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  1. Wow... I really like that alot!!! Good job!!!
  2. Hi, I have XFX 780i motherboard, and I was wondering what's max voltage for NB (or SPP) without damaging it? I'm trying to get my Q9550 to 4.0ghz for 24/7 and only way i can get it to work is upping SPP's voltage to 1.5v or I'll have to stay at 3.825ghz with SPP @ 1.45v. So, I don't want to fry system by upping voltage too much. any help would be appreciated. Thanks! (BTW.. sorry.. my english isn't that great)
  3. Hello folks, When I update my nvidia driver and this is how I do 1.) Uninstall drivers and PhysX through the control panel. 2.) Reboot into Safe mode. 3.) Run Driver Sweeper for nVidia. 4.) Boot back into normal mode. NOTE: Upon normal reboot, I got a message in a console window before the OS fully loaded. All it said was "C:\Nividia\driver.. something (Y/N)?" I picked NO because I'm not really sure what it is and I'm assuming that Windows 7 ask me if I want to install driver myself or Windows 7 can do it for me. 5.) Install desired drivers. So, do anyone know how to stop those command prompt every time when I do that process. Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit q9550 EO 3.6ghz @ 1.30v XFX 780i SLI nVidia gtx 260 core 216 SC THANKS!
  4. aight.. thanks.. I think I'll order OEM
  5. I saw this Windows 7 Professional OEM for 139.99 dollars at Microcenter.com and I'm thinking about ordering one. I'm not really sure what's OEM is... I know its come with 1 dvd. I heard it can fresh install 1 time? Thanks
  6. Ok, I tried that FTW setting and only gained 50 points. I don't think it's worth it. Also, I'm scared to push higher than that too because I don't want to mess up my card. I guess I should be sastified until gtx 300 series coming. Once again, thanks for your comments and help
  7. Hi, I was wondering if my system is bottleneck or not.. I have my q9550 at 3.6ghz and my gpu is evga gtx 260 216c SC at 626/1350/1053 (SC stock setting). I tested it w/ mark06 and scored 17400 points. I raised my gpu to 655/1404/1053, and got 17604. So, thats only 200 more points.. is that normal or do I need to get my cpu to 3.8ghz to avoid bottleneck? Thanks and sorry if my english isn't good BTW, I did prime95 for 12 hours and no error.
  8. Ok.. will sunbeam core contact freezer fit on 780i mobo?
  9. Hi folks, I'm looking for new heatsink to cool my q9550. Right now, i have old zalman 9700 cooling my q9550 @ 3.8ghz and I want to push my q9550 higher than 4.0ghz but my old zalman can't handle that anymore. So, I have about 50 USD to spend on new one.. I'm thinking about this XIGMATEK Dark Knight-S1283V or Sunbeam CR-CCTF 120 mm Core-Contact Freezer which one will do better job? I'm open to any suggestion and please no more than 50 dollars IF its possible. Thanks
  10. Device Manager said I'm currently using Q9550, however, i'm not sure if the whole OS will use all quad core after swapped from dual core to quad core or should I go ahead and format and install fresh OS? Or it doesn't matter?
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