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  1. I changed my mind, I probobly will go for the AD700 headset, and currently I also have the Logitech X-540 speakers. Will the Asus Xonar DX improve my sound quality and performance?
  2. Hi, I am planning to upgrade my case (Antec 300) to a better midi tower/full tower case, up to 125$. I want it to be cool, and quiet, since I'm gonna do some OC'ing (My Q6600 to 3.6GHz). Consider that I will be using the Thermalright True Black 120 CPU cooler with 2 scythe s-flex 1200RPM on a push-pull config, so please insure that it won't block the airflow inside the case. I am seriously considering the lancool (lian li's gaming devision) PC-K62 case. It's absolutely a Phenomenal case. Here's the link: www.lancoolpc.com/flashpage/k62 It has a very long list of nice features: It's ALL tool-less, rubber on each hardware spot to prevent vibrations, an excellent build quality, etc'. The only downside: It's not too cool.. 1 front 120mm fan, 1 rear 120mm, and 2 140mm's at the top.. Will the temperature let me overclock to 3.6GHz (with about 1.54V and with the V drops about 1.43V) ? Note that where I live its about 30-34 degrees celsius in the summer and 18-24 at the winter, which is pretty hot. More suggestions will do Edit: My limit has changed from 125$ to 300$.
  3. Hi, I want to buy a sound card up to 160 USD. My purpose is for gaming and for music. I will probobly buy the Razer Carchasis headset, or the Razer Megaledon headset (if I buy the Megaledon then I will have to buy a 90$ sound card with it instead of a 160$). What whould be better: The Carchasis with a 160$ sound card, or the Megaledon with a 90$ sound card? The Megaledon has a USB connection and the Carchasis has standard mic & headphone jacks, if that matters.
  4. Hi, I was pretty sure that I'm going to buy the ATCS 840, until I saw the Lian Li PC-P80 case.. Well, it (PC-P80) intakes more cool air inside it (3X140mm vs 1X230mm, the 140mm's will likely win), but less exhast fans (1X140mm at the top and 1X120mm at the rear vs 2X230mm at the top and 1X120mm at the rear). It's quieter, and it has a fan speed controller. It has a support bar in the middle to support the video cards. The 2 downsides to the case is that it doesn't have a hole in the motherborad tray to install the CPU cooler's backplate, and the power supply gets installed at the top. The purpose of the case it to overclock my current system to the limits based on air cooling. Specs: CPU: Q6600 (looking forward to a 3.6GHz OC wich is my RAM and mobo limit). CPU cooling: Thermalright True Black with 2 scythe s flex 1200RPM installed with a push-pull config. Mobo: EP43-DS3L. RAM: SuperTalent 4 gigs 800MHz CL5. Video card: Club3D HD4870 512MB OC Edition (looking forward to over-overclock it and try to push it to the very limit). Which case should I choose? I want it very cool, and very quiet.
  5. OK, so I think I whould buy the thermalright True Black with 2 fans, since it performs much like ultra-120 but is nicer.
  6. Hello everyone! I'm about to buy the IFX-14 cooler, and I have a few questions about it: 1) I've heard that it's base (the part which attaches to the CPU) isn't very smooth, is it true? If so, does it harm heat transportation? Or is it unfelt? 2) In Thermaltake's site I saw the specs of the IFX-14, and they claim that it could hold 2 fans.. on the other hand, I saw someone on youtube who installed 3 fans on it, and common sense tells me that I could put even 4 fans on it.. Am I right? If so, how can I do it? I mean.. Does it come with 4 clips, or it comes with 2 clips and I whould have to buy 2 more?
  7. It doesn't really matter if its 3.83, 3.80 or even 3.75.. The point is to buy a motherboard+memory combo that whould let me to pass that 400 FSB limit into an 420+ FSB limit..
  8. Hi everyone! I'm looking for an overclocking motherboard at a maximum of 170 USD. I need it to support RAID 5, and to be capeble of holding a 479X8 (3.83GHz) overclock for a Q6600. What will be better: A X48, or a P45 mobo?
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