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  1. My CD Rom won't recognize any disc that I put in. I have tried everything that the manual suggests. I also checked to make sure that all the cables were connected correctly. I had the drive for over a year before having any problems. It also happened once before but lasted only one or two days, this one has lasted a couple of months. I looked in the device manager and the drive is recognized and is supposedly working. The drive will open it just won't recognize any disc. I have no idea what to do and need some help.
  2. Thanks a lot. I didn't want to buy a new card and not know what i need to run it. I ran into that problem a few too many times.
  3. This question may sound stupid but I'm kinda new to the Radeons as I have a nVidia TNT2. Any help would be appreciated. I was wondering if the memory listed with the Radeon is for how much memory is on the card or how much memory your system needs to run the card? If the the latter is true then do you need 128MB of DDR or 128MB of any kind.
  4. Every time I start folding it says that my work couldn't be found, and I have to start over. Does anyone know why this is happening? If it makes a difference I am using the commandling version. Is there any way that I can make the folding go faster?
  5. crap that sucks. It will take me like a week to complete one of those things. 1000 points seems so far away now.
  6. Thanks. Do you get points for each project or for each of the 400 separate WU's that make up the project?
  7. How long will it take for my points to show up after I earn the WU's? Also do I get credit for each project or each of the 400 WU's? Also when I try to close the commandline version it says to use the programs quit function. I can't find it so is it okay to just close it with windows?
  8. So once i have the assignment i don't have to be connected? Can I earn the Wu's while offline and then have them submitted once I sign back on?
  9. Do I have to be connected to the internet to get Work Units?
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