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  1. i put 110 cfm fans all around the machine. Ofcourse connected to a controller.
  2. It started happening out of nowhere.....i have 6 gig mushkin, i7920, p6t6 main board, hx1000 psu and fresh OS on an SSD Ocz Vertex 2.
  3. yeah im not getting it ill try resetting the cmos my bios is 0803.
  4. Eco ALC i7 920 with HT on 23,22,22,20. Also most of the guys on here don't have C1E or speedstep enabled. I can see your at 1900mhz. Aren't 750's 2.6ghz? I could be wrong. Oh well.
  5. But! if you did not install your D14 and setup all the fans for the case it would have dropped an insane amount as well.
  6. Actually i have to agree with Frank sorry but if you read my thread it's all the proof you need. Airflow made a huge difference in my temps so it's completely believable.
  7. Push and pull is setup as of today new temps below!! Idle Load
  8. Thats the same way i have it setup right now. My 800D has 6 110cfm fans all around the case. Each one on a fan controller. I have them barely audible....the only fan i have at an audible speed (when not gameing) is the cpu cooler fan.
  9. I don't understand why i keep getting this error code from my mother board. It boots through 00 and then AA. After that it goes to code 10 and stays there. Anyone with an ASUS board get this error?
  10. Thats not my point...... he'll continue to get high temps with that stock cooler since, as he said the 800D is stock. Meaning there are no top mounted fans at all! The heat can't escape properly from the system. I referred him to my thread so he can see the configuration that would help the situation. So yeah check the thread.
  11. Don't put all the blame however on the heatsink. I made that mistake too with the 800D. Do yourself a favor and read my thread. you'll see what i mean. http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=180408
  12. i have some heat sinks for sale.....will knock that problem right out for you sir!
  13. Ohh damn im not as excited about that board anymore. But no one has answered my questions...
  14. Wow that mobo makes me wanna do crazy things to it! But why look forward to this line up? Doesn't a i7 920 or 980x chip outperform sandy bridge? http://www.engadget.com/2010/12/29/msi-reveals-mad-sandy-bridge-motherboard-with-eight-pcie-slots/
  15. I have those 133 fans on a prolimatech megahalems. But to answer your questions Im going to use two scythe kaze-jun fans. They rate at 110 cfm and are not loud. Plus i have them on a fan controller.
  16. I'll let you know once i add a second fan and oc the chip.
  17. Isn't sandy bridge restricted from alot of overclocking options?
  18. if thats the case ill show you proof before he does im sure. this is my current temps with the eco and soon to be push and pull. [/img]
  19. i woke up this morning room was cold so i turn the pc on. I've never seen it this low! Brought a tear to my eyes. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  20. You have to literally call Microsoft let them know you did a fresh install. They will ask you for the original key you used and give you a new one.
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