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  1. That was part of the reason I went with MSI--having good experiences with their CS and RMA. I've had similar experiences with eVGA as well. It was one of the first 260's I pulled up on newegg, I knew the brand, so I went with it. I second the bit about modstreams being good PSU's. I currently have two, one running a file server, and the other in this dinosaur, and they've been running fine for years.
  2. I had considered going with 4GB, but I don't ever see myself upgrading to Vista, or even XP64, soo.... I'll check out the RAM you recommend. Thanks!
  3. Hello all, I've been out of the loop for quite some time now, and am looking to upgrade an old rig of mine. It's been in mothballs since I bought a notebook two years ago, and now that I'm using it again, it's showing age. I don't really care for overclocking anymore, so I'm looking for stable components that will perform at stock speeds. Don't really care about SLI or Crossfire either, so I'll be using one GPU. I haven't had much time to research lately, but here's what I've come up with Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 (Wolfdale core @ 3.16GHz) <-- Part of a mobo/processor combo. ($300 I think) Mobo: Asus P5Q Pro (P45) RAM: 2GB (2x 1GB)OCZ Reaper HPC Edition PC28500 GPU: MSI 260GTX OC 896MB I'm planning to use my existing DVD burners, hard drives (2x WD 200GB) PSU (OCZ modstream 520 watt), and a run of the mill chieftec tower case. If there are any problems power-wise with using my existing PSU, I'd appreciate any input on that as well. Thanks in advance!
  4. Up for grabs is one good condition eVGA 7900GT Signature series. This card is in good shape, and works perfectly. I've decided to return to ATI, so I'm letting it go. I've had the card for several months, and bought it from a member over at hardocp. This is for the card only. No box, manual, etc... I will burn the latest nVidia drivers to a CDR if needed. Card has factory heatsink installed with AS3 (was cooling it with a DD waterblock). I've tentatively set the price at $200 shipped, as it seems that most 7900GT's are going for around $200, and this is a more expensive card. If I'm way off base with this price, please let me know and I'll adjust accordingly, as I don't want to scam anyone or anything. Trades: I'm looking for an ATI card, and would actually prefer to trade for one, possible an x1950xt or something. I don't know what the direct comparison is. Payment: I'd prefer paypal, but will take a MO in a pinch. I've been a member of OCC for a while, and have bought and sold here, although it's been a while. My ebay username is waltamason. If the buyer prefers, I the transaction can be done through ebay. I'll take PM's or replies to this thread.
  5. Mine has come in handy to a point. Depends on the employer. Some want a degree, others would rather certification. Just stay away from the companies that want to charge you extra for their "courses". You're off to a good start with a book.
  6. I'm with bigred. It's extremely important that the pairs remain twisted along the entire length of the cable, with just enough on each end for the RJ45 connecter. untwisting the pairs can have a big effect on performance.
  7. I'm needing suggestions for a good DSL modem. I'll be moving in the next two weeks to southern Alabama (Monroeville) , and my DSL provider will be frontiernet. I don't need anything fancy (just an RJ45 jack), no router functions, etc... That part's covered. I just need something reliable and fast. No one at frontiernet has been able to give me a speed estimation, just "one meg plus, depending on how far you are from the switch/hub". This might mean that I'll be cruising along at 1mbps, or 10mbps, so I'd like something that will be able to handle higher speeds, just in case. Thanks in advance for the help. EDIT: Just found out, the modem they offer for a dollar or two a month is a Siemens 6520, which appears to be a full-featured wireless router. I won't be using it for anything other than a modem/gateway, as I already have a switch and wireless router in my currenty network.
  8. I agree with everyone above. The 9800 sounds better than the RAM at this point. Back in the day, I went from an old Geforce 2 Ti to a 9800 Pro and it blew me away. You'll be surprised at the difference it'll make. Then maybe budget in another 512mb of RAM in the future to bring yourself up to 1GB.
  9. 400GB (200x2) in my gaming/main PC. 80GB on wife's laptop. 720GB (200x2/120x2/80x1) in fileserver. 160GB (2x80) in another FX-55 powered SFF PC I'm building. Total comes to 1280GB. Or 1360GB if you count the 80GB I put in my DVR
  10. I bought one of these from someone at another forum, and it's running fine. I'm just curious to see if anyone else is using one of these cards, and if they've had any problems with it? I've heard that some factory OC'd 7900GT's tend to crap out after a while, that's why I'm wondering. I'd also like to know some average temps other owners are getting, both at idle and load for the card. And, for anyone wanting to know, the performance is simply astounding, especially for the price I paid.
  11. Guess I'll weigh in on that last post too. Granted, some so called Christians like to beat people over the heads with Bibles (not literally), and many are way off base concerning their motivation, and atheir attitude. Concerning sharing beliefs with others, we too often forget that we're supposed to love people. People aren't just stats or numbers. When a true Christian shares his/her beliefs with another person, it is out of love. If you knew that someone would die in a plane crash the next day, would you not try to prevent them from boarding that plane? Jesus main message was love. Even on the cross he said "Father, forgive them, they don't know what they're really doing". Most people who call themselves Christians have either forgotten that message, or have chosen to turn it into something else for their own purposes. And for what it's worth, I'm not a big fan of organized religion. Yes, I go to a church in a mid-size denomination, but I really don't care for the whole idea of "denominations". People could accomplish so much more by working together and putting their small differences aside.
  12. Guess I'll add my 2 cents in here. I don't post much at OCC, mostly because I don't feel I have alot to add to the wealth of knowledge that's already here, but this is a topic I have become interested in. I won't go into what I believe, and who I think it wrong, because it's irrelevant to what I'm about to post. Here's the deal. Talk of tolerance and intolerance makes me angry. I'm sick and tire of people saying "hey, you can't think what you want to think!". Let me clarify. If I want to think that my belief, view, or religion, is the only "right" one, then that's my right. If anyone else wants to think that their way is the "right" one, they certainly can. I think it's pretty low when "Bob" gets angry at "Bill" because of "Bill's" beliefs when "Bob" asked him about them in the first place! Where we mess up is when we physically and verbally assault people for either a) telling others about their beliefs, or b) not believing the way we do. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe that anyone should "shove" their beliefs/views/religion down anyone's throat. People should have the maturity to ask permission to share their beliefs. They should also have the maturity to say "no" or "yes" depending on whether or not their want to hear someone's beliefs. Now racism, and other prejudices are another matter. While I had not intended to get into this, I do believe in God. I consider myself a Christian in the truest sense of the word. The work Christian means "Christ-like". That is the type of Christian I consider myself. I try to follow the example, teachings, and word of Christ as closely as possible. I don't hate or disparage others for their beliefs, and I always ask permission to tell them about mine. When the word "Christian" is separated from its original meaning, there's no point in using it. My place is not to judge the life, character or beliefs of others, but to treat them the way I would want to be treated, regardless of their beliefs. That statement should apply to everyone, regardless of belief.
  13. Not that I'm trying to slam Liquid or anything, but here's a good example of senseless killing in the US. Two of the killings happened less than 10 miles from where I live. I also hve met the killer on several occaisions, seen him around town, and know his wife (now ex-wife) very well. Very scary. Rear First Read Second Read Third I don't know of many people who would argue against the death penalty in this case.
  14. I know you've probably checked this already, but have you tried removing any add-in cards that may be in there? Also, does the mobo have a larger DIN port for older style keyboards? I have an old Celly 500MHz system hanging around and it has a DIN port for the KB, and a PS/2 for the mouse, and two USB ports. And it's Baby AT....meh
  15. You could always go with a nice custom DangerDen or Swiftec Liquid cooling kit. I assume you'll be overclocking that opteron, and if you don't mind spending the extra time and money, a good LC kit would serve you well.
  16. Check on Ebay for replacement parts. I've had to swap the hinge assembly out of my wife's Latitude D600, and that's where I got the Hinge assembly.
  17. Hey all, I have an FX5950, just installed it in a PC I built for my folks. Here are the specs. AthlonXP 2500 Barton Abit NF7 (non S) 2x256MB Kingston Value RAM 400 watt Fortron PSU 40GB WD HDD LG CD Burner Here's my dilema: I installed WinXP SP2 on the PC, and installed the latest NF2 mobo drivers. The video worked fine from the get go, using window's generic built-in video drivers. I could change to any resolution and any color depth. Next I installed version 77 of the Geforce drivers. Yea I know it's not current, but I didn't see any reason it wouldn't work. After I rebooted, the resolution was set to 640x480 x16 colors. The display properties gave me other color depths and resolutions to set it to, and even asked for confirmation when I tried to, but it would never come off 640x480 x16 colors. Then I rolled back the driver to the windows generic version and it worked just fine. So I made sure I removed any evidence of the old geforce drivers, and downloaded the latest version and tried installing it. Same thing. All bioses and drivers are now up to date as well. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. I'm interested in the RAM if you decide to part it out.
  19. Sorry man....that's just a tad too low for me But thanks for the offer!
  20. If it helps, I've bought from both BigRed and E Fudd recently, and am currently in the process of selling to BigRed. I've had dealings with several other members here as well, all positive.
  21. Had the chip for about 10 months (I think). Has been running at 2.4GHz (200x12) for probably about 6-7 months. Vcore was set to 1.5V. Also ran chipset voltage at default. If you need anymore info, just let me know.
  22. Up for sale: AthlonXP Mobile 2600 (OC's to 2.5GHz) DFI LanParty NF2 Ultra Rev. B (Have the FrontX Device and original box(es) That's it. Make me an offer. I'd prefer to sell both together, but I'll do separately. Need to sell quickly! Thanks!
  23. For sale is one Pentium M processor. Speed is 1.4GHz. It came out of my Dell D600 notebook. I'm pretty sure that something is wrong with this proc because during operation, the temp would rise to 95 degrees celsius. The laptop would still run stable, and nothing melted, but the temp sensor showed an extremelly high temp. Running at idle a 1.4GHz I think it stayed at 45-50 degrees, and idle at it's lowest speed of 600MHz, it was 35-40 degrees. I have absolutely no idea why it was doing this, but it has since been replaced by an identical processor that seems to run fine. Never gets above 60 degrees. So anyways, here's a proc that probably has something wrong with it in the way of overheating, or it may be some type of faulty sensors, but I don't know. I offer no warranty or guarantee. The proc seemed to be working fine in my notebook, with the exception of the temp readings. Physically it's in good condition too. No bent or broken pins. Here is what is says on the label: 7324A072 SL6F8 RH80535 1400/1M Make me an offer.
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