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  1. but the micro only have x8 pci-e understand?
  2. Ok so i went ahead and bought his mobo for the build but now im having second thoughts. you see i didn't relaize it doesn't even have at least one x16 slot. should i get this one instead? ( http://www.evga.com/products/moreInfo.asp?...Series%20Family ) This is the one i bought.... http://www.evga.com/products/moreInfo.asp?...Series%20Family sorry ill have pics soon...i just wanted to wait until i have all the pieces...
  3. My main reason is for wire management. Yeah i definitely need an all modular psu and i've had no problems with my current one at all. This one will be for my 1156 build.
  4. nice, btw did you get the board yet?
  5. i prefer sapphire and maybe visiontek
  6. Looking for an all modular psu. Can anyone give me some suggestions?
  7. I'd only give up my 285 sli for two 5970's.
  8. i doubt that will ever change. im a little upset though, microcenter no longer sells the model i have. They are full of ATI and nothing but ati cards.....
  9. Why does everyone hate 285's so much?
  10. You could run them fine with the 285....Why would you even keep the 8800 gt in there? Only reason i can understand is if you were planning on using it for PsyX.
  11. Oh yeah i posted one for you as well today...unfortunately i can only post one per day it says. but these were our transactions. 6gig corsair kit, the ati card , and the Nvidia card.
  12. Thanx i see it now! Also thanks ccoke! waiting on incrysis...if he has one that is. Rourkris-Do you have a heatware so i can send you an eval?
  13. TropicalPreist i hope your not spelling Preist correctly it is misspelled on purpose.
  14. umm still no avails guys....I've done sales with InCrysis, ccokeman, rourkris, Dr_bowtie and i forget who else.
  15. i think the best way would be to push air into the case than it would shoot out from the top. the radiator need cold air to go through it.
  16. whoa! what the heck kind of cooler do you have?
  17. Sorry i just haven't updated it in awhile....fixed!
  18. I have nothing some crappy kingston in the system right now and it's only 2 gig. no thanx
  19. Im definitely looking for something 2000mhz proven that set is nice but i don't like what this review said "If you're not overclocking your cpu, you'll likley have the choice to run the ram at it's full 2000MHz. If your overclock prevents that, a lower speed with lower timings will still yield stellar results"
  20. Bump! 75 shipped!!! Gallery Pictures!! http://img90.imageshack.us/g/dscf1205.jpg/
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