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    Intel Core i7 920
    EVGA FTW edition GTX 285 2Gb
    EVGA Classified e760
    Mushkin 6Gb DDR3 2000 memory
    Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB x2

  1. Has anybody had experience with this case? How is the cooling and is there a lot of room to work with inside the case? I like the way it looks and the inside looks pretty roomy but has anybody had any problems or complaints with it? Here is a link: Cosmos S
  2. I am building a water cooling unit and there is a vast variety of waterblocks. Do waterblocks make any difference and which one are best for watercooling? I would also like to know what would be the best waterblocks for the GTX 285 2gb.
  3. Are there other cases like th mountain mods cases and I have heard a lot of good thing from the Lian li. I think I have decided on the card and I will get the xfi fatality titanium edition sound card.
  4. Oh then Windows 7 is faster than windows server and cheaper since a license for Windows Server costs a lot more like $1000 and up
  5. I have the new Palm Pre and it is $200 after $100 rebate but if you buy it at radioshack or bestbuy it is only $200. It is probably one of the best phones I have ever used and the app store is still in the early sgtages but it shows great potential. It can multitask and you can listen to music, surf the web, text message, and look up movie times at the same time. The battery life is good and can get you through the day. It is the best phone on the sprint network and doesn't have any of the problems the Instinct has
  6. I have heard from a a lot of people that windows server 2008 is the fastest OS to date. Is this true because theyu say it is an extremely stripped down version of Vista without all the stuff that make Vista slow. It has a lot more options on what you can turn off and turn on to optimize the OS for performance. Has anyone used this version and if you did is it really that much faster?
  7. I am building a brand new computer and I have bought these parts so far: Core i7 920 EVGA GTX 285 2Gb FTW Edition EVGA Classified e760 Mushkin 6Gb DDR3 2000 ram Western Digital Caviar Black 1Tb x2 (soon to be raid 0) Silverstone 1500 watt PSU Now I have some question about the sound card and the case I want. I have been looking at sound cards and I don't know what would be the best one to use because i am planning to go three way SLI in the near future and i do not want a sound card to occupy one of the slots for the graphics cards. I also cannot decide on a case, I am planning to do watercooling and I have been looking at these two cases: Mountain Mods and Lian li
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