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  1. Hey guys, have another question for anyone who will give me an answer.


    I'm looking into purchasing a Sunbeam Overclocker's Kit, if anyone is not familiar with it, it's basically a 80mm round tube that goes from the top of the CPU heatsink, to a fan or port on the outside of the case. My plan is to place a Vantec Tornado 80mm fan at the case opening, and pipe in air via the tube to the CPU Heatsink. Would I be better of leaving the fan on the heatsink, and just mounting another fan on my case wall directly over that and skipping the sunbeam mod all together? Any ideas?

  2. Alrighty...I'm building another PC, and it will be used primarily for 3D animation and rendering, some 2D art, and some games. Most of the games I play are either 1st person shooters, or RTS games. I'm looking for a good GPU for under $150.00.


    I've done some looking around and I can get an Albatron GeForce4 Ti4800 w/ 128mb RAM for $138.00 shipping included (New)


    OR I can get a Sapphire Radeon 9600 Pro w/ 256mb RAM for $124.99 shipping included (New).


    I'm not looking for a top of the line card, just something to do some rendering on 3dsMax 4.2, as well as play StarTrek Armada 2.


    On my old PC, I had a PNY GF2 Ti w/ 64mb RAM, and 3dsMax handled anything, but StarTrek Armada 2 bogged down to about 10 fps when I had more than 20 ships on the screen.


    I only listed those two cards because they seem to be the most popular, but if anyone has any other recommendations for a good 3D and gaming card for under $150.00, please let me know!

  3. Got another question for everyone...


    I'm using a Biostar M7VIT Pro Motherboard, and I can't find any software that will detect my CPU temp correctly except one program. The program is AIDA, which identifies hardware and software, but it has one area under the motherboard category that gives you a CPU temp. This temp matches my Bios Health Status temp exactly, but if I try FanSpeed, or MBM, or some of the other more popular packages, they usually give me a negative number (-48c). One gives me 120c.


    Any suggestions on Freeware temp monitors that might actually work?


    BTW, WarpSpeeder doesn't work. Anyone who owns a newer Biostar will know what I'm talking about.

  4. Well, I've heard alot of people criticize the Thermaltake Volcano 7 (not the "Plus" model), but I don't have a single bad thing to say about it. It cools like a champ, and in my eyes its gargantuan! Something else I did to help with cooling is modify my power supply. I purchased an X-Case dual fan power supply, installed a better heatsink, and replaced both fans. I've found that power supply fans are made cheaply, and you can guy a $5.00 80mm case fan off the net that will perform much better, and it's a small matter of crimping or soldering. Took about ten minutes total. It really improves airflow, as well as I have a ton of wires inside the ppower supply, most of them are the actual power wires that power components. If you can wrap those or even use electrical tape, it'll help with air flow through the power supply.


    The last thing I did was to wrap all of my power wires inside the case. I used split-loom tubing, and then wrapped it with electrical tape (the high quality stuff). If you spend some time on it, you can make it look really nice even though you're only using split-loom and electrical tape. My next step was to make a large vent (hole) in the top of my power supply, and then I cut the top of my case for a 80mm exhaust fan on top of the power supply. I installed a 120mm fan in the front of the case (it comes with an 80mm, but has holes pre-drilled for a 120mm fan. Another 120mm fan resides at the top center of the case (with a hole and grill for for exhaust). And two more 80mm's in two other hard-to-describe spots, one intake and one exhaust.


    Anyway, I've rambled long enough.

  5. Hello everyone, I'm posting my CPU temps to see how they stack up against the norm.


    I posted a few days ago, asking about using dual fans on a CPU cooler. Since then I've completelly rebuilt my PC (just disassembled and reassembled), and I'm getting decent temps now.


    My CPU idle temperature is 36 degrees Celsius, and the load temp after running 3DMark2003 for twenty four hours straight with no break is 42 degrees Celsius.


    Personally I think those are wonderful temps, but what do you guys think?


    Below are my specs:


    AthlonXP 2100 Model 8 (Thoroughbred)

    Biostar M7VIT Pro MB w/ VIA KT-400 Chipset (just sent a Soyo Dragon Ultra KT-333 in for repair)

    1GB Kingston DDR333 RAM

    XFX GeForce 4 4600 Ti GPU

    Onboard Audio & LAN

    Two 80GB Western Digital 8mb Caviar Ultra ATA 100 HDD's

    Lite-On 52x32x52 CDRW

    Ahanix Platinum XP Case w/ 4 80mm fans & 2 120mm fans (And no, it does not sound like a vacuum cleaner)

  6. The Volcano I have is not a "Plus" series, but I think it will get the job done. I plan on using Artic Silver 3 as well. As far as a fan on the side of the heat sink, any thoughts there? I have several old fans from Pentium MMX processors (fairly small) that would easily attach to the side of the heatsink, but would that defeat the purpose?



  7. Hey everyone, this is my first post here, but I've been visiting the forum(s) for about a month now and I've found some very useful information. Now I have a question of my own.


    I haven't experimented with this yet, but I'd like to know if anyone else has, and if so, what were the results.


    I'm using a Thermaltake Volcano 7 (No +). I know it's not the best, but It was given to me about a week ago. Anyways, for anyone who is not familiar with it, the Heatsink is rather small (still larger than an oem AMD heatsync). And it uses an 80mm Fan.


    My question is: Has anyone ever tried stacking fans (placing one 80mm fan directly on top of another, firing in the same direction)? Would this increase airflow (I don't car about noise, I've worked in car audio for 8 years and am deaf anyway)?


    If anyone is wondering, I'll provide my current PC config for reference.


    AthlonXP 2100 Model 8 (Thoroughbred)

    Biostar M7VIT Pro MB w/ VIA KT-400 Chipset (just sent a Soyo Dragon Ultra KT-333 in for repair)

    1GB Kingston DDR333 RAM

    XFX GeForce 4 4600 Ti GPU

    Onboard Audio & LAN

    Two 80GB Western Digital 8mb Caviar Ultra ATA 100 HDD's

    Lite-On 52x32x52 CDRW

    Ahanix Platinum XP Case w/ 4 80mm fans & 2 120mm fans


    If you need anymore info than that, let me know.



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