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  1. I had hoped to avoid completely tearing it down again since it took a while to get things in there, but you gotta do what you gotta do... Thanks!
  2. Tried the replacing the video card. Checked to make sure it was seated correctly already. I know the monitor works because I'm using it on another PC to post right now :-) Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone, I'm almost finished building an HTPC out of an Antec Aria. Here are the specs: Chaintech Summit Mobo 7NIF2 (I think) 2x256 Kingston Value RAM PC3200 AthlonXP 2600 Barton PowerColor 9700 Pro 128MB Adaptec VideOh! PCI Card Zalman cooler for CPU WD 80Gig 7200 RPM 8mb ATA100 HD NEC ND3500-A DVDRW Anyways, my problem is this: I have everything assembled except the HD and DVDRW are not connected. I tried booting the system, and the first time it booted everything went fine, except I had no Keyboard, so it gave me a keyboard error. I connected a keyboard and reset the PC and no boot. I get no beeps, and no video. I've tried the onboard video port, and the 9700 Pro. I've also tried removing the 9700 Pro. I've tried resetting the CMOS (changed the jumper and removed the battery). I've double checked all of my connections and jumpers. I know there has to be something small I'm missing.....any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! -
  4. I have a 9800 Pro 128MB, Athlon 2600 OC'ed to 2.3GHz, 1 GB GEIL Golden Dragon RAM, and Far Cry runs like a champ. I can run 1280x1024 with 6x AA, and 16x AS with good frame rates (it looks very smooth to me). If I go to 1600x1200 it gets choppy at times. Great card to play FC on
  5. I've been following this thread and decided to do a little investigating... This is taken directly from HP's site: Processor A faster processor supports more efficient operations and applications performance You can choose one of the options below: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AMD Sempron 3000+ operating at 2.0GHz AMD Sempron processor 3000+ operating at 2.0GHz. Redefining everyday computing. The latest offering from AMD, the AMD Sempron processor comes loaded with many useful features that allow applications to run better, delivering an improved computing experience. It delivers maximum performance on the applications you use most. Get the productivity-enhancing performance you need for all of your everyday applications. Bring your favorite games and DVDs to life. Make applications work harder. Enjoy responsive performance on your software applications- including those that let you communicate with family and friends. Get more out of the Internet. Browse the Internet quickly and enjoy streaming audio and video that looks and sounds rich, full, and crystal clear. AMD Athlon XP 3100+ operating at 2.2GHz AMD Athlon XP3100+ FEATURES:--400MHz Front Side Bus and 512KB L2 Cache. BENEFITS:--Demanding applications require a processor that can keep pace-AMD Athlon XP processor-based systems deliver performance to help increase your productivity. The AMD Athlon XP processor offers results when working with digital media like audio, video, and image files. It also brings digital entertainment like games and DVDs to life with rich, smooth graphics and true to life sound. Tailored for Microsoft® Windows® XP. Featuring QuantiSpeed Architecture for Rapid Execution of Applications--Allows a system to boot and load applications quickly. AMD Athlon XP 3200+ operating at 2.2GHz AMD Athlon XP3200+ FEATURES:--400MHz Front Side Bus and 512KB L2 Cache. BENEFITS:--Demanding applications require a processor that can keep pace-AMD Athlon XP processor-based systems deliver performance to help increase your productivity. The AMD Athlon XP processor offers results when working with digital media like audio, video, and image files. It also brings digital entertainment like games and DVDs to life with rich, smooth graphics and true to life sound. Tailored for Microsoft® Windows® XP. Featuring QuantiSpeed Architecture for Rapid Execution of Applications--Allows a system to boot and load applications quickly. I called AMD's support line, and spoke with a Tech rep first, and he said that it is a definite possiblity that AMD could have manufactured a semi-custom chip for HP. He didn't really know anything for sure, but he said that AMD has done it before and is doing it now, but he didn't know for whom. Then I spoke with a Tech supervisor, and she told me the same thing. That she didn't know if AMD was manufacturing custom chips for HP, but she said it is a possiblity. I also asked her about HP's AthlonXP 3100 having the exact same specs as a 3200. She didn't have an answer to that except to say that it might be a mis-label, or maybe a mobile XP. Hope this helps.
  6. Hey everyone, I need some advice about building a PC for my Home Theatre. I've decided to go the cheap route since I have 3 other PC's in the house anyway. Here's what I have so far: I bought a cheap PowMax black mATX case w/ handle. Has one ext. 3.5" bay, and one int. And one stealth ext. 5-1/4" bay. Front audio, USB. ChainTech 7NIF2 SUMMIT NF2 Mobo - $55.00 PowerColor Radeon 9700 Pro - $90.00 (used) Athlon XP 2600 Barton (locked - currently in my gaming rig. Replacing it with a XP-M2600 to overclock) Adaptec VideOh! PCI card (already had this, gift from a friend, has S-Video, and Analog Video inputs, and stereo Analog Audio inputs) Wireless RF black keyboard with built it trackball From what I can tell, the Chaintech mobo has a header for a SPDIF output, but does not include the adapter/riser. Does anyone know where I could get one of these? I've tried Chaintech's site, and their authorized retailers, and nothing. Anyways, if I can find one of those, it'll negate the need for a separate sound card. If I can find one, I'd like to go with a Sound Blaster Audigy. Anyone have any advice as far as what else I could do? Or the best way to do things?
  7. Has this card been sold yet? If not, how much do you want for it? $80?
  8. I'm running at 2.3 GHz with a 2600 Barton (FSB @ 200 x 11.5) But I want more speed
  9. Hey everyone, I'm looking at buying an Athlon XP-M to overclock a bit. I've heard that the 2400 (35 Watt version) is the cream of the crop. But I've also heard that getting the faster versions give more headroom to overclock. I'm trying to decide between a 2400 35 Watt, and a 2600 45 Watt. They are within $2 of each other in price. I'd like to get the most performance for my two dollars Any help would be appreciated.
  10. nuther question: I've heard that overclocking can cause problems with SATA drives. I'm running my AthlonXP 2600 @ 200MHz FSB, and the multiplier hasn't been changed. Could this be causing some of my problem? I haven't experienced ANY data errors or any other problems, just the slow performance. I love this DFI board. I couldn't get the FSB on the Abit NF7 past 182, but the LanParty handles 200 no prob. When I get all the kinks worked out, I'll try to go further. In the mean time I'm going to reset the FSB and voltages to stock, and make sure I didn't miss installing any of the drivers for the mobo. BTW, the FrontX device is a good idea, but I'm not using because my case in black (even thought I have a door), and the Mobo only has ONE USB header and I'm runnning my cases front USB ports off it. I have a card reader I need to wire in, or find an adapter for, it goes in the floppy bay. Plus, the FrontX kinda looks dorky to me, just with the wasted space that a modular setup requires (the bezels around the ports/jacks)
  11. All drivers and Bios'es are 100% up to date. I'll have to look at the DFI Mobo CD again to see if I missed one of the 200 exe's you have to run to install drivers for everything It's aggravating though because when I was using a pair of Maxtors in a RAID 0 array, file transfers and CD/DVD burning didn't seem to slow the system down so much. It's a huge difference now. Thanks!
  12. To get Anti-Aliasing to look decent you have to run at 1200x1024 or higher IMO. Anything lower looks blah. Like Shadowfactor said, FC is a stout game. I've seen a few websites classify the game as a "system hog". But that was several months ago. I run an OC'ed 9800 Pro (438/386) on FC @ 1200x1024, all options set to Very High or Ultra High, AA @ 6x, and Anisotropic Filtering set to 8 I think. It handles fairly well until I get shot by one of the monsters with a rocket launcher built into his arm. The resulting explosion bogs my system down a bit. Keep the resolution up, but try turning a few of the graphics options down just a bit, like AA and AF. With those two off, the rocket explosions don't have as much effect on my framerates.
  13. If you go with DFI, spend the extra money and get the LanParty Ultra NF2 Revision B. It improves on an already good board.
  14. I'm using the two SATA cables that came with my DFI board. The IDE cables are the same ones I used from my old PC. I haven't made any firmware changes to the CD drives. As far as I know, DFI uses the generic nForce2 drivers. Bios is set to Auto (I don't think there is even a place to select HD mode). Thanks!
  15. Hey all, I just got my new setup up and running yesterday, but I've encountered a minor annoyance. When I'mk copying to/from a drive (HD or CD), windows bogs down. My mouse pointer even acts sluggish. This never happened with my old setup. I could burn two CD's or a CD and DVD at one time, plus copy something from one of the HD's to another, and never have much of a slow down, but now, copying from just one drive to another, whether it's HD's or CD/DVD Burner slows the PC down. Here is my old PC: Athlon2600XP Abit NF7 (not S) Silicon Image RAID 0 Array using 2 Maxtor ATA133 80GB 8mb 7200 RPM drives 2 WD 80GB 8mb 7200 RPM ATA133 drives (stand-alone, not in the RAID array) 1GB GEIL Value DDR400 RAM (512x2) NEC NH-3500A DVD Burner LG 52x32x52 CD Burner ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB Here is the new: Athlon 2600XP DFI LanParty NF2 Ultra Revision B Onboard SATA RAID 0 Array using 2 Seagate Barracuda 120GB 8mb 7200 RPM drives 2 WD 80GB 8mb 7200 RPM ATA133 drives 1GB GEIL Golden Dragon DDR400 RAM (521x2) Same CD Burner Same DVD Burner Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB My thinking tells me that my new PC should be able to handle file transfer and CD/DVD burner even better than my old PC, or atleast the same, but things just aren't so.... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  16. I just got a DFI LanParty NF2 Ultra B, and two Seagate Barracuda 120Gb drives (RAID 0), and I can't get setup to finish. Everything works just fine until Windows 2000 setup restarts the computer, then if I select "SCSI" from the boot menu in the bios, I get "Error Loading Operating System". I've tried disabling both IDE channels, retrying setup, and everything. It's almost like the mobo doesn't want o boot from the SATA drive. Any ideas? Thanks! EDIT: Never mind, found the problem. I updated the BIOS to the lastest version and it works perfectly now.
  17. I've had an X-Connect 500watt for a few months now and it seems to be working great. I run two DVD Burners, four hard drives, lotsa fans, and an overclocked 2600 off it and have had no problems. Actually, when a load is put on it, the rail voltage increases just a bit. Which is good IMO. I know everyone has had different experiences with them, but I'd recommend them !
  18. Hey everyone, I just received a PC3-410BK from Koolance, and I thought I'd post my thoughts. I wish Koolance used the aluminum version, because this thing weighs 40 pounds! Construction is VERY solid (like a brick). The motherboard tray is nice when you first assemble the system, but is completely useless when you're trying to remove it with a loaded PC, plus you have to remove all add-on cards (PCI, AGP). The HDD trays are a good idea, and work fairly well. You can use 5 HDD's with 1/2" of room between each drive, plus two external 3.5" drives. Because of the HDD rack, Koolance placed the reservoir and pumps up where the third fan used to go on top of the case, so now you only have two fans. In my opinion this makes filling the system easier since the water tank is on top now, but that's just me. I didn't expect alot from this setup as far as the cooling was concerned, so the small diameter of the tubing didn't surprise me, but both pumps are just tiny, as is the reservoir. Radiator is fair size, and could probably be replaced with a dual 120mm version fairly easily. My biggest complaint against this case is the weight. My aluminum Dragon fully loaded doesn't weigh nearly as much as this case unloaded. I suppose I'll get to really test out the PC Transpo that came with my new DFI mobo. I will post temps and OC results when I get a chance.
  19. For $2000, why not just get a pair of Seagate 400Gb Drives and External drive enclosures (USB2.0)? That would give you almost a TB, but would be cheaper
  20. I personally am not a huge fan of Doom, so it's not in my plans, I prefer games that are outside and offer a bit more freedom. I normally don't jump for new games, but Far Cry caught my attention, otherwise I normally play games that have been out for a few months. I upgraded to my 9800Pro about 3 months ago, from a GF2 Ti I like FPS games and some simulation games. Call of Duty and BF1942 are some of my fav's. But Far Cry has superceded them all
  21. I read an article from HardOCP comparing a 9800Pro against a 6600GT, and they said that in Far Cry they had to turn down detail settings and the res to 1024x768 to get playable framerates, and turn shadows off. I can play it with everything on at 1200x1024. Strange. I don't have an Athlon64 like they do, just a 2600XP.
  22. Okydoky, looks like I'll just have to re-drop the bomb on him Concerning Doom 3, If I get the ATI patch/update/whatever for D3, will it handle fairly well on my 9800Pro? Thanks!
  23. Hmm....looks like he may need to go with my original suggestion to him, Buy ATI You guys think it will help his performance if he ups his FSB? Or does Far Cry rely mostly on GPU power?
  24. Hey everyone, I wasn't surewhich forum to post this in (Video Cards or gaming) but since it involves Video Cards, I'll post it here. I have an MSI Radeon 9800 128MB Pro, Athlon 2600XP, Abit NF7, 1Gb GEIL RAM, 2 Maxtor 80 GB HD's in RAID 0. My friend has an MSI GeForce FX5900 256MB, Athlon 2600, MSI mobo, 768Mb Kingston RAM, 2 Seagate Barracuda 40 GB HD's in RAID 0. Here's my problem. We both bought Far Cry (Awesome game!) and It runs at 1200x1024x32 on my comp (non-oc'ed) with all eyecandy on with no problems. The only time I slow down is when I get shot with a rocket and the close proximity of the explosion causes the framerate to drop temporarily, but I know I run well over 30FPS most of the time. My friend installed Far Cry, and he can run it at 1024x768x32 with detail level of medium and still gets framerates in the low 20's. He's even tried re-flashing his 5900 to 5950 specs, but he still doesn't get much improvement. I don't know that much about nVidia cards, but I thought the 5900 would be fairly equal to the 9800 Pro. Any thoughts? Also, does anyone know of anything he could do to his card or any game tweaks to get the game running better and still look good? Thanks!
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