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  1. The time it takes for me to find my overclock is not a concern. The behaviour of my system after the 0x116 crash at 870 on the core is a concern (unless it's a common behaviour when overclocking the GPU and giving it more frequency than it can handle (although not doing any harm) - but I do no know any of this since I have yet to finish overclocking a GPU (last time I tried OCing my 5870 I stopped for reasons I do not remember, but probably quit the project due to exams), so I don't know much about this, hence I ask). Max temp was 81*C in Kombustor at 909MHz, but I haven't tested with Kombustor since 890MHz after finding out Crysis 2 produces more stress (i.e. crashed after 5 mins in Crysis 2, but held in Kombustor for 30 mins). Of course once I get a game-stable OC, I will go through all the tests to be sure about stability (i.e. CineBench OGL test, 30 mins Heaven, 30 mins Kombustor and 10 mins of 3Dmark 11 test 4) But yeah.. I will most likely use binary search as my next overclocking algorithm ^^ God I love computer science...
  2. Had a PM conversation with wevs but he seems to be busy, so I'm posting in my topic again; So basically I found out that I needed to up the NB voltages to be able to even play Skyrim (and it also solved the BF3 0x116 BSOD). After the LAN in which I did not have any problems with 840/1325, I decided to try and OC the bad boys again, so I started with 885 on the core - game crashed... then I tried 880, game crashed (I stress test with Crysis 2, for at least 1 hour), then 875, game crashed.. but then when I got to 870 the following happened: (The following is a copy from PM with wevs - short on time so can't edit it so it makes sense) I set the following voltages, and started overclocking again, but when I was trying 870 on the core, I had a 0x116 BSOD in crysis 2, after which I couldn't get my PC to boot, i.e. it didn't reboot after the BSOD (well I can't really tell, because the display never gave a picture, could be the graphics card didn't "send any pictures") I tried to shut it down and power it up 2 times to no avail... no picture on the display (yes I let the PC cool down after the BSOD) Then I looked to see if I could remove any cables proablby not needed, but I had only my keyboard, mouse, display, network cable and obviously power cable connected.. so I took out the network cable... and it booted... tbh I don't think it was the network cable... but have I put the voltages too far, or wth did just happen??? VCCSA Voltage = 1.01250v VCCIO Voltage = 1.15000v PCH Voltage = 1.15000v I checked with the colour codes and it's yellow, so it should be within safe (or marginal as you say), the next step will make it pink, but I don't know if it overvolts them so it enters the pink colour... If it matters.. here are all my BIOS settings BCLK: 100.0 Turbo Ratio: By Per Core Ratio Limits: 46 Internal PLL Overvoltage: Disabled Memory Frequency: DDR3-2133MHz EPU Power Saving Mode: Disabled DRAM Timing Control: According to X.M.P. Profile Load-line Calibration: Ultra High VRM Frequency: Manual VRM Fixed Frequency Mode: 350 Phase Control: Extreme Duty Control: Extreme CPU Current Capability: 100% CPU Voltage: Manual CPU Manual Voltage: 1.315 DRAM Voltage: 1.65000 VCCSA Voltage = 1.01250 VCCIO Voltage = 1.15000 CPU PLL Voltage: 1.55 PCH Voltage = 1.15000 CPU Spread Spectrum: Disabled Also: I used Afterburner without voltage control to overclock, but although I have not enabled force constant voltage, the voltage sticks to 1.1V as soon as I apply my OC and never goes down again, even in 2D mode... Dunno what more useful information I can provide
  3. Thanks! Just what I was looking for
  4. This is what I use CCC for (see attachment) With the current settings Skyrim (at max graphics) is just exactly too low FPS at stock clocks (need to put AA mode to standard multi sample) If I forget about CCC (remove it from system startup - used this before to let AB set clocks at startup; doesn't work if CCC is running due to conflicts), then I won't get these neat graphic improvements, which I'd like to have But anyways, it's not the end of the world that my cards won't get that extra 20% power (don't even know if it helps getting higher overclocks stable) - if there are no OC programs which lets me do that, fine - I can live with whatever OC I can get from the cards Cheers Can't wait to get done with GPU overclocking, so I can move to project SSD =D
  5. I tried Trixx - I guess it works for single card overclocks, but with crossfire..... well it succesfully doesn't change the power settings.. to one card.. the other gets reset to 0% bah
  6. Thanks I tried all 3, smart docter and easytune won't install cuz I've got an XFX. Precision did install, but upon launch it detected by card wasn't EVGA --> can't use either Finally Rivatuner told me it didn't recognize my card, it said I needed to update to newest version.. but I am running the newest version.. so I guess my cards are gonna have to survive with no power boost, if I want to go beyond 840/1325
  7. Yeah, I just tested that as well, in the intro (sit on the wagon until I enter the town), I get a minimum FPS of 19 with crossfire disabled, but if I enable crossfire, it goes down to 13, and overall alot "laggier". Bear in mind that I have put AA-mode to Adaptive Multi-sample AA and Texture Filtering Quality to High Quality, which should explain the low FPS. I hope AMD releases a crossfire profile for Skyrim or Bethesda fixes this "crossfire bug"... FAST EDIT: overclocked to 840/1325
  8. Ok thanks But I am still not 100% sure as to how I do this; Should I just swap my HDD with my SSD to start with (i.e. only got SSD connected, and the HDD is lying somewhere in my room) Then I use it until I manage to use all 128GB (well minus some, for formatting etc.), at which point I pick up my 1.5TB hdd again and connect it --> next time I boot up, I still see my SSD as my C: drive but now I also have a 1.5TB drive I don't have to do anything for the 1.5TB drive to work? I've never had two drives connected at the same time and google isn't helping me (only getting topics about how to get them to work together, but I want them to work separetely, i.e. SSD for applications and games, and HDD for storage (music, videos etc.)
  9. Since MSI Afterburner resets the Power Control Settings in CCC as soon as I apply a new OC I was wondering what other software you can use, which maybe doesn't intefere with CCC.
  10. So I just put start by installing OS on the SSD, and then later I connect my HDD to my system as well - I don't need to do anything so the system recognizes the SSD as my primary storage and my HDD as secondary storage (I've never had more than 1 hard drive connected before, nor any ssd) I just found this, and was just wondering if any of the steps are not advised to do? http://thessdreview.com/ssd-guides/optimization-guides/the-ssd-optimization-guide-2/#disqus_thread
  11. Thanks But I was asking how to set it up? How do I do it?
  12. So I just won Kingston 128GB SSDNOW V100 at S7LAN (won Worms Reloaded tournament), and I was wondering how do I set it up, so that I have the SSD as primary, i.e. for OS and applications/programs and then my 1.5TB HDD (see sig), as secondary, for music etc.
  13. P9550 - Brutality - i5-2500k @ 4.6GHz / 2x 6950 @ 840/1325 IT'S OVER NINETHOUSAAAAAAAAAAAND =D
  14. Haven't had a crash since I put it to 840/1325, so it seems like it's stable A LAN party is a good way to test stability of your system lol =P
  15. Ok so I was just wondering, since I often read (in overclocking guides) that gpus easily surpass the limits of Catalyst Control Center, and since I've got to attend S7LAN (local LAN party, 170 ppl) in 2½ hours (I'd like to take a nap soon as well, since I haven't got much sleep lately) So my questions is basically: Can I crank up the clocks in CCC (= 840 on the core and 1325 on the memory (stock clocks are 800/1250)), and assume it's stable? PS: I also put +20% on the power settings As some have noticed I tried, since Monday to overclock it and stress test it, but I overshot the capabilites lots of times and wasted hours stress testing, just to see it fail in a game. So I'll be honest now, at this moment I've had the core on 840 and mem on 1325 for a bit now (passed CineBench OpenGL test and had 2 passes of heaven 2.5 with highest settings without any errors - I also played TrackMania for 10 mins and I have Crysis 2 running now (from my overclocking experience Crysis 2 is what stresses it most (I've tried having it pass OGL test, 30 mins in Heaven, 30 mins in Kombustor, browsed YouTube for 1 hour (watch in full screen), play Trackmania for 1 hour, and then I open Crysis 2 and it crashes within 5 mins) So Crysis 2 been running for 15 mins now, and no crash, no artifacts and no crazy temps ^^ Ok so, back when I was trying to overclock it (and overshot many times) I ended at 877, which held for 55 mins in Crysis 2 - so imo 840 shouldn't be a problem? But why do I want to overclock it in a rush? Well Skyrim has just been released, and I can actually run it in highest possible graphics settings at 1920x1200 without laggy fps, but only if I turn down some options in CCC (i.e. set AA quality to MultiSample instead of Super Sample and use Standard AA (instead of Edge-Detect) So with some overclocking I bet it would handle at least the medium quality AA settings (can't remember name of that) Cheers!
  16. Great, thanks alot Waco Now I feel like I know everything I need to know about overclocking graphics cards
  17. Ok, let's leave that topic, lol I'm getting goosebumps (I am so sensitive about hardware) BTW: Just checking: getting 0x116 BSODs don't harm your system/gfx cards right? It's just cuz of unstable overclock, and you can get as many of these as u want without causing any damage? Provided you avoid ridiculous voltages and temps, right?
  18. Yeah I just read the following thread and I'll just keep away from the Xtreme Burning Mode.. hell I'd rather be patient than blow up my new 6950s http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=677416
  19. Can you elaborate "be careful"? It it dangerous, or do I just need to watch temps, and that's all? Also, can you please specify all settings for Kombustor for your "stability" checking? I am getting tired of wasting hours of stresstesting.. I mean, if you can, like with processers, just use LinX for 20-30 mins to determine stability, instead of 24hrs of p95... then I'd rather do the same for my gfx cards.. provided it isn't "dangerous", but rather - just watch temps
  20. Safety options? and how long do you let Kombustor run? maaan tried 895MHz and it still crashes after 5 mins lol... and I thought it was stable at 909 lol I guess I need to adjust those voltages to get it stable at that high clock... probably the NB can't keep up, but I haven't got time for that now... maybe after S7LAN wow this is so frustrating.. I wish I had started with testing with crysis 2 from the beginning.. all the other tests are useless, apparently EDIT: Just retested with stock clocks... held for 10 mins, and I assume it will still hold for at least 1 hour... so nope.. nothing has changed.. just too high clocks
  21. Isn't rather redundant? So basically just subtract 10MHz and round to nearest even number? What do you mean by even number? 903-10 = 893 --> 894 or 892 or 890 or 895? And.. in case of last digit being 5, like 885... do you go high or low? 880 or 890? (if you round by tens) EDIT: GOD DAMNIT Final test was 1 hour Crysis 2.. and guess what.. it crashed after 5 minutes.. sigh 0x116 at stock clocks I played for a little over an hour, no problems.. so the overclock is just too high, damnit Man I can't belive it... 30 min heaven and kombustor stable.. 10min 3dmark 11 test 4 stable.. 1 hour trackmania stable... 1 hour youtube stable.. then crysis 2.. crash after 5 mins.. jeeze! Might as well test with crysis 2 first.. what a waste of time
  22. Uhm either Brutality or 13Brutality37 Can't remember off the top of my head Thanks alot mate, will put it 900 after I run through the last tests =) And then... time to OC that memory biaaaaatch
  23. I didn't have any problems at stock speeds, and I played for a little over an hour without any crashes at 903 core clock But, assuming 903 is the max stable core clock, how much should I downclock it?
  24. Thanks, I will try that in the near future, I've decided to first find my highest OC without any voltage tweaking, but after that I will try to increase these voltages to see if I can get a higher OC Seems like the max stable core OC is 904MHz (905 survived for 45mins in trackmania, but I'm gonna play trackmania for 1 hour with 904 now, to see how it goes) But what I really wanted to ask is, isn't there some general formula regarding the "safe-downclocking", instead of saying: "when you reach max stable OC kick things back a little", it would be nice to know either a % of decrease or a fixed value, like 5 or 10 I.e. if I find my max stable OC to be 904, I either decrease it by.. say 1% ----> downlock to 894MHz, or if it's a fixed value, like 5 or 10, then I downlock to either 899MHz or 894MHz... or if 4 is fine, then it's 900 My point is, as a computer scientist / mathematician, I hate ambiguity, and I prefer formulas So that I don't have to keep asking: If it's 904, how much should I downclock? or now it was 903 apparently, how much should I downclock, etc. etc. Cheers I really think it's 904 though, but let's see, cya in an hour =) EDIT: gaaaaah 904 didn't work either.. going for 903 now, cya in an hour (figured I might as well test with 1 hour of trackmania first, since this is where I have the crashes.. instead of wasting 1hr and 10 mins testing with kombustor, heaven and unigine only to see a crash in trackmania) EDIT2: :O :O 903 didn't crash for 1 hour in trackmania But now it's soon 0.30am, and i got school at 8.. so I'm gonna go sleep now, but when I get back from school I'm gonna put it through Cinebench OpenGL test, 30 mins in heaven, 30 mins in kombustor and 10 mins in 3dmark 11 test 4 (looped), and play crysis 2 for 1 hour, and browse youtube for 1 hour (I think I had a 0x116 whilst watching some youtube video in fullscreen at 907 on the core or so.. so that's gonna be a test too), and if I've sparetime I'll play Worms Reloaded for 1 hour (practice for S7LAN and some test.. although it's a 2D game and I doubt it will act as a test) So I am 95% sure 903 is the final clock for the core, now I can ask: to which frequency should I downclock it, to satisfy safe-mode downclock? =) Cheers! woohoo so happy I finally (most likely) found a max core clock!
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