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  1. Hi, I am upgrading my case from my Antec DF-85 to the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 (rev. 2). Thanks for the review red454! This is my setup: https://imgur.com/a/M38r9bj Please accept my apologies regarding cable management. I promise to do better this time! Should I buy extra fans (top/bottom) or do I risk messing up airflow with my setup? Reference: https://www.overclockersclub.com/vimages/be_quiet_dark_base_pro_900/dbp900fan1.jpg Specs should be in my signature
  2. Ah, the Ralink Windows 8 driver did not work, but the Qualcomm did So everything works now! Oh boy, time to wait days for Windows Update now ^^ Thanks A LOT for your help. You win a massive amount of internetz
  3. Amazing stab in the dark. Now I got ethernet (LAN) going, but the Wireless doesn't work - probably because it's the wrong driver (basically the same as for the F550CC laptop). I'll try to install the W8.1 WLAN driver now, but I might have to find a W7 driver like the one for LAN.
  4. Where do I get the Modem Driver? There was no modem drivers for Windows 8 or for Windows 7 for my other laptop (F550CC)
  5. I am running version 204. Gonna try that driver you linked now.
  6. Update: LAN apparently worked fine in Ubuntu, so the hardware is definitely there and working. That's good; both the ethernet and wireless controllers work (at least in Ubuntu). Installing the W8.1 ethernet driver via the setup file gives the same error (and a few more I suspect are related to the fact that I'm not installing it in Windows 8.1). Installing the W8.1 ethernet driver via Device Manager (i.e. pointing the wizard to the folder) results in the following error after installation: The wizard doesn't find anything that it wants to install for the PCI Device or Network Controller. I tried booting up on the card to find out the exact model etc. so I could find the driver manually for Windows 7; But that only shows me that it's indeed PCIe. From the shop site it shows that it's Gigabit ethernet, so have narrowed it down to the following; http://www.realtek.com.tw/products/productsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=13&PFid=5&Level=5&Conn=4 Should I contact ASUS to have them tell me the exact model number (I assume they can tell me from the model, and if not then at least the serial/series numbers etc. below the laptop etc.) or is there an easy way to find out? EDIT: I found nothing in the manual about the ethernet or wireless cards.
  7. Hmm I haven't got time to reformat and set everything up again (dual boot with Ubuntu, repair boot loader after installing Ubuntu, etc.) since my last semester on my Master's Degree just begin and I am extra busy since I am taking 4 courses the first quarter (instead of the regular 3) to be able to take only 2 the last quarter. But I'll the W8 LAN, Wireless and Bluetooth drivers now. EDIT: I should try the W8.1 drivers right? That's more Windows 7 like if you ask me
  8. Thanks for the reply How do I resolve the PCI driver? I tried right clicking it in the Device Manager and select Update Driver Software but as usual it just says Windows could not find driver software for your device. But I think you are right, I tried disabling ethernet in Bios (just tried to focus on getting at least wireless to work) and the PCI Device disappeared from Other Devices in Device Manager. Finally, how do I find the exact model number of the wireless and wired network devices? Thanks a bunch
  9. Hi again. I'm having trouble getting LAN and Wireless to work on my Windows 7 installation. Wireless works fine in Ubuntu (well sometimes I need suspend it and when I turn it on again it's working (otherwise it says Wi-Fi disabled by hardware switch)), but LAN does not. I had the exact same issues with my F550CC, but everything worked like a charm in Windows 7. When installing LAN driver in Windows 7 I get the following error message: I've been googling for a bit and tried various "solutions", including removing battery for 10 minutes (with no power cable) and trying again. The "solution" where you need to disable Deep Sleep Mode involves going into properties of my network adapter is not even possible for me since there are none. All there is for me is my bluetooth adapter: Also, there is no light (well I am actually not sure if there are any diodes on my ethernet port) when plugging in the cable. Does anyone have any ideas? I should at least be able to get Wireless to work since it works in Ubuntu as well. When installing Ralink Wireless driver no errors occur but no adapter comes up (see above screenshot). I've also tried enabling and disabling the LAN and Wireless "hardware switches" in BIOS to no avail. Lastly, I've tried right clicking the Network and Ethernet Controllers in Device Manager and click "Update Driver" but the wizard finds nothing - or well it does not have anything to install Something tells me that the network adapters/controllers never "wake up" in Windows, since I need to suspend and open again in Ubuntu to get Wireless to work again (i.e. to get rid of the "Wi-Fi is disabled by hardware switch" message). Cheers
  10. Hi I just bought a ASUS X552CL laptop and I will be removing Windows 8 (I know the procedure) to get dual-boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu. For my previous laptop (ASUS F550CC) there was Windows 7 drivers at the support section, but there is not for this laptop. So, I need to figure them out manually. There are only two drivers that trouble me; Intel INF Driver Update; There are two versions (at the Intel Download Center). One says: "Primarily for Intel
  11. Hehe alright, I'll see if I can talk him into selling it to you - He sounded a bit hesitant, but I'll do my best
  12. Are you suggesting it's not the graphics card that is causing the 3 fps 60% of the time? Or are you planning on trying to fix it and use it yourself?
  13. I really don't think so, he's had a 23 inch once, but went back to 21.5 inch, and I don't think he has space for a large screen
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