a hardcore gamer - When is it time?
  10. Ok gonna order now then Final question: When is it time to change PSU? I mean: How long time before it gets old and needs to be replaced In years perhaps I've had my Corsair for at least 1½-2 years.. possibly 3-4, hard to remember) Or do PSU never die or wear off or old or whatever you say?
  11. I'm going with the 6950s then That just leaves me with a final question: Should I go with 2GB version? http://www.edbpriser.dk/Product/Details.aspx?pid=4719250 Or 1GB version? If 1GB, there are two options: Either the Gigabyte running at 870 core clock and 5GHz "video clock speed" (same as 1250 mem clock?) http://www.edbpriser.dk/Product/Details.aspx?pid=4869095 1GB 6950 850/5.2 Or MSI running at 850 core clock and 5.2GHz "video clock speed" (same as 1300 mem clock?) http://www.edbpriser.dk/Product/Details.aspx?pid=5497030 Or should I just buy the one with the best fans/cooling solution and overclock it myself? (I'm not going to install aftermark fans) Which brings the following options: 1GB version: http://www.edbpriser.dk/Product/Details.aspx?pid=5182812 http://www.edbpriser.dk/Product/Details.aspx?pid=4869095 http://www.edbpriser.dk/Product/Details.aspx?pid=5179846 http://www.edbpriser.dk/Product/Details.aspx?pid=4983609 http://www.edbpriser.dk/Product/Details.aspx?pid=5497030 http://www.edbpriser.dk/Product/Details.aspx?pid=4674405 http://www.edbpriser.dk/Product/Details.aspx?pid=4904875 2GB version: http://www.edbpriser.dk/Product/Details.aspx?pid=4719250 http://www.edbpriser.dk/Product/Details.aspx?pid=5156379 EDIT: Google can translate pages http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.edbpriser.dk%2FProduct%2FDetails.aspx%3Fpid%3D4719250&act=url
  12. Okay, but is a 6870 dual GPU the same as two 6870s crossfire'd? Because it's not better than two 6950s
  13. Hehe I've already got 2-3 bridges from earlier ATI buys =P Thanks alot man, you've been very helpful man! As soon as I get a heads-up regarding the Dual GPU version of the 6870 being better or worse, I'mma order some more FPS EDIT: My brain just started working again, so now I can think: Is a 6870 dual GPU the same as two 6870's crossfire'd?
  14. Ok, yeah I don't really feel like gambling on PhysX, I'd rather have shitloads of FPS with the Xfired 6950s, so that I can showoff 3dMark11 and Heaven 2.5 (possibly fluidly? ) But how does the 6870 dual gpu compare? if you know EDIT: "For an AMD CrossFireX™ system, a second AMD Radeon™ HD 6900 Series graphics card, an AMD CrossFireX™ Ready motherboard and one AMD CrossFireX™ Bridge Interconnect cable is required" AMD CrossFireX ready motherboard??? How do I know if mine is? All I know is that is has 2x PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots (single @ x16 or dual @ 8x / 8x mode) Also: Will my I need a more powerful PSU?
  15. I see Well since I only use one monitor EyeFinity won't do me much and I don't really care that much about folding There aren't any of the games currently using PhysX which I find any interest in, but on the other hand I can't predict the future either :/ http://www.geforce.com/Hardware/Technologies/physx/games Hmm.. I've just revised my budget so I can afford solutions up to 3800DKK ($710.37 or 510.40€ or £444.10) So I can actually afford the dual 6950s - but revising the price list I can actually buy an 580now too, although it scores 20 less average FPS in Anandtech's tests... So now I'm in a dilemma; CF 6950 for loads of FPS (prolly gonna last really long before games will bash it below 25FPS) or one 580 with less FPS but PhysX Argh I hate dilemmas EDIT: While randomly browsing through 6870's I found a 6870 Dual GPU card... How does this compare? omg why are there always so many options http://www.edbpriser.dk/Product/Details.aspx?pid=5172702 http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.edbpriser.dk%2FProduct%2FDetails.aspx%3Fpid%3D5172702&act=url
  16. Thanks alot for the research! I've been spending 12 hours each day for a week now studying principles in database sytems and computer architecture, so I barely have any free time What are the advantages of CUDA and PhysX? What does AMD have which nVidia does not?
  17. I meant games are developed to DirectX - I was using results with a resolution of 1920x1200 since that's my monitor size I apologize for the confusion. But since I am only using one monitor I won't get the 30fps boost if I pick up two 6950 instead of just one?? wow, when I did the research of the performance of all these cards I could get a 6950 for less than 1500DKK... I see prices have changed now Yeah, the reason 560Ti Sli'd isn't in my list is because it wasn't in their tests - so I was hoping someone could place it in my list, i.e. how it compares UPDATE: Edited list to remove cards I can't afford anymore (rapid price change in Denmark apparently)
  18. Sorry I meant microstuttering. I haven't quite looked into it since I am busy preparing for exams.
  19. What about tearing is it rare? When does it actually occur? EDIT: I mean microstuttering
  20. So, it doesn't seem like AMD 7000 series or NVIDIA 600 Series are coming before 11/11/11, which is when S7LAN starts and the release date of TES V - Skyrim (Preordered it, oh yeah... steam ofc so I can start downloading at 0:00 11/11/11 lol =P) Now, I've had my 5870 for 1½ year or so, and I'd say it's done its "conscription", so time to upgrade =) So, in order to try to figure out which card to get, I went over to Anandtech.com and collected results of all graphics cards under DirectX 11 since this is what games are being developed with or in, or whatever you say. And only used 1920x1200 resolution results, since that's my monitor's resolution. This resulted in; Card__________Average FPS in each test____Overall Avg FPS 6950 cf________120,2+46,3+121,3+60,5+99____89,46 6870 cf________111,5+50,7+120,5+48+78,2____81,78 5850 cf________97,3+50,9+103,8+43,5+66,6___72,42 6850 cf________93,8+50,3+106,6+41,5+66,3___71,70 580___________82,4+41,5+110,6+42+63,7_____68,04 460 (1GB) sli___76,6+43,3+116,6+40+57,8_____66,86 570___________70,8+41,5+96,3+36,5+55,1_____60,04 480___________68,9+41,8+91,9+36+55,7______58,86 6970__________68,7+34,9+77,2+39+59,7______55,90 6950(2GB) _____61,8+34,8+70,6+36+52,1______51,06 6950(1GB) _____62,4+34,6+71+35+52 _________51,00 5870__________64,1+35,6+71,1+33+46,2______50,00 Pardon the commas, I am Danish and we put commas where you put dots, and dots where u put commas lol So, I bet these results are not super accurate, so that's why I ask you guys what you think Also, I only selected the the solutions which were better than my 5870 alone (according to their tests ofc, hence I ask you guys), and with a price less than 3000kr (=$556,36 or 402,96€ or £352,58), since I do not plan on spending more than that. The only requirement I have to the solution is that it must be able to run TES V - Skyrim in highest possible graphical settings at 1920x1200 without unplayable fps (= 23+) Now, I know that's hard to answer, but I believe you guys can give a pretty good guess But... I don't feel good about crossfire or sli, since I've heard it can cause tearing, so unless you can convince me, let's stick with single GPU solutions EDIT: I mean microstuttering Finally, don't take my 5870 in account, it's been behaving bad lately and is probably gonna die soon (feel free to read previous topics by me), so can't just buy 1 more 5870 and then woohoo crossfire - need 2 NEW for that Cheers and thanks very much in advance guys! <33333 OCC EDIT2: UPDATED LIST (removed cards I couldn't afford due to rapid price change in Denmark) Also: since there are no results for sli 560Ti, maybe someone can tell me where it would fit in the list? EDIT3: Updated list (can afford more)
  21. HWMON doesn't measure sandy bridge temps correctly, use RealTemp (designed for Intel) or even CoreTemp instead. At least HWMON gave me wrong readings.
  22. I don't see how it is degrading either - the only time at which they could "misunderstand" degradation, was when you ran p95 in the night, and found it stable (not really stable, since p95 doesn't stress SB at all), and then in the morning you tried LinX and needed to up the vCore to get it stable (degradation shows when you are stable with some voltage, but later in time, your system becomes instable, and you need to up the voltage to "reach stability" again - this is obviously not the right solution, since your are hurting your chip) Regarding temps you should be safe with temps around 80, but I personally never allow my core temps above 72.6*C (tCase), but that's a bit extreme, since, from what I've heard, you can have core temps around 80 without letting the tCase get to 72.6*C Regarding vCore, from what I've heard you shouldn't be worried - people have been had 24/7 voltages at 1.4-1.5 without any issues for months, but I personally keep below the recommended 1.35V from Intel, and only Intel can change my opinion - I am happy with 4.6GHz either way Regarding secondary voltages: You can bump the VCCSA up to 0.93750, no worries VCCIO can be as high as 1.14 I've had my PLL as high as 1.803, without any risk of damage (it can probably go higher, but haven't got any numbers) But really, let me quote Nuclear on this one: Another thing, you don't need Internal PLL Overvoltage before going 4.7GHz+, so disable that. I've had my PCH at 1.07 without any risk of damage (it can probably go higher, but haven't got any numbers) Another thing, if you've got good air flow in your computer, it's better to set phase and duty control to extreme. This is my BIOS which made my system stable at 4.6GHz: BCLK: 100.0 Turbo Ratio: By Per Core Ratio Limits: 46 Internal PLL Overvoltage: Disabled <- not needed before 4.7GHz Memory Frequency: DDR3-2133MHz <- you obviously need to choose the right setting for your RAM EPU Power Saving Mode: Disabled DRAM Timing Control: According to X.M.P. Profile Load-line Calibration: Ultra High VRM Frequency: Manual VRM Fixed Frequency Mode: 350 Phase Control: Extreme <- I've got good airflow Duty Control: Extreme <- I've got good airflow CPU Current Capability: 100% CPU Voltage: Manual CPU Manual Voltage: 1.310 DRAM Voltage: 1.65000 <-depends on your RAM VCCSA Voltage: 0.9375 VCCIO Voltage: 1.1375 <- depends on your RAM CPU PLL Voltage: 1.55 <- as low as my PLL will go while maintaining stability PCH Voltage: 1.05000 CPU Spread Spectrum: Disabled But, since I am a wussy about temps, and had mine getting close to 72.6*C, I choose a different strategy after getting it stable at 4.4; I tried to get the PLL as low as possible while still being stable, and then started bumping frequency and vCore until I reached 72.6*C or 1.35vCore I won't recommend copying my BIOS settings, but rather read through my whole overclocking process - best to start AFTER I found out about LinX, since back when I used p95, I didn't really achieve stability; http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=185440&st=0&p=1929385&fromsearch=1entry1929385 http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=185512&st=0&p=1930465&fromsearch=1entry1930465 About stress/stability testing, you only need to get through 20 passes in LinX using all RAM available, then you know your system is ROCK SOLID
  23. Nuclear was my OC mentor couple of months back, but suddenly he stopped responding to my replies and messages, and it's been a while now, so I thought I'd ask if someone maybe knows why. I am not rushing his return or anything, it would just be nice to know why he "disappeared".
  24. Try LinX with AVX, then we can talk temps. http://www.mediafire.com/?cict9u8jki7wps2 Yeah... I'll just keep it at 4.6 then for now.. after all it's a decent speed imo.. I mean I came from a 3.16GHz dual core lol
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