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    Intel Q9550 OC to 3.6ghz (will be hitting 4.0 ghz or higher on a water system in the future)
    Gigabyte GA-EP-DS3L
    EVGA 8800 GTS 512
    4GB OCZ Reaper 800
    Zalman 9900 CPU heatsink
    Coolermaster HAF 932
    Ultra 500watt psu
    Sony DVD/RW drive
    UVlighting treatment
  1. And that was my point i was trying to get across to alot of people who were critisizing me on my temps. Linpack pushes your cpu to its apsolute max on temps and load so in order for a CPU to be put to that point is virtually impossible for which i do with it. Which is some video conversions and gaming. i converted a few 6gb videos over to avi format and my temps never went past 45c so whether the Zalman CNPS9500 is 100th place or not it works for my application. even without the extra cooling
  2. Me and the rest of my crew who build together have tested this on 5 seperate Q9550's, and the temps are on par with most of the builds, all but 2 have 932 cases. and 2 of all of us are on water cooling, my normal idle temps before the addition of the air vent were 30c max load temps on burn test hit 70-75 when i was overclocked to 4.3 but i was never stable. i never got stable till i hit 4.2 and my burn test temps were 65-70c but for the sake of better scores i downclocked to 4.0 i know its odd. This heat sink works fine. the Zalman 9500 comes with a mirror finish and im not about to lap the cpu for a few degrees. Last i checked no 1 cpu is the same as the next. one of my guys got a dud 9550 and couldnt get it to post past 3.5ghz and hes got about 10 years of cpu overclocking on me and me on 1 year. Lucky for him Microcenter allowed him to exchange it for another 9550 no questions asked.
  3. I was a bit concerned about that as well but according to my research as long as the dew point of the air inside of my house dew point= humidity then there should not be any concern of condensation forming. i left my tower run at idle all night last night and this morning there was lots of fog out and the realitive humidity was 75% inside the relative humidity was 40% i checked over my case throughly and never found one drop of moisture inside or outside. id say so far a success. this is day 6
  4. I have no idea why my temps on cores 2 and 3 are so much higher then 0 and 1 it was that way when i first got the cpu oh im defiantly gonna paint it or get my cousin at his machine shop to make one out of steel or aluminum. hell the wife is prolly gonna make me take it down anyways cause yes it is very ghetto but its a mock up just to see how well it performs Im thinking of taking a section of the window out and adding it there as a fixed attachment. but i dunno cause theres so many things ive got going on in my head that i wanna do. but i know for one thing my temps are lower then my buddies is and hes running a Swiftech Rad with an Apogee GTX water block. We have the same case, cpu, and mobo but his is water cooled.
  5. Hi all this is probably my first real post since i came here. i made a couple asking for recommendations for ocing a Q6600 then i happened to come across a good deal on a Q9550. Done my homework and managed to get it overclocked to 4.0ghz stable on 5 trips of intel burn test. Well i was worried about my temps on burn test since i was getting close to 80c with my current setup. Youll see links to picks in my sig as well as my listed hardware. Since i was worried on my temps i decided to find a way to get better/more cooling without spending the money to do so. So i took my HSF off and took the Roswell Thermal paste off and applied a very thin coat of Artic Silver 5. My temps did drop a few degrees but were still in the high 70's. So i sat there thinking if i could get my ambient room temp down more maybe my overall Burn test temps would drop some. So i set out in my endeavor. And the total cost was 0 dollars. I managed to drop my temps from 80c on a 5 trip burn test to 70c and dropped my idle temps from 35c to 21c. i have been running this current cooling solution for 5 days now and yesterday it got up to 97degrees outside and had high humidity. My set up never formed any condensation at even one time. Yeah it looks like hell but it works and so far hasnt shown any ill effects but im monitoring my case and gear inside for anything out of the ordinary. The below links are pics of each temp and the actual set up. My burn in temps with ambient room temp of 75F and CNPS9500LED HSF My idle temps with my new cooling solution My new cooling solution with 5 trips on Intel Burn Test My actual Air duct to my HAF side fan It is slighty higher then the video card to push the majority of air onto my cpu bu tit also dropped my gtx260 temps from 40c idle to 30c Post if you wanna make a comment of what ramifications i could see down the road with this set up as it is. Give me pointers if you see something i could do different. If you like comment on my overclock of the 9550 at 4.0ghz i managed to get my voltages to 1.31vcore. my 3dMark Vantage score with Physix enabled My 3d Mark Vantage score Phisix disabled since Futuremark hasnt approved any of the GTX2XX series card drivers for use to upload to their site i use 3dMark 06 for my scores My max stable clock of 4.2ghz REALLY high temps on burn test
  6. well those cooling "ribs" are heat sinks, they are used to pull heat off the north and south bridge and put those temps on as much surface area as possible and allow your system fan you disapate them off. but if your gonna overclock then please do your homework as i did. i did my overclocking homework on this forum for 2 weeks while i was having my system built. then once i got my system thats when i decided to overclock but only after i made sure my NON-STOCK heatsink and fan would beable to handle it. Seeing how all i see and hear is how stock heat sink and fans suck from the cpu manufacturers you should start off by replacing it. Second and foremost make sure you have enough airflow through your case, if you dont have enough airflow then your system will overheat and cause it to either crash or cause serious damage to all those expensive components you just went broke on purchasing. Third overclocking is supposed to be a journey to see how far you can push your expensive electronic gear to its limit and still be stable by not causing damage to it. My personal suggestion, look over some overclocking threads to get an idea what cpu performance you could possibly get by overclocking that new cpu you bought without frying it. and i cant stress enough read read read, and when your done reading read some more overclocking threads
  7. it would help to know what socket you are inquiring about but, all indications are they suck since the mounting plugs are cheap plastic and have a tendenacy to either break or just not want to seat right. if you are planning on overclocking i would seriously stay away from a stock heatsink and fan and go for a good aftermarket heatsink fan. i personally have a Zalman CNPS9500 Led HSF and it keeps my temps under controll plus its quiet
  8. i have a friend that has his i7 920 overclocked to 4.3ghz on air using a Coolermaster V10. only problem with that cooler is the size ITS HUGE but since hes using the HAF 932 case hes got plenty of room for it. His temps sset idle at 30c with load temps of 52c in 3dmark06 and 75c using intel burn test
  9. i would overclock everything just so you can brag to say your pc is higher performance then whoevers. i didnt need to overclock my Q9550 to play COD 4 on max settings but i did and im perfectly happy with it. I also overclocked my GTX260 core 216 to 696core clock. and as far as AA/AF i would leave those at 4 and if you oc you gpu youll notice a solid gain in benchmarks
  10. if your talking about the temp on the second pic that was my high temp on 3dmark, My highest temp at the 4.3ghz was REALLY high so high i wont even tell yall what it was since its really embarrassing, just know it was over 80c The final oc im at 4.0ghz at 65c is more to my liking since its sub 70c plus i didnt even have my AC running at the time and my ambient room temp was around 75F
  11. No sir not to be rude that is a CM 932 Haf case I have one myself and since there are only 2 cases that look like that with HAF stensiled on the side and only one of those cases has 7 drive bays. And to the original poster if you look at the Youtube video under the info pane there is a link to these forums with a HOW TO on how to do that particular mod
  12. one thing i kept reading and hearing is higher voltages result in higher temps, but voltage is what harms your cpu more then temps. I have no personal experiance with AMD cpus but i would imagine that IF that general statement is true then i would imagine there is an answer to your question
  13. Just because your mobo automatically sets the settings for you that doesnt mean you shouldnt put them in manual for you, Some mobos say auto when infact yes they are auto but the mobo bios will managed those settings based on cpu and hardware needs. to overclock to great clocks you should be on manual for most settings because even the slightest drop in those auto voltages can mean the difference in a success or total failure. but i will give you an idea on what a Q9550 will do here but please keep in mind i have a gigabyte EP45-UD3r mobo. not an Asus like yours and as others have said no 1 chip is EXACTLY alike. all mobo and cpus act differently on each clock its up to you to find that potential sweetspot with your rig. My suggestion since i made a post EXACTLY like yours 3 weeks ago. Do your homework first BEFORE you try to OVERCLOCK, not doing so could result in a catastrophic burn up on your chip mobo or both. The Q9550 doesnt need as much voltages as other processors but from my reading it is very sensitive to voltage changes as you can see on my post for my overclock. Personally i would do your homework first before you overclock past your current. Oh and btw your CPU voltage SHOULD NEVER BE SET TO AUTO when overclocking
  14. this is my max overclock of 4.3ghz on my Q9550 i was not able to pass Intel Burn test with this setting this is my current stable overclock of 4.2ghz where i could pass a 2 trip Intel burn test but my temps were really high, so i decided to just say screw it and downclock to 4.0ghz until i can get a water set up running and this is where i will run for now till i can get my water set up together, im feeling good on this run since my temps on Burn test never exceeded 65c I would like to OC to 4.3 and have that setup everyday all day stable but on my current air set up it doesnt seem possible and have a decent temp lemme know what you think im very open to criticism. So long as your not a jerk when making recommendations i do not know why my last screen shot shows on HWMonitor that i have a ATI 4800 gpu, i have never had ATI in any system but on the other 2 shots it shows my actual gpu is the GTX260 core 216 EVGA card
  15. thanks for your input but i purchased a few upgrades today and am currently in the process of putting it all together. check my other thread out theres a backstory there on why this come about. in addition yes i am new to the forums but ive been checking out the faqs here forover a week till 2am some days. sucks since my work day starts at 7am. lol but my other thread has all the final items im going to be installling over the weekend.once im finished and it all looks good ill post pics for everyone to see.
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