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  1. I got the Radeon 9600XT for Christmas (goodbye nVidia TNT2 ) and with it i get half life 2, and i recently discovered that i also get half life, counter strike and other games from valve. I was wondering if it would be best to download everything from steam or to get them on disc?
  2. im also in. just wish this would've been put up a week or two ago. i did an 11 page research paper. i would've had over 15000 keystrokes
  3. yeah i always got tinkers. but the other day i got a gromacs which i will finish today. i hope i get another one, so i could finish it this weekend.
  4. it takes me almost that much time to do a gromacs frame with flags on my p4
  5. i had got it down to about 8 min per frame with the occ installer. before that it was about 12. but, it didn't come without trouble as my two wus got messed up and i earned no points.
  6. i was just wondering if anyone had seen a difference in speed between the two cores? i am bringing this up because yesterday i was doing about 8min per frame on tinker (with flags). before the flags i was doing about 12-13min per frame. now i have gromacs and am doing about 12 with flags. anyone seen this or know why this happened?
  7. hoorah! ... i just wish i was folding faster. i put in flags and am folding at same speed as i was before
  8. what is the difference in colors and how do you get them. oh if its good then congrats.
  9. arg! it happened again i dont know what the problem but i think it may have had something to do with the occ installer or adding the -forceasm flag
  10. i know that but none of the cables coming from the front of my case have 9 plugs. i think they only have 4
  11. CheeseMan42


    yeah i feel sorry for me too
  12. i have two usb connectors on my case and would like to connect them to my nf7-s. i have looked in the manual and have no idea where to connect them. anyone know where they go?
  13. about how much space is required to install windows xp home/pro
  14. to those people that need ram you should look in the office max paper on the weekend. i got my 256mb pc2100 kingston for 9.99 each after rebates. i know some people dont like to bother with rebates but i like em. officemax also gives stuff out for free after rebates, but it usually isn't that expensive. at christmas, however, i saw a cd burner, jump drive, leather chair, ram, cds. so it may be worthwhile for you to check out.
  15. Hoorah! ...crap folding error, could've had a wu done in a couple more hours, now have to wait at least 24 hours.
  16. just wondering, what is the point of partitioning?
  17. does anyone know why i didn't download the v4 when i used the occ installer? can i update to the v4 with the installer and if so where do i put it?
  18. i went to sleep yesterday thinking that folding would be almost done when i got up. i came down and saw that it started over. i went to check for what happened and it said client core communications error. i was at 248/400 and with the frames that were done after this happened i would've had 306/400. anyone ever have this happen to them? i didn't oc so i don't know what the problem is. also i used the occ installer and it says i have the version 2.47 core, shouldn't i have dled the 4.0?
  19. yeah well you all better watch out for me. with my newly added flags i have almost doubled my p4s production. just wait till i get my amd up....
  20. i just want to know what the difference between a router and access point
  21. i know and understand this. my machines at home would never turn in an incomplete, i am just refering to the ones i do at school where the computers are slow and i could never make a deadline. i just turn it on because i am bored.
  22. no i havent i guess i could try. also it seems that every time i turn on the computer the wu has started over. also do you get partial points in case you don't have the whole wu done by deadline?
  23. i got a quick question. i fold at school when im at a computer and it goes real slow (one frame per class unless i use the new ht p4s but that doesn't usually happen). so anyway, is there anyway that i can work on em at school and then bring em home to finish? also, is there any way to like put a wu on a disk when it has like 1 frame left? i gotta get to my aunt's house, im not sure what kind of processor it has but every little bit helps right
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