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  1. man i really hope to have my other comp up by tommorrow. other than wanting it to fold, i have had a copy of battelfield 1942 staring me in the face since LAST christmas. i also want to get at CoD, Halo, and KOTOR.
  2. some of us need more computers... well maybe some of us just want more computers. im hopin that office max will offer a free emachine or something.
  3. p257_NpN = 104.83pts 100 frame gromacs thats the highest i saw on stanfords site.
  4. that happened to me the other day. 98/100 as well and many other times with those darn tinkers
  5. CheeseMan42


    folding has nothing to do with overclocking
  6. i wish there was a fry's nearby. but then i would also need more money. and then i would have to convince my mom to let me have another comp.
  7. i was wondering if i need special software. could i use any old burning program or do i need a special one? should i get nero? and if so what version.
  8. argg i want my win xp so i can get other comp folding
  9. i would get either the x alien or x superalien from aspire but i may be a little biased
  10. well i tried to put me on but i got a message that it can only be installed on a gateway comp. stupid gateway err emachins err ahh my head . well i guess i have no choice but to get xp.
  11. so your saying that if i upgrade from me to xp i would have to reinstall everything? i know that me is crap but i have to make due until i can get my hands on xp. i cant stand to see my comp sitting there doing nothing... it hurts me deep inside.
  12. i know that hl2 is being pushed back to make it better and i can accept that. but remember the difference between hl2 and doom 3 is that id never said when it was coming out when they didn't know.
  13. i was wondering if i install my os on a separate partition and later want to upgrade or have to re install it i only have to format that partition and my other partition will be fine? i need to know because i cant wait to get xp because my comp has just been sitting there not able to fold . any help would be appreciated.
  14. man i am really pissed about this. i got a 9600XT and thought WOW! i get a free game too. well at least there is some positive as i also get the original hl and a few other games free.
  15. ronin is never around so i gave him the boot for the fourth week in a row
  16. does anyone know how i could set up folding on school comps if i have to log in every time? i mean the computers dont stay logged on and i think we have all our hard drive space on a central server. any idea how i could set it up if i could even set it up?
  17. i wish i could have as many systems as you. or at least run mine 24/7. i want more points
  18. crap! i was at 98/100 and my comp froze and i lost the wu. i am so pissed!
  19. and im just waitin for the draft. go bills! i hope they make a trade and get a better pick
  20. i was wondering what the best way to clean a cd that is scratched up. i would really appreciate this as my win xp disc is scratched
  21. ive actually turned in one per day for the last 3 or 4 days. new record . it usually takes about 3 days for each. and im gonna turn in another tonight.
  22. there are some 100 frame tinkers but they are only worth like 9 points. im not sure which ones but they are the first couple on stanfords list.
  23. well i just got p4 @ 1.4 athlon 2500+ @ stock i run the p4 whenever i am home and will do the same with the athlon when i get it running. sometimes the p4 is left on overnight but usually isn't because mom is afraid of high electric bills.
  24. well your both in trouble because im gonna have the athlon up soon. all i need is an os.
  25. congrats. i should hit 500 by the end of the day
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