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  1. OUCH i dont know whats wrong i followed the jumper guide to exceed to 400 fsb. And it wont boot hmm dunno if its the board or the procie but the mobo supports 1600 fsb hmmm.
  2. Ok i will try it now im scared.LOL brb with results
  3. msi p43 neo i have a way of reaching 400 fsb by removing the jumpers
  4. Hello guyz. I need some expert advice about fsb:dram ratio im currently @ 3.2 Ghz 1333 fsb ( 337 x 9.5) 1.186v. Its pretty stable havent experienced any BSOD's yet. However i always find overclocking guides saying that fsb:dram ratio is always best at 1:1 but im using ddr2 800 thats why i need 400 fsb to achieve 1:1 atm im at 5:6 ratio. My question is will i gain anything by adjusting my OC to 400x8 which is the same but will give me 1:1 ratio and another question is which part will heat up when i raise the front side bus to 1600 the chipset or the procie? and will raising 1600 fsb need another raise in voltage? im srry for the newbie question i just want my oc just to be stable and correct. thx
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