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  1. My buyer never contacted me again, so I'm relisting this card. I have the remote wonder, RW receiver, and all of the breakout boxes. Card was OC'ed once to determine max capabilities. 525 core, 600 mem. This card is only a few months old. Works great.


    I'm asking $270 shipped. (shipped to US only).


    DFI LanParty NF2 Ultra Rev. B up for sale. I have the frontX bay device, and the mobo w/ original boxes. Make me an offer.


    AthlonXP-M 2600 for sale. Chip is about a year old. Will OC to 2.6GHz stable on water. Make me an offer.


    Thermaltake Bigwater CPU and GPU blocks. I don't have any mounting hardware for these except for a socket A bracket for the CPU block. Both blocks are in good shape. CPU block does not have the LED. Also have the pump/res, but it has a slight leak somewhere that shouldn't be hard to fix. Make me an offer.

  2. Hey all, I'm building a liquid cooled system for a friend, and I'll be using the DD RBX CPU block for s939. Can someone give me an idea of what the different level nozzles that come with the block do?


    I've checked DD's site and can't find anything. I've heard that the level 5 nozzles work best with a highflow pump, and the level 1 is best for a low flow pump. Any ideas?



  3. Hey all, my friend just bought some DD parts and wants me to put everything together.


    He got the following:

    RBX Block for A64 w/ extra nozzles

    DD5 pump

    Maze 4 GPU block for x800GTO2

    Black Ice Micro 2 dual 80mm Rad

    Black Ice Pro single 120mm rad (thin version)

    Clear 5.1/4 res

    Various T and Y adapters.


    Could someone tell me in what order I should hook these components for the best cooling? The case will be an ABS Stealth.



  4. I think I still have everything except the PC Transpo. I have the FrontX bay device, and the two or three round cables that came with the mobo, and the original boxes. Also have the DFI driver/mobo CD. I'll have to see if I can find the manual. If I cant find the translucent green round cables, I'll throw in some silver or black ones.


    If I can sell my x800xt, how bout $90 shipped?

  5. Ummm, GSkill PC4400LE RAM (worth ~$150), $100 once my sister pays me off... and POSSIBLY a GeForce 4 Ti4200 (if my brother wants to give it fully to me).


    I might be able to get another $50 cash real soon.

    I'll also throw in my soul.



    Hate to say it man, but I don't have much use for the RAM or the card :(


    EDIT: But now what does giving your soul entail? :D

  6. well her primary HDD died today, so no sense in reinstalling windows on the old girl...  so she goes up for parts.

    dual slot 1 gigabyte 6BXD motherboard.  LAST bios for it installed (2001).  board works flawlessly.


    2 Katmai PIII 600's (512k cache) with heat sinks


    2 Ultra 66 Promise IDE controller cards


    1gb PC133 ram (4 x 256).


    Legal (original CD and COA included) Win2k Server standard edition.

    all yours for the low price of $65 shipped in the US.  would serve someone well as a linux server or firewall.  she's run faithfully for me without a problem until today :(  of course an old 10gb drive FINALLY giving up on me was bound to happen, and it's not the motherboard's fault either.

    also found MORE classic socket 7/8 pentiums...  I'm not joking about how many there are.  price REDUCED.  pay shipping and that's IT.  NOTHING MORE. 


    Mouse pads.  2 amd (generic black with amd.com), 2 sempron, 1 intel p4.  $2 plus shipping.

    12 port 3 com 10/100 super stack switch.  it's been used before but has sat for a LONG time.  will test.  origially $1500 (not a home type switch).  sell for $40 shipped in the US.




    I will buy both--provided the switch works :D


    Just tell me where to send the money :)

  7. For sale is a like new ATI All-In-Wonder X800XT (non-PE). I have the original box, as well as the input and output connector boxes, and the Remote Wonder and receiver. I also have the Pinnacle Studio 9 CD, and the ATI driver CD so you can install/update the DVD software. I do not have another other CD's (it came with one game I think), now do I have the S-Video cable or coax cable that came with it (they're just regular cables).


    This card has been lightly used for about 2 weeks. It has been OC'ed once for about an hour. It will run stable at 525/1200. I didn't try any higher than that. After running my benchmarks, I went back to stock frequencies.


    From what I understand, with the exception of the X800XTPE, this is the fastest AGP graphics card out.


    I'd like to get $290 shipped to anywhere in the US, but I will take serious offers. I haven't researched prices latelly, so I don't know how much a used card is going for, so if my price is way off, someone please let me know instead of flaming me. :)


    I'm also considering selling a DFI LanParty NF2 Rev. B Mobo(have most of the accessories except the PC Transpo), an Abit NF-7 (non S), a TT Bigwater CPU block, and a TT Bigwater GPU block. If anyone is interested, make me an (serious) offer.


    I also have several other non-PC items for sale:


    Traxxas Ruslter roller (have all parts for a working roller, PM me for details) - $70

    Traxxas 4-Tec roller (have all parts for a working roller, PM me for details) - $90

    Novak SS5800 Brushless Motor and ESC (few scratches, works great) - $150

    Hitec HFX-R Reversing ESC (like new) - $50


    By the way, all of my prices include shipping!




  8. Guess I'll have to take some measurements to see if either of those will fit. I think the height will be fine, but the socket's close proximity to the top of the motherboard is what worries me.


    I made the mistake of buying a Bigwater kit a while back. The kit seems to be a decent performer. I've been getting 38C load temps on a MobileXP 2600 OC'ed to 2.5GHz in the SST case. But the pump unit has recently started to leak, as well as the radiator, so I'm going to go with air until I can save enough for a real WC setup.



  9. Hello everyone. I am in need of some advice. I am wanting to replace my WC setup with a good Aircooled heatsink. My problem is that I'm using a Silverstone SST-LC01 HTPC case, and a DFI NF2 Ultra B mobo. The CPU socket is at the absolute top of the board, so no space for a Zalman 7000. And there is a support bar that runs over the top of the case too. I would appreciate any suggestions...



  10. Yea, that's the main reason I don't want to part with my LanParty NF2 -- The DD Live encoding. I know some would consider it stupid to put off upgrading because of this, but since I connect to my HT system via coax, it's very important to me :)


    The Intel 925 series chipsets have DD Live!, but they use PCI-E, so there are other DD Live choices, but not with the options I want.


    I've looked at both of those cards, which aren't bad, but If I'm going to have to shell out more than $120 for a mobo and card, I'll wait and get an Asus with the 925XE chipset.


    I'll probably just keep what I have for now and let the P4 collect dust until I decide to get something like a P5ad2-E Premium and the required RAM and Video Card.



  11. Lo everyone. I'm looking for an LGA mobo that uses DDR (not DDR2), and has an AGP slot, and supports Dolby Digital Live! Encoding onboard.


    I know I should probably upgrade to PCI-E and DDR2, but I'm satisfied with the components I have now, but I scored a P4 530 Presscott fairly cheaply, so I'd like to be able to use it with some of my current hardware. My NF2 DFI board supports DD Live Encoding, which I've found to be excellent (I connect via coax to my HT system).



  12. All this stuff needs to go real soon and I need some money. So heres the list:


    - Intel Celeron 2.6GHz with heat sink and Micro ATX board and 256mb of PC2100

    - Duro 400w PSU

    - Beige Case (dent on top, but it still works fine)

    - Lexmark z515 Printer - BRAND NEW!!!

    - Netgear EN108 Hub

    - iRiver SlimX iMP-350 CD/MP3 Player


    Everything was working fine when I last used it, but I dont have time to test anything now, so its sold as is.


    I think thats it for now.  I have 100% ebay feedback and I have also dealt with various members here.



    How much for the Celly/mobo/RAM combo?

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