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  1. I dont like water cooling...leaked all over once...so now im exploring a new idea My room is hot when I am running games on my phenom II x4 945 and radeon 4890 Its kinda unbearable...So to cool these down im installing a ducting system! I decided to go with 3 inch dryer duct.What I am going to do is attach the duct to all the outtakes on my case and tie it into one central duct...Then have the main central duct carry the heat over to the window(there will be splits in the duct, where fans will be installed along the way to help carry the hot air to the end)where it will be attached to 2 200mm exhaust fans which i mounted to cardboard so I dont loose any cool a/c air and they will carry all that nasty heat out my window. Basically it goes like this HOT outtake air>2x rear exhaust fans 2x rear exhaust fans >duct power supply fan>80mm fan>duct Then those two small sections of ducting will splice into my main one which will head out to the window then ultimately expelling the hot air outside my room thus cooling my house! two 80mm fans will accelerate the air more down the ducting before the 2x 200mm fans Ill post pics as soon as I get it completed which will most likely be tommorow..and ill let you know my temps... Edit..forgot to duct the outtake on the radeon...ill do it just like the exhaust and ps
  2. Yea...what are you going to use it for first of all? Thats what matters the most, as if its for gaming then you need a big and fast gfx card...and a nice cpu...but it dont have to be the best....if its for business then cpu more than gfx depending on the size of the monitor...If for media use then nice cpu and medium gfx card Just a lot of things
  3. Lol'd for sure...what a total noob....3 cores one disabled...duh....one core was bad....or might be....so they disabled....what total sacks of noob....
  4. Hell yea....it all came out to 890$ total and I got 150$ of mail in rebates to send in....so...yea...it was dirt cheap...I cant wait for it to arive...ima put it together the second it does
  5. I just oredered my build off newegg msi 790-gx-g65 am3 phenom II x4 945 am3 3.0ghz radeon 4890 1gb asus 24' 2ms lcd( a lot better than the 27.5 inch hanns-g)and 100$ cheaper! corsair 650-tx gskill 4gb kit 1333 mhz ddr3 7-7-7-18 timings Im using my generic case since the side of a new one would be blocked due to being on the floor and i decided just to keep my 250 gb and not order a new one since it has enough space for me! I already have a nice 20x sata burner to use too! and a sound blaster audigy 4 to use as well What you guys think...I think its gonna scream fire!
  6. Sweet..I usually play things like dead space,mass effect,wow,...etc the top titles... Im getting this setup phenom II x4 945 3.0ghz(gonna oc it to 3.8ghz) radeon 4890 1gb msi 790gx am3 6gb ddr3 ocz 1600 hanns-g 27.5 inch 1920x1200(beautiful looking) corsair tx-650w psu 1tb hitatchi hdd all for 1023$ ..a nice upgrade price here for me Im gonna keep my generic case and use my dvdrw/cdrw drive since it works fine and use my existing 250gb hdd for backups im running a cheap celeron 430 oced to 2.6 ghz and 3gb ddr2 and a geforce 6800 so this is going to be huge for me
  7. Heres my setup I am ordering soon here phenom 945 3.0ghz socket am3 6gb ddr3 1333 mhz(ddr3 1600 but limited due to amd) radeon 4890 1gb How long do you think that card will max out in games for? I can add a second later if needed I got a 28 inch @ 1920x1200 If it could do it for a solid year then it would be a great investment!
  8. Lol I mean it just died....stopped working...tried everything...is now in trash!
  9. Dam...my usb kb just died....now i have to get a new one of them too
  10. Oh i definately will be enjoying it:D....Ima go crazy gaming for a solid week on it
  11. yea...i got a 90$ discount if I go with the am3 and the 945 and radeon 4890 all together those are 373.99 with all my discounts...now thats pretty cheap and its the newest stuff thus I chose it
  12. Hell yea..mass effect was like a movie...Its so smooth and really pulls you in.I played for a solid week till I beat it, now I cant wait to play again.
  13. Yea for sure.People said its a great monitor and its worth it to me because its 28 inch and has a 1920x1200(I dont want any higher than that) I cant wait to see how dead space and mass effect and prototype look on it.Ill probally have to borrow my moms cam and record a vid to show it off on yt.(I feel bad for the delivery guy having to bring all this stuffs lol) its like 100 pounds of computer crap:D I was thinking of going core i7 but the price>performance ratio is just bull crap! All the mobos are too expensive too.Win7 is going to fly on this I think! Looks like ill be maxing out in every game at 1920x1200 with 4x aa/af at least with this 4890.Pretty beast.I cant wait for the 1ghz 5870( I think its going to be the best card out there and is going to blow ncrappia out of the water.U know what nvidia should partner with intel Crap performance<price ratio for them both
  14. Im kinda trying to future proof a little.I want to upgrade as easy as possible so thats why i chose ddr3 and am3.Im going to sell the 4890 once the 5870 comes out.Nice ram, I switched to that set, as i didnt see it.Ill switch out the psu as well. Hows the monitor look:D Huge! teh biggest I ever had was 20 inch so this is going to be a monster! im hoping they come out with 8 core cpus for am3, now that would be beast
  15. I am building a new system from the ground up for under 1000$ Im keeping my hdd,dvdrw Monitor: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16824254026 I like it because its huge and good for gaming and easy to read Case: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811156062 I really love the price and it has a 500 watt psu and it looks amazing Think I should get more than 4gb of memory? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820231193 The heart of the system http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDet...st=Combo.216170 Motherboard cpu and video What you guys think of this build? I think its pretty beast and the 4890 is pretty good I want it to be able to play games good for two years at least with only video card/psu updates and the mobo has crossfire so I dont think I will have much performance issues
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