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  1. Ok,but I don't need 400W. at most 300W,and running on the least amount of power possible it could use as little as 150W. With a battery like that one I could probably get pretty good battery life if all I'm doing is browsing the interwebz right? Anyhow,I've decided that until i'm done just building it for stationary use only I won't worry about battery power.
  2. Hence why I decided to say IF I do try to make it run on a battery power it will most likely be via inverter just for that reason. I believe this will start as a basic LAN box
  3. No not really,no thanks.I want something expandable,it doesn't have to be a gaming beast,but I want the option to upgrade the hardware as better technology becomes available. As for the battery thing the reason why I am so resilient to doing the DC PSU thing is simply because most the time I want to be able to plug this into a wall socket at a friends house. The reason for having a battery is simply for the situations where I find myself waiting somewhere without access to power,as I often do. From what I understand I can't play while the battery is charging and I don't have the option to plug it into the wall. Given the priority of long term use in a lan party sort of circumstance should I just forget the idea of a battery in all?
  4. Actually I was just looking to see if people had a good reason to be against that setup, seeing as 25 minutes is nowhere near how much I want to be able to get out of it I guess I must go the route of said minibox power supplies,especially with the simple setup suggested by medbor. However, does anyone have a link to a place to actually by one of these DC 12v monitors?
  5. ok,ignoring the argument over a laptop battery capacity (which I find slightly believable because my friends ASUS I5 lasts 14 hours on a standard battery while web-browsing), I wanted to share a little more info on my progress solving the power constraints of batteries. First of all I HAVE decided that I want to go with an inverter,for several reasons. 1: When not using battery power it's MUCH easier to plug in the power supply and monitor into a plug than have to haul around a car battery charger. 2: while it may not be entirely accurate, a few different people I've asked have told me that 2 5000MaH batteries that output voltage in the proper range of said inverter (invert functions on 12-15 volts, batteries together put out around 14.4) should have a battery life ranging from 2-3 hours,which about suits my needs atm. 3: I REALLY don't want to mess with wiring all the components into DC, I've heard it's a horrible pain. Even though I have the great support of OCC at my disposal, electrical things have never been exactly my cup of tea, I'd rather not turn my mobo into a bomb on accident. Now if someone can tell me directly why the inverter is a BAD idea,I'm just going to consider that part of this solved for the time being.
  6. I was pretty sure I mentioned it. Depending on what price range I find myself able to afford it will either be a 6450 or 6570, possibly a 5650. I was looking at low-pro cards. I already decided on my monitor, it's a 17" widescreen that I know for sure draws only 20-30 Watts at most. I was hoping to use an inverter so I could power them both from one power source. Also from what I keep seeing it appears that the mini box PSU's only have power for the mobo,or are there other rails available (I need atleast one SATA and a 4-pin 5V)
  7. How about 2 batteries together both 7.2 volts (rated for 5000 MaH), with a 400W inverter?Is there a way to estimate the battery life of that? (monitor draws 20W and computer draws 300W at maximum)
  8. The thing about the DC-DC PSU is that that is only for the computer. What about the moniter? is there anyway to make a standard plug (like a house plug) that is drawing from the battery? That way the computer could have a normal PSU and the monitor could have power as well. *edit* I've actually found a rather nice inverter that should do the trick.It has 2 sockets so 1 for the computer and 1 for the monitor. I'm going to see about moving things around in the case to make room for a battery.
  9. Actually I just haven't designed the monitor mount. Weight is only a little bit of a concern. Besides, so far this rig is made to run on almost as little power as my laptop. Also I don't see the point in modifying a laptop,cause I want something that I can buy better hardware for instead of replacing the whole damned things. I tend to do upgrades piece by piece.
  10. I took a look at what they offer here,but I can't see how that would help me make this run on a battery. Do you know of a power supply that would be able to power the whole system with an integrated rechargeable battery?or a rechargeable battery pack I can plug this rig into?it's mostly for small LAN parties, but I would like it to be able to run on battery for at least an hour or 2
  11. I realize my choices are rather outdated, but that's primarily because of low power consumption and low cost. Right now I'm rather strapped in the way of resources. I have been thinking of possibly bringing it up to a AM3 system, but I still only want 2 or 3 cores at most.
  12. Alright,I'm new to this forum so apologies in advance for posting like a nub. The past week I've been pondering the idea of a small rig made especially for portability, but still with enough power to play things like Farcry 2, Crysis, COD: BO, etc. Here's what I got so far,a VERY simple model made in 3dsMax,just to explain the general idea The mobo is green, HDD is light blue, DVD drive is dark blue, power supply is red, and the integrated usb hub is pink. This ones just another angle so you can see how things are arranged vertically. There will also be audio cable extensions running to the side by the hub, this is because the motherboards rear will facing towards the right. Again I have to stress that this is very much just a early sketch-up to generate idea,though it is to scale and I have decided on hardware for the most part. Hardware will be: ZOTAC NF610I-K-E LGA 775 NVIDIA GeForce 7050 NVIDIA nForce 610i Mini ITX Intel Motherboard GIGABYTE GV-R645D3-512I Radeon HD 6450 512MB APEVIA ITX-AP250W 250W Mini ITX Power Supply Intel Celeron E3400 Wolfdale 2.6GHz Mushkin Enhanced 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM Seagate Barracuda 250GB 7200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s Hanns-G 17" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor (mounted on top with a custom hinge mount) I'm also looking for a way to run it on battery power,however I haven't been able to find out if that's possible or not, if anyone has any ideas on that please let me know. So far my only Idea is to use a UPS, which is rather heavy and bulky compared to a laptop battery and doesn't have anywhere near the same capacity.
  13. Thanks, I've never really gotten into forums for computers before. I picked OCC because of the great reviews and the friendly community, also because it's what my bro suggested.
  14. Hello everybody, my names Red and I first signed up on this forum sometime a few years ago, however I never really posted or was active in the community. I've been building rigs for a few years now,and dabbled in case mods, but now the time has come for something a little bigger. Soon I'll be posting in the case mods forums, and I'm really hoping you guys will both help me along and also help me out if I get into any rough patches. For now my new build is conceptional, but hopefully I'll have the funds to get started soon!
  15. So,right now I'm not sure of my settings,I'll update on those later,but right now I have my Cpu running at 3.25ghz and I was wondering how to push it a little further.My hardware is as follows: AMD X25400+ Black Edition (unlocked multiplier,stock speed 2.8) ASUS M3A78 Mobo with AMD 780 chipset Gskill 800mhz RAM (4gigs) OCZ 600W PSU The rest shouldn't really matter I figure,but if I'm wrong please tell me.Anyways,I was attempting to push my CPU and I just haven't been able too get very far,I now I've heard of these cpus going much faster,and cooling hasn't been an issue.So I was looking for suggestions on how to get more out of it,any suggestions?I'm kinda new to this whole thing,so please use idiot speak XD
  16. Well,my name comes from...I haven't got a clue where my name came from,NEO is for new,as in it was my new name when i made it ((in 2003)),15 is a special number...Dunno why...But the Redturner,if anyone can understand what that might mean please tell me XD
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