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  1. I have built two systems with Intel X25-M 160 Gb SSD's . Both on Gigabyte MB's. One is a 775 with an E8500 overclocked to 4.25. The other is an X58 with a i7-720 overclocked to 3.8 Gh. Intel has put out an update to the firmware which I burned to CD. The 775 system updated fine. When I tried to update the X58 computer it said that there was no SSD connected or it was disabled. I don't understand why it didn't see the SSD. Both computers run fine though the X58 does some things strange. Help please.
  2. When LLC was disabled he tried 1.375 to 1.4 and Prime 95 would start dropping cores in seconds. Now at 1.3625 LLC at Level 2 it is stable.
  3. My son built his computer and overclocked it to 4.2. Now my question is this. If load line calibration is on Standard [which disables it] then Prime95 won't run . If it is put on Level 2 Prime95 has no problems. The Gigabyte manual states "Note:Enabling Load-Line Calibration may result in damage to your CPU or reduce the useful life of the CPU." His VCore is 1.3625. I don't understand ,because I just built 2 computers with Gigabyte boards and neither of my manuals have that statement. I know that half the people say they use it and the other half say they don't. He tried disabling it and bumped the VCore up but Prime 95 still wasn't happy. That I couldn't figure out.
  4. I have an Intel 160 Gb SSD on this computer. It cut the boot time almost in half.
  5. Thank you all for the help. I am satisfied now. I have it at 3.8 stable with ram at 1600. I did have to go with 19 multiplier. That is fast enough for momma's computer. Now I would like to get an SSD for it.
  6. I am using a Gigabyte Ga-EX58-UD3R board. The I7-920 is my wife's computer. I would appreciate you writing down your settings.
  7. I tried that but it still won't go above 3.74.
  8. I had the Vcore above 1.3 ,DRAM is at 1.64 ,QPI is 1.26.
  9. Right now it is Enabled and doesn't want to go above 3.7. On my Gigabyte mobo it's seems to be called multi threading.
  10. When overclocking an I7-920 is Multi Threading to be enabled or disabled?
  11. They are Gigabyte mobo's.
  12. I just have a question about PS2 keyboards. I have just built 2 new computers and had to use an old PS2 keyboard to get started. I understand this, but I bought and tried a USB to PS2 adapter, but it wouldn't work. My son is having the same experience. Why won't the adapters work?
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