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  1. From an Add campaign I had photographed for a friend who is into advertising, this was for her final project in Advertising in school. Camera: Nikon D700 Exposure: 0.01 sec (1/100) Aperture: f/22.0 Focal Length: 50 mm Exposure: 0.00 ISO Speed: 200 Exposure Bias: 0 EV
  2. Thanks a bunch. Well at idle, i get around 24 degrees. At full load, like rendering/gaming, it goes atmost upto 45 degrees. Thanks again, it involved a lot of effort from myself and our fellow occ members!
  3. Have you looked at the coolermaster cosmos s? I am using it and its is one awesome case.
  4. Thanks guys, and not possible without all the directions I received here. Some Pics:
  5. Well guys, thanks for that. I had already gone for 12 Gig. I am on 12 Gig Corsair Dominators . Actually i made an error in my sig
  6. Coz i want lots of space, to do a lot of high res photography and HD video compositing, which eats disk space. Plus these days games too hog a lot.
  7. LOL! I agree! I am having trouble with internet. I actually have a 64 bit Vista Os for now, and the wifi adaptor i bought is not working well on it. So no internet on it. I am posting from my laptop now. SO managed to find an old cpu z fossilized in my hard drive in some deep corner Thanks!
  8. Hey buddz, So last weekend I got all the parts shipped to my home and I sat down for a few hours and built the system. Well What more can I say, take a look at the system. Thanks a bunch for all the help. You guys really saw me through System is rock solid after 24 hours of cpu and gpu tests. I am running on thr GTX 295 now, if the need arises will go for a quadro. Regards, Torqueguru.
  9. Hi buddz, I have a spare 8800gtx 768 MB card lying with me. I was wondering if using it as a physics processing unit would yeild any better results. What do you guys think? I had long back used a 9600gt as a physics processor for an 8800gtx, and performance had actually dropped instead of rise. Hence this question. Regards, Torqueguru.
  10. Which is exactly my point! Then why the hell do they list RAID 5 in their support list, when they have only 2 SATA ports for the Jmicron chip. Weird.
  11. Ok now I am quite pleased to know that I am not going RAID 5, many of my friends at occ have now recommended against it. So here goes "NO RAID 5!!!" Thanks a bunch guys. Regards, Torgueguru.
  12. I wanted to set up RAID 5 on my EVGA X58 motherboard, with 3 hard drives each 1.5 TB each. The Issue is, that only the Jmicron JMB363 chip supports RAID 5. And also, RAID 5 needs 3 disks. But the Jmicron JBM363 chip in this board has only 2 connectors for SATA disks. This is an extract from the manual. "There are nine (9) internal serial ATA connectors and one (1) e-SATA on this motherboard. Connection points SATA0 - SATA5, are controlled by the South Bridge Chipset. Connection points SATA8 - SATA9, are controlled by the JMicron JMB363 chip. These connection points support RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 0+1 and JBOD configurations. SATA6 and SATA7 are controlled by the JMicron JMB362 chip." I am confused. I tried calling up EVGA, it sayd that t he wait time is 1 hour and 15 minutes! Can you believe that! Damn! So help awaited on how to set up RAID 5 on my array. Regards, Torqueguru.
  13. what? A tree fell on it???? More please! Nice shots by the way! Looking real nice!
  14. Well if AVCHD is the format, Adobe premier CS4 and Aftereffects CS4, should by default open the files without any issue! I can open the AVCHD files captured by my canon HSF-100 HD camcorder without any issue! I think the Sony camcorder stores in .M2TS format. is it?
  15. @Gabriel Hey, its not that bad...what kind of tips do you want? I am more than willing to help you out mate! I already have one tip...never cut off your vehicle inframe in any side, unless it is a close up of apart of the car, like the headlight or wheel or log etc...in two of the shots you have cut off the vehicle @mikeock Nice ones there! Evolution X Regards, Torqueguru.
  16. Nice stuff guys! Here is one from me. After i clicked the original, my head got hit with some weird photoshop ideas
  17. Toyota Camry Camera: Nikon D700 Exposure : 1/30 sec Aperture : f/8 Lens used : 14-24mm f2.8 Focal length of image : 20mm ISO : ISO 800
  18. Ok...I understand..What about a rethink in the drives alone then. 1 vertex SSD and 2 1.5 TB Barracudas(not in RAID) + I have a 1.5 TB External Drive too...(I really need space with all the 14 bit 12.3 MP photographs I work with...and the HD footage I work with. For program speed...if my files while working, reside on the SSD it should help me with work speed if I am not mistaken. And I really do not want to spend on 2 SSDs to RAID them...I find it too costly for what it's giving me. So let me know one final suggestion for my Hard drive set up...Thanks.
  19. Whoa! Awesome shots!!!! Lovely lighting...you better continue this!
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