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    intel i7 920 no overclocking.
    6gb ddr3 kingston ram.
    gigabyte UD4P Mobo.
    500gb western digital harddrive.
    ATI Radeon 4890HD 1GB DDR5 Memory.
    Apevia Telstar jr. red/blac case.

    Samsung syncmaster t220 1680x1050 2ms.
  1. Sorry what do you mean? Anyways i installed the fan using a little mod i made to the object stabalizing the case. Now i just need to cut some holes in the top of the case, for the air to pass through. I can't figure out whatever to drill one big hole and then maybe buy a premade fan grill? Or drill a lot of tiny holes myself? The last part is ofcause both cheapest and easier, but i'm afraid the the fan will generate lots of noise?
  2. Thansk a lot. Unfortuantely there is no way i can fit that thing With the fan installed the gap will be around 3 cm. To make matters worse i just figured out, that i cannot attach the fan to the case-cover cause the cover have to slide onto the actually case and then the fan encounters the side of the case. The only way i can actually attach the fan is by attaching it to the unit holding the harddrive. I'll try to figure out what todo when the fan arrives, for now thank you everyone
  3. Thanks a lot. I just bought a 80mm fan for the top of the case right above the APU, but i have stupid question I don't know whatever the fan should blow air into the case or out of the case? The red area is where my current 80mm if blowing air out of the the case. The blue spot if where my new 80mm will be placed. I'm able to turn the current fan around, if you think it will generate a better airflow? direct link to picture http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/807/fansf.jpg/
  4. Hmm, probably worth looking into. Can i find some sort of template for making the holes? And BTW being a complete noob working with tools i have to ask, can i use an Electric screwdriver to make the holes?
  5. Hmm not a easy mod in my case I thinks it's easier just to buy another cooler, but thanks anyway
  6. Sounds like a solution, got any pictures?
  7. @Dan the Gamer Well the Heatzink came preinstalled onto the APU. @tacohunter52 The HTPC stands right next to my tv, so a silent system i really appreciated and as i said the APU-fan is a bit noisy Maybe somebody can recommend another APU-cooler?
  8. I'm running an e-350 in my HTPC, but i can't tell whatever it's too hot or not. My case is an Antec ISK 310-150 with a 80mm side fan with a 3-speed fan controller. The motherboard is a GA-E350N-USB3 from Gigabyte with a very small and maybe a bit noisy CPU-fan running at 4000RPM. I tried to disconnect the CPU-fan and keep the side fan at the lowest speed, but i get temps at around 70c in EasyTune and 90c in CoreTemp. Then i disconnected the side fan, but kept the CPU-fan running and got only around 5c less. In either case i think the temps get a bit high, but i can't decide whatever it is too high or not? So i thought, maybe some of you have similar system and want to share their colling setup? thanks a lot.
  9. nugga

    Simple HTPC

    Looks good thank you Definitely worth considering.
  10. nugga

    Simple HTPC

    Thanks a lot i really appreciate all the help i can get When you say 600 i guess you are talking about us dollars? In that case, it's way above my budget. In fact i never really considered buying a TV-tuner i just wanted price
  11. nugga

    Simple HTPC

    It's going to run Windows, but don't worry about the software i'll figure out what to use myself
  12. nugga

    Simple HTPC

    I'm using a Noctua CPU-cooler in my Desktop and i really like it a lot, it's a little exspensive though, but do i really need 4 fans? And i would very much appreciate if you could recommend a fan setup for me. BTW what will a tv-tuner, which can record television while i'm watching something else, cost?
  13. nugga

    Simple HTPC

    Sorry for triple post. Mobile interface didn't work too well for me
  14. nugga

    Simple HTPC

    Thanks a lot, looks much better than I expected. Can you recommended some fans maybe? And what about power usage when the computer is idle?
  15. nugga

    Simple HTPC

    Thanks a lot, looks much better than I expected. Can you recommended some fans maybe? And what about power usage when the computer is idle?
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