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    Upgrading Gaming Computer

    I'm afraid I would be breaking an NDA by telling you, but when I come to think of it, the low fps could be because of the game still being in beta etc. But I think I do remember having laggy gameplay in SplitSecond It wasn't Crysis though, I can run Crysis with highest graphics 1920x1200 no problems =) But I really, really wanna play in highest graphics in this game, which I would be breaking NDA by telling which it is... I think (Not gonna take the chance) Thank you VERY much for your replies, everyone! I am currently having fun at comparing CPUs at http://www.anandtech.com/bench/CPU/2 But what's this bottlenecking you're talking about, Nyt Ryda?
  2. "I don't really understand why you got a nice motherboard and cpu and skimped out on the psu and gpu, thats like getting a Porsche and putting in a Dual (the cheep car audio stuff they sell at Wal-Mart) soundsystem." Well basically I upgraded my cpu, mbd and ram, but then I realized I had to get a new gfx card because the old one didn't fit in the new mbd, so I just went for the cheapest and least better... I just figured.. Is it true that windows XP won't use more than 3gb of my ram? cuz then I just wasted 1gb using windows XP? EDIT: I just checked in the system tab in control panel and it says 3.25gb RAM... but is it worth changing to windows 7 (I downloaded the Windows 7 Release Candidate 64bit.. I will get like almost 1 gig more ram, but will I do better in Need For Speed Undercover (I haven't checked if it's a DX10 game but at least my gfx card is dx10, quite busy now)
  3. Dear OverClockersClub. I just spent all my money on new hardware. But unfortunately, I cannot run my favourite game (Need for Speed: Undercover) in the highest graphics possible, which was the goal for upgrading my PC. So I thought maybe I could just overclock my way to the superb graphics Yet I have no experience in overclocking at all, so I thought this might be the right place to ask for guidance I have written my computer specs in that box "computer specs" when I registered as a member here, so I assume you can find them there, but if needed I can write them here. I might have to add that everything is stock (so the cpu cooler is that fan that came with it, which is mounted on top of it, and the graphic card has the stock fan on too, and the motherboard has those fancy... hmm dunno the English word for it, but the other type of cooling (not water cooling), I would guess on "cooling ribs" or some radiator thingies), and the case has two fans, one large (12x12cm) and one small (8x8cm)... 12cm = 4.7inches and 8cm = 3.1inches. I figured you need to know how my system in cooled in order to know how far I can overclock it. I've heard you can overclock your CPU, GPU and RAM. So my question is: What can I overclock and how far can I overclock and is it worth it? EDIT: My system is running on Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 3, thought that could be some useful information
  4. wow, thank you very much everyone for your help, seems like I got a lot of reading to do if I wanna OC my system =P, but on other thoughts I might just save some money up for a new PSU and GPU, since after reading a bit on other sites, people state you can't OC the 9500GT much so it might not be worth OC'ing. And since that GPU is my drawback, it might just be better to replace it, along with a new PSU, and as you said my cpu is fine so might as well not risk damaging my system by OC'ing... just afraid I might do things wrong.. better keep things in stock if possible. My cousin (computer scientist) told me that I should get a SATAII HDD, since... yea well my MBD doesn't really support old SATA HDDs but it can operate mine. Do you think it's really important to replace it by a SATAII asap, or can I save that money and just go for GPU/PSU? Once again, thanks alot! EDIT: He also told me it might improve my perfomance in games if I switched to Windows Vista or Windows 7... If that is the case I might buy it with the HDD, since I gotta install new OS anyways..
  5. EDIT: Figured I could just put it in my signature, like you =)