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  1. yeah i got the nf7-s off newegg for 101.99 and it came with free shipping
  2. i just put in -advmethods and -forceasm on my intel box and i have gotten as low as 8 min, down from 13min. i was wondering what does -advmethods do?
  3. i recently downloaded the google toolbar and i have blocked 2 popups, but it has missed almost 20. anyone know why and if so how can i fix it? should i just uninstall and then reinstall?
  4. ha aol ha. oh and ha. i just got cable so bye aol!
  5. i do plan on buying a fan controller but not quite yet. waitin for my b-day
  6. i have a 420w made by turbolink. it came with my x alien case
  7. if taz clustered all his retro technology into one retro machine then he could probably get to that 3 ghz level that he wanted.
  8. well i would but mine didn't come with a manual. could i maybe go to the company's website to find out?
  9. good luck man. i hope your child lives a healthy life
  10. sounds like someone is challenging taz for his throne
  11. i looked at the fans and they say 12v dc. what part of the power supply do i need to look at to see how many i can put together?
  12. I just got my cable modem today and will be activating it soon. I was wondering what is a good router to get as i will soon have 2 computers. I am unsure if i need wireless but probably will because i dont think the room that i will be moving my comps to has a cable line. So, should i get a wireless router and if so which one. also what is a good wireless pci card to go along with the router. any help would be appreciated.
  13. so if i set it up as a service but i am playing games i wont notice a drop in performane because the game gets whatever it needs and folding gets the leftovers? so am i correct in thinking that only folding will run slower?
  14. i would think that the 9600XT would be fine for games like half life. the one from ati comes with a voucher that lets you get half life free.
  15. i don't see why all you guys are complaining about making it to the big game and not winning. out in buffalo we feel alot worse than you do. we went to four straight super bowls and lost all of them No not WIDE RIGHT!
  16. where can i add the tags if im not using it as a service. i dont want to run it as a service on my new comp because i am going to use that for playing games and dont want to slow performance.
  17. where do you look on the processor to see if it is pre week 39?
  18. well, i am getting hit with a lot of homework this week, and i probably won't have any time to put my new system together this week. i may have time this weekend, but have a research paper due on thursday. this is a tremendous blow to me as it severely cuts into my folding potential.
  19. i am gonna write about that. but i need a thesis, you know what i am going to try to prove with the research paper.
  20. i would go with the superalien. i have the lower priced x alien and i love it. it has plenty of room and is very easy to install everytnig.
  21. I really need a thesis for a research paper on hazing. It has to be 11 pages and my stupid teacher said we need half of it printed up by tommorrow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Well that play was bad, but the game shouldn't have went to overtime. the defense should've been able to stop them on 4th on 26. I am equally angry and now am rooting for the colts. But, I can't wait till draft day... GO BILLS!
  23. My case fans have 2 connectors coming off them. One with plugs and the other with four holes. My question is where do i connect the fans because i don't see anywhere to plug them on my motherboard and don't have enough connections on my power supply to do all of them individually. Should i connect two fans together and then to the power supply. If it helps any i have 6 fans. 2 in front, 2 in rear, 1 on side, 1 on top.
  24. good for you. im getting cable soon, just gotta wait for my modem to get here.
  25. CheeseMan42


    in the past i have just left a note on my monitor saying that i was defragging my hard drive. i dont know about your parents, but mine have no clue when it comes to computers so it worked out well.
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