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  1. yeah i checked it earlier. tommorrow i will probably check everything after my exams. stupid new york state regents
  2. i am trying to assemble my comp and i keep getting weird beeping noises. at first it was long beeps, so i rechecked the ram. then it was lots of short beeps, so i rechecked the ram again. then it went back to the long beeps. any idea what is wrong? i don't know so i kinda gave up for now. i know that if i kept going and was always hearing the beeps i would get and probably break something
  3. well it cant be the hard drive because i dont have that in yet. and pn1 and pn2 are the hdd led, power led, power switch, speaker, reset switch cables that you plug into your motherboard EDIT: now i am getting continuos short beeps which means that there is a problem with the power supply. any ideas?
  4. i was wondering which direction the lettering should face. ive been trying for the last 2 hours and all i get is long beeps and a blank monitor. i re inserted the video card and checked the ram. if anybody has pictures it would be very helpful.
  5. i think i got some on my table and then it got on to my case. so i was wondering if isopropyl alcohol will damage my aluminum case or my paint job?
  6. i really dont know how i lost it. they all go the same way though. im just not exactly sure what it says. i know it gives more points but when all that time is wasted then it isn't worth it. oh and i got a copy of windows xp so i should have the athlon up and hopefully folding tommorrow. i am tired
  7. yes its true i now officially HATE tinkers .i lost my third one today. it was at 309/400 and was a 70 pointer. huzzah for gromacs!
  8. because i didn't have much money and they were 9.99 each after rebates.
  9. CheeseMan42

    Bf1942 Mods

    where could i find these mods?
  10. huzzah i am stupid . i got my case/mobo problem fixed (there really wasn't any problem ) and i should hopefully have my xp up this week if i can get windows xp. should break 500 points sometime tommorow.
  11. no i dont think that is the problem. all the slots are off by a lot. and even if the slots lined up then the i/o connectors wouldn't line up. EDIT: well i feel kinda stupid. with another try i got my video card in. i am so happy and yet kinda mad because i could've had it done yesterday. well, perhaps i was just too tired yesterday and couldn't concentrate hard enough. but thanks to asus for his advice to finagle with the mobo.
  12. well i may not have that system up any time soon. i ran into a big problem. so it will be a while
  13. yes that is my mobo and case. i dont see how i could do anything to get both the slots and the ios to fit. it just doesn't seem possible. there is too much of a size difference
  14. i checked the studs and there are none lower than it. another thing i noticed is that if the slots are lined up correctly, then the i/o s won't be. ahhh. i would post a pic but i do not have a digital camera. im really hoping that the motherboard is the problem here because it would cost a lot more to ship a case back to newegg.
  15. yeah i actually have put it in and i can clearly see that it is off. im gonna try again in a little bit. i just had no idea of what to do.
  16. alright, im putting comp together and i get to installing the video card. at this point i notice that the agp and pci slots on my motherboard don't match up with the openings on my case. what the heck am i supposed to do? please help me! i have an aspire x-alien case and abit nf7-s if that helps at all.
  17. well i will finally have my other system up within a week (hopefully). it will hopefully double my output. also, i have worked out a deal with my mom where she lets me keep it on 24 hours a couple days a week. also i will be home from school most of this week giving me about 8 extra hours per day. oh and this is my 100th post. huzzah!
  18. im not really sure. i didn't check the website i saw it in the paper. i looked at the web site, and they dont have it on there. i guess its only available at the store.
  19. just wanted to let you know that at office max they have a WD 80 gig 7200rpm 8mb cache for 19.99 after rebates. this seems to me like a pretty good deal.
  20. well thats a relief. i didn't want to have to clean the cpu as well. well i guess this isn't so bad considering that i am still trying to get windows xp so my computer wouldn't be running for a while anyway
  21. yeah well im doin a tinker as well. after i finish it i will be past 500 points. woohoo!
  22. i was going to put together my computer today and i take out the hsf and notice that there is some grey stuff on it. now i wanted to put some as5 on it, so i found that i need something like 99% isopropyl alcohol to clean it and wouldn't ya know that i have none . i now have to wait till tomorrow to go and get some . also what color is the die on the amd's supposed to be? is there supposed to be letters viewable on it? i dont know why but i have a bad feeling that there may be some paste on it too. i just needed to let that out.
  23. after i finished my wu last night it must have taken 15+ tries before i got i new one. i walked away after 12 tries.
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