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  1. Thanks for the link but $40 is a little bit too much from what i willing to spend
  2. Ic. Understood. Sound good to have a mouse that allow to change different dpi but not sure how much is that in my place here. Thanks for your time.
  3. I have one new question here. What is so special about those so call gaming keyboard or gaming mouse ?? More button or something ?? All i know is that those label with gaming usually very expensive
  4. Yup good idea. My current wireless mouse just too cheap to have this adjustable dpi setting
  5. Again many thanks to all the reply and comment, i think i will get a decent wired combo set and a better wireless mouse to try it out myself. So far my current cheap wireless keyboard is fine to use, only the mouse a little too precise i suppose, may be i should look for some 1000dpi mouse. For the battery life anything last longer than 6 months is already very fine to me Thanks again and have a nice time everyone
  6. Ic. USD100 just for wireless mouse sound very crazy to me ) few days ago, the keyboard is ok i didnt sense any lag when typing or gaming but the mouse like moving too fast or too much or something (not sure if it cause by 2000dpi or not) no matter in desktop or in game, or may be i should use lower dpi mouse ?? By the way how long a battery normally last ?? Few days ?? Few months ?? I do take out the keyboard battery and turn off the mouse as well when not using. Many thanks for all your time
  7. Ok so wired for gaming & wireless for casual use, many thanks for all the reply
  8. Question as shown in the title. Wondering if wireless keyboard & mouse has lag problem & how bad is it. Also for gaming what kind of keyboard & mouse i should look for ?? (I play FPS & say budget around USD30) Many thanks for anyone who concern. Good day.
  9. Actually i don't really see any big different when i play any game between 1366x768 &1600x900 & 1920x1080 , i mean can anyone really tell if a game is play in 1920x1080 or 1600x900 or 1366x768 if i just show them the record video without telling the resolution ??
  10. Hi . Good Day . Newbies here who trying to overclock his "MSI K9A2 CF-F with Phenom x3 8650" but unsuccess . hoping to get some valuable help here and thanx first for any one who concern . here is some info about my spec which i think might help : AMD Phenom x3 8650 (Stock Colling) MSI K9A2 CF-F motherboard Sapphire HD 4830 (overclocked with ATI overdrive software to GPU 690 / Memory 1020 - Original should be GPU clock 575 / Momory clock 900 ) Western Internal 500GB Hardisk anything else that i should list here ?? ============================================================================ Default Cell Menu setting in Bios D.O.T Control ============== Disable AMD Cool 'n' Quiet =========== Disable HT Ratio ================== Auto Adjust CPU FSB Frequency ====== 200 1st Adjust CPU Ratio ========== Auto (Max 11.5) 2nd Adjust CPU Ratio ========== Auto (Grey Out cant select ; So whats this 2nd ratio for?) Adjust CPU Frequency========== 2300 ============================================================ Advance DRAM Configuration [Press Enter] => Auto (Preset) ===============================DCT 0 ===============================DCT 1 ===============================Both ( So whats the diffrent within this 4 option ) ============================================================ FSB/Memory Ratio ============== 1:2 Adjusted DDR Memory Frequency ===== 800 ============================================================ Adjust PCIE Frequency ============== 100 Auto Disable DIMM/PCI Frequency ======= Disable ============================================================ CPU Voltage =========== Auto Memory Voltage =========Auto NB Voltage ============ Auto HyperTransport Voltage ==== Auto ============================================================ Spread Spectrum ======== Disable So above is the Cell Menu default setting . Any suggesttion to overclock this ? I do try to lower the 1st CPU Ratio below 2300 and memory frequency below 800 to find out the Max FSB that my motherboard can take but it wont post even if i jus increase the FSB from 200 to 201 why is so ?? Unless i power off the computer & restart then it will post and log in to windows , but if i restart my computer then it wont post again . :angry2: No matter how low i set my 1st CPU ratio & HT ratio & Memory frequency its still the same . So any advise or suggestion ?? Thanx again for the help .
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