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  1. Hey everyone, I've been looking at the new Koolance PC3-410BK case, which is a copy of a Chenming 602 series. I absolutely love the case because it has even more room than a Chieftec Dragon (Which is good for me!). The mobo tray seems a bit useless to me, but I like the rest. Anyhoo, I've heard than Koolance is ok for watercooling, but they're not super great, but I love the case, and I want to start with a basic kit in this case, without having to do any mods. Eventually I plan to mod it some by replacing the radiator, pump and fans, but for now I think it will satisfy me.


    My question is this: Am I totally wrong in my thinking? I can get this case through a friend for about $145 USD, and then about $30 for the CPU-300 Waterblock. Would this be a good deal? I'm mainly interested in the performance of the water cooling part, since I could easily buy the case for less.



  2. I boot Ghost from a floppy or CD too. I'm beginning to think it has more to do with my other two hard drives that aren't in a RAID array, they're just formatted NTFS. I can backup my RAID drive to CDR's just fine, but when I try to backup to one of the other Hard drives, I get some kind of dump error. I can't remember what the error says exactly, but I'll be running Ghost again tonight and I'll write it down.



  3. Already tried it. I believe the new drivers are the culprit, not the control center by itself. I removed the control center and .Net and left the new drivers/old control panel and it still wouldn't work. Can I use the Catalyst Control center with older drivers?


    EDIT: Ok, figured out the problem. My power supply. Apparently one 550 can't handle four 80 gig drivers, a DVD burner, CD burner, 9800 Pro, and an overclocked Athlon 2600 :-( Probably just defective. I went ahead and replaced it with 2 450 watt PS's. They were all my local shop had and I didn't have a spare to use, so I figured what the heck, I'll go with 900 watts :-P Anyways, the lady who owns the pc shop sells me stuff at their cost so they turned out to be around $50. And they're good quality units.


    Still it was weird how the pc would run fine with the old Radeon drivers, and then the Catalyst and new drivers would case the video card to drain the PS. Anyhoo, thanks for the help guys!

  4. Hey everyone,

    I have two Maxtor 80Gb ATA133 drives in a RAID stripping array, and I'm running out of Backup choices.


    I have Norton Ghost (latest version), and when I try to use it and save the backup file to my other harddrive, I get a dump error (can't remember exactly), but I can burn the backup files to CD's with no problem. My problem there is I'm doing a 25Gb backup and I don't feel like killing 25 CDR's everytime I backup.


    I really like Norton the best, but I can't get it to work, and Norton does not guarantee it with RAID :-/


    I've also tried Drive Image 2002, and Drive Image 7 with no luck. DI 2002 is so slow it's pathetic, and doesn't work half the time. DI 7 requires that MS .Net be installed, which gives me nothing but problems as well.


    I just got RestoreIt with my 9800 Pro and I tried it last night. It gets to "Copying data from C:" And it stays at 0%. It's still there now, and I started the backup at 1:00AM (It's 9:24 now).


    Does anyone have any suggestions for a decent backup program?



  5. Ohhhh! Excellent website! A thousand thankyou's InvaderTrax!!


    I have one other question...well, it's actually a problem.


    I installed my card, played some games and it performed fairly well. I was using the drivers that came on the CD, and then I decided to switch to the latest drivers and the Catalyst control panel. I had to install MS .Net, which I'm not to fond of, but everything went ok with it. But after I installed the latest drivers, Win2K would not load unless I ran in safe mode (It would freeze just after the desktop came up). I could revert to the old drivers, or use no drivers and it would work, but it wouldn't run normally with the newest drivers. Well, after several uninstalls and reinstalls thinking I had somehow screwed up the process the first time, now Win2k gets to the loading screen, and then says "the following file is missing or corrupt: winnt\system32\config\system"


    That's all I get. I'm in the process of restoring an HD image from a few days ago, so I'll be ok in 2 or 3 hours, but I don't want to go through this again. Anyone have any advice? I've heard that the newest drivers and the catalyst control panel are really worth the download, but if they keep causing this, I won't be able to use them.


    By the way, I had a GeForce 2 Ti previously installed, and I made sure I removed ALL of the drivers and files associated with it before installing my 9800Pro.


    Once again, any help would be great! Thanks a bunch!

  6. Hey everyone. I just got my hands on an MSI Radeon 9800 Pro w/ 128MB RAM. I'd really like to flash this card to 9800 XT specs, but MSI does not make a 9800XT to my knowledge. Does anyone know if it would be possible to use a generic ATI brand bios file or not? I've heard people on this forum talk about flashing a Radeon 128 to XT specs, but I'm coming up short on what bios files to use. I could overclock the card, but I'd rather try to make it into an XT :D


    Anyways, if anyone could help me out, I'd appreciate it.


    BTW, the memory is Samsung.




  7. OK, after checking around on some cooling kits, I'd like some opinions and advice. I'm relatively new to liquid cooling. I've seen several kits such as the Ahanix Iceberg and Thermaltake Aquarius 2 that are mediocre performers at best. My question is this: Can either of these kits be modified to increase cooling? Also, another kit I've run across that is different from anything else I've seen is the GlobalWin Silent Stream. Anyone used this before? It seems like as very simple solution to liquid cooling, but I'm wary of it because of the low price and the "all-in-one" unit. I've checked other kits such as the Swiftech kits and Koolance kits, but I haven't found many that will give me much lower temps than an SLK or MXC462 (or is it MCX462).


    Any advice would be appreciated.



  8. SAND EVERYTHING!!!! I cant stress that enough :-) You can use just about any type of spray paint as long as you sand all surfaces inside the case. It may sound tedious and time consuming, but hey, that's what modding is about :-P


    Anyways, I've learned the hard way about case painting. On most case insides, the paint will pool away from the surface edges, and that will look horrible. Sanding eliminates this.


    This is just from my own experience. If anyone else knows of a better/easier way, let me know!

  9. Hey guys, I'm curious to know what speeds some other Athlon 2100 owners have reached.


    I'm currently running @ 2241 MHz.


    Athlon 2100XP

    Abit NF7 nForce2 MB

    768 MB PC2700 Kingston RAM

    CaseMaxx 610 (Chieftec variant)


    Temps are: 37 idle, 44 stress


    My FSB is set to 166 MHz

    Multiplier is set to 13.5

    VCore is set to 1.75 Volts


    I thought that those were decent specs using an air cooled rig, but I'd like to know what everyone else has.


    I haven't tried much higher, but I think I can reach 2300 MHz with more tweaking :-)

  10. InvaderTrax, nothing personal, but I hate buying used stuff because of really bad experiences, but I do appreciate the offer :-) As for OC'ing, on my old system I just upped the FSB to 166 (Athlon 2100 TBred) and upped the CPU voltage, and did some RAM OC'ing...


    I've found a board I like....an Abit NF7. I can get one for about $60....anyone used on of those? I know that Abit is a good brand, but that's about it.

  11. No no no!!! Do what I do when I am bored and have a spare cell phone to kill (I repair & program cell phones). Take a 12 volt power supply (a variable shop power supply that will hit 17 volts is even better) and hook up a pair of wires to the positive and negative terminals. Now ground the motherboard to the ground wire, and rake the positive wire across the board. Fireworks! Just make sure the room is well ventilated, and you must have eye protection!

  12. I bought one with a KT-333 chipset, and after about a month, it stopped booting...everything powered up, but no video...tried multiple video cards, and then sent the board in for repair under warranty. They sent me a new board back (that's what they said), and this one wont even boot! When I turn it on, I get one long beep for about 4 or 5 seconds then the system shuts off. I've checked a re-checked EVERYTHING! So I'm kinda off with Soyo, but I just wanted to see what everyone else thinks....If they would actually work, they would be awesome boards for the money :P:bah::bah:

  13. OK, I can't find the board that has all of the features I want, except for one or two models that I don't want to mess with, so if any of your guys know of a board that meets the criteria I'm listing below, please post it here!!


    Via KT-400 or 600 Chipset

    Onboard Audio

    Onboard LAN

    3 DDR Slots


    4 or 5 PCI slots

    8x AGP of course

    Adjustable FSB

    Adjustable Processor clock multiplier

    Adjustable Processor Voltage

    Adjustable AGP Voltage

    Adjustable RAM voltage


    The only board I've found that hits this is a Soyo Dragon Ultra, but I'm not that huge on Soyo anyone after mine died.... The main thing I can't find is a new board that supports PATA Raid! All of the news only have SATA RAID and I have FOUR 80 gig PATA133 drives I don't want to have to sell yet :-P





  14. Anyone here played Blade of Darkness? It's been out a while, and I just picked it up at Eletronics Boutique for about $5. The graphics are good, but the best part is the lighting, which is mostly torch light. You get realistic flickering and a dark, scary mood. The combat mode is pretty cool too, it reminds me of the first Zelda game on the Nintendo N64 where you press a key to lock on to an opponent so you can sidestep and use your other keys to attack. I still haven't mastered the combos yet, but I think the game was well worth the $5 I paid for it (I know that doesn't say much). Anyone have an opinion?

  15. My house stays pretty dry year round (even thought I live in southern Mississippi), the humidity level is not very high in my house. This would pipe in air directly from outside of the case, instead of pulling air into the heatsink that's already in the case. I think I'm going to run the tube straight out of the CPU Heatsink to the case wall, cut a 80mm hole, and put a Vantec Tornado 80mm fan there with a grill. That should force a good bit of outside air directly onto the Heatsink. Do you guys think I should place the fan on the heatsink and then run the tube to the outside, or place the fan on the opposite end of the tube from the heatsink and processor. I hope it'll work. I'll let you know how it turns out.

  16. I have an Ahanix Platinum XP with the pre-installed Window, and I've done/am doing several things to spruce it up. I will post pics one day. The first order of business was to replace the front 80mm fan with a 120mm. The Platinum has the cool turbo fan button on the front case that runs all connected fans at 6 volts, but when you press the button, it bumps the voltage to the full 12 volts. Great for running your rig quielty when you don't need the vacuum cleaner sound. But enough about cooling (wrong forum), as far as modding goes, my first priority there was to Paint the inside of the case flat black. You can use spray paint, but I used an airbrush kit from a hobby store, cathode lighting looks cool when reflected off the surface. Paint EVERYTHING inside the case! Just make sure you take out the Mobo, fans, etc... This was done the day I received the case. Oh yea I painted the PSU as well. I bought some LED's from Superbrightleds.com and some resistors from Futurlec.com, and put Blue LED's on the front of my CD Burner and DVD Drive. The reason for this is because the case comes with CDROM covers, which have a clear thin window running length of the cover, I guess to let you see the drive LED in a dark room. Well, I put a pair of bright blue LED's behind that window, so you see blue now. I used a 3" hole saw and made exhaust holes for two 80mm fans on top of the case, and if you can get it right, you can actually get a 120mm fan in the exhaust fan position in the case (the front fan has holes there for a 120mm, but only comes with a 80mm, the back did not, so it takes some extra modding. I also got rid of the front and back metal fan grills and replaced them with chrome wire grills. I went with a green lighting theme inside the case with two green cathode tubes, and a Bio Hazard etched applique for the window. Also, my theme for the interior of the case is black, I wrapped all the wiring in black to match the painted case inside, and I have black round drive cables. I wrapped EVERYTHING, included all of the HD activity LED wires, and power and reset wires. I wanted to keep everything black because of the green lighting. Looks pretty slick. The Platinum XP case is open to some really awesme mods.


    Anyways, If you can't make any sense out of all that, maybe one day I'll post pictures.


    I forgot to put this in the first time I posted, I took apart the front Temperature LCD, and put a bright green LED behind it so the temp LCD screen glows green when the lights are off.

  17. Four 80mm Vantec Tornadoes (two exhuast @ top, two intake @ lower right side)

    Two 120mm Panasonic Hi-Flow Panaflows (one intake @ front, one exhaust @ rear)

    80mm no-name exhaust on PSU

    90mm no-name intake on PSU

    80mm no-name mounted inside case to blow up directly on memory.


    I know these don't count, but I figured I'd post'em anyways.


    80mm Vantec Tornado on CPU

    Four Hard Drive Coolers (a total of eight 40mm--I think-- fans)

    40mm that came with the GPU

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