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  1. some minor changes: WD Caviar Black WD5001AALS - 500 GB - intern - 3.5" - SATA-300 - 7200 tpm -buffer: 32 MB
  2. make up your mind I keep telling myself...... WD Caviar Black WD5001AALS - Vaste schijf - 500 GB - intern - 3.5" - SATA-300 - 7200 tpm -buffer: 32 MB
  3. well, the misses asked me this morning if I was sure 'selfbuilding' was a good idea? I don't know...It is true that doing 1 thing wrong could cost me 1000
  4. haven't bought anything yet, the plan is to go to Aachen tomorrow, monday or tuesday
  5. maybe I'm going to sentimental but since I have several hobbies I've visited boards...well...full of S-holes and Einsteins....these 2 boards were really a positive experience...I THANK YOU I'm just concerned in the correct steps to take...meaning what to do first..2nd...3rd...ect
  6. did you have a look on the builder's website?
  7. both shops are in the same street so I'm planning what to buy where...this saturday we're paying Aachen a visit...we love to visit it anyway...it's a very nice city to shop... I decided to buy the parts and build it myself....I had such mature, positive reactions HERE and on the dutch-spoken board that I feel strong enough to do it myself with some help... keeping in mind that I DO have a PC that still works so I have all the time while staying online.... transport and assembly from azerty.nl costs 100
  8. only at work, we use specific brand software that, I suppose, still runs on DOS
  9. http://www.boracomputer.net don't have the CM M620, they only have 1 CoolerMaster don't have the XFX Radeon neither the Sony NEC http://www.hiq24.de/xtc/index.php I compared as much as I could and Bora seems a bit cheaper altough HIQ24 has more components I could identify as identical to my set-up
  10. then I should have a look at the 2 PC shops in Aachen to see if they have my components... hint: you may always help me
  11. are the components plug-and-play? is there a specific order in installation? which one first etc? I have no idea how to install the OS?
  12. just out of intrest: what can go wrong with installing a new PC myself...considering I'm a noob in building PC's...noob in hardware... I do have the time to do it slow and easy since I have a 2nd PC to keep myself online...
  13. http://www.hiq24.de/xtc/index.php is the shop!
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