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  1. thats a nice rig but u should go for the x4 940 its anytime better than the 945 and try goin to ddr2 cause i used ddr3 and trust me i returned back because theres no help from it at all the rest of the rig does scream gl
  2. The msi x58 is a nice choice if u have a tight budget Asus has better options if money is not a con
  3. i had a seprate vgs chip provided by asus which has to be inserted into the unused pcie so that the other can run at 16x i suggest u find out about that chip its very simple u just have to keep it into the the 2nd pcie so that the first one is at 16x if it is out then both run at 8x
  4. those temps are without overclocking but the cpu hasent crossed 55 c ever also if i set the cpu fan to a higher speed abt 6000 rpm the temps go down to 52-53 but will the fan sustain those speeds?
  5. srry abt that i was askin because as soon as i have more cash ill surely spend some on the cooling but it was for now that i needed to know if these temps were safe or not thnks a lot
  6. i have stock cooling on all components i am plannin to add extra fans to the case 2 90 mm but i dont know if that will affect cpu temp or not if needed which cpu cooler should i go for cause i have a modest budget of 50-70 $
  7. sid1211

    hello evryone

    thnks a lot really appriciate it i also have a small doubt about my tempratures i have stock cooling on all components and my case only has one 90 mm fan at thye rear diverting out the heat my temp are idle mobo 49- 51 c cpu 47-48 c load mobo 60-61 c cpu 54-55 c just want to know if there is something to worry ill invest more in cooling as soon as cash comes till then is this ok?
  8. i have to agree i have the western digital drive too but im not sure its the passport or not its a 500 gb hdd and belive me its all u want it has been used as a media transfer tool for some 4 months now and nevr dissapointed once
  9. sid1211

    hello evryone

    thnks i was realy getting impatitent there waitin for someone to reply neways whats bad abt the 8 gb i dont have the smallest clue???
  10. in desprate need of help i have spent my 1 yrs saved money on this pc just dont want it to be spoiled due to heat pls help pls
  11. sid1211

    hello evryone

    AMD phenom 2 x4 @ 3.0 ghz ,asus m4a78e ,8 gb kingston ddr2 800,MSI HD 4850 1 gb oc edition, crosair 650 watt ps, 1 terabyte WD i ball workhorse full tower, 22 inch lg lcd srry i thought the pc specs would come under my post on their ownn after all i am a noob
  12. sid1211

    hello evryone

    hey people im quite new to the pc gaming world just sold my ps2 and built my first pc please tell me how do u think it is considering it is for 1060 $
  13. TH temps are idle mobo 49- 51 c cpu 47-48 c load mobo 60-61 c cpu 54-55 c
  14. I built my first pc just recently my asus m4a78e motherboard and phenom 2 x4 940 are showing temp wich i think are high i will be glad if someone could tell me if they are dangerous or or reduce performance????
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