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  1. some minor changes: WD Caviar Black WD5001AALS - 500 GB - intern - 3.5" - SATA-300 - 7200 tpm -buffer: 32 MB
  2. make up your mind I keep telling myself...... WD Caviar Black WD5001AALS - Vaste schijf - 500 GB - intern - 3.5" - SATA-300 - 7200 tpm -buffer: 32 MB
  3. well, the misses asked me this morning if I was sure 'selfbuilding' was a good idea? I don't know...It is true that doing 1 thing wrong could cost me 1000
  4. haven't bought anything yet, the plan is to go to Aachen tomorrow, monday or tuesday
  5. maybe I'm going to sentimental but since I have several hobbies I've visited boards...well...full of S-holes and Einsteins....these 2 boards were really a positive experience...I THANK YOU I'm just concerned in the correct steps to take...meaning what to do first..2nd...3rd...ect
  6. did you have a look on the builder's website?
  7. both shops are in the same street so I'm planning what to buy where...this saturday we're paying Aachen a visit...we love to visit it anyway...it's a very nice city to shop... I decided to buy the parts and build it myself....I had such mature, positive reactions HERE and on the dutch-spoken board that I feel strong enough to do it myself with some help... keeping in mind that I DO have a PC that still works so I have all the time while staying online.... transport and assembly from azerty.nl costs 100
  8. only at work, we use specific brand software that, I suppose, still runs on DOS
  9. http://www.boracomputer.net don't have the CM M620, they only have 1 CoolerMaster don't have the XFX Radeon neither the Sony NEC http://www.hiq24.de/xtc/index.php I compared as much as I could and Bora seems a bit cheaper altough HIQ24 has more components I could identify as identical to my set-up
  10. then I should have a look at the 2 PC shops in Aachen to see if they have my components... hint: you may always help me
  11. are the components plug-and-play? is there a specific order in installation? which one first etc? I have no idea how to install the OS?
  12. just out of intrest: what can go wrong with installing a new PC myself...considering I'm a noob in building PC's...noob in hardware... I do have the time to do it slow and easy since I have a 2nd PC to keep myself online...
  13. http://www.hiq24.de/xtc/index.php is the shop!
  14. damn, I need to make up my mind, decide and order: 1. my choices are getting more and more expensive <_< 2. the components are getting more expensive
  15. King, got an email back, they have them in stock on friday. Replied to confirm if the price was still 199
  16. wouldn't it be an idea to get help with your laptop so that you DO know what's wrong with it? What if the medicin costs you 100dollarskies? Would be a good temporarely solution, not?
  17. no problem, it should remain a relaxed topic...for all of us... the perfect game doesn't exist since we all have different tastes...I like to play FPS where I don't have to concern myself about my team others think that's boring so it's cool that the firms release games that are very different compared to eachother But what I read about CoD4 surely makes me wanna buy it!
  18. Azerty is the firm and this is the price to construct the PC (volledig systeem=complete system)
  19. 2 cases? are you trying to stress me? no, only 1...CoolerMaster is the 1 thx for the reply
  20. Koen

    call of duty

  21. wooooowww...Miguel was from Barcelona and I'm from Belgium so plz forgive me when I write ZE bull crap... damn ...I learned English watching 'ALLO ALLO'...I even had . lessons watching ALLO ALLO altough my wife wasn't so happy when I got the sellery and my flying helmet and called her into bed.... the censorship is totally ruining my post... crap should read S.....H........I..........T . should READ S E X
  22. what about this one? http://azerty.nl/8-1126-198869/gigabyte-ga...t-ud4p-moe.html
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