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  1. I have a big bang board im trying to setup but im having an issue with the ssd. Every other drive i can see is being recognized as a sata drive. But for some reason my ssd only shows it as IDE. I don't want to create the win7 OS on the drive until i know it's using the right sata controller. It's also in the sata 6gb/s port. -Trop
  2. you don't need to cut wires if you don't want to. Get a paper clip and insert one end into the single green wire slot. The other end stick into any of the black wire slots(these are grounds). This emulates the power on signal from the mobo to the psu. -Trop
  3. Sorry guys been too busy got alot going on lately. i'll have pics up and i'll update all my pms!
  4. they want something from her and i doubt it's friendship buddy.
  5. i wonder when this card is coming out....i've been scouting newegg for sometime now lol
  6. That is not the card i am posting about thanks though.
  7. Does anyone know where to buy this card? i saw the review but can't find it anywhere online......
  8. I Have a Dell U2711 does that count? Not 30inch but has the same rez sir
  9. It's not your charger... Your battery is done replace it.
  10. This maybe a no brainer but i seriously want to be reassured i was curious if i own a bfg card could i buy an evga and still run sli on them both? Could i just overclock the 2nd card to match the other cards specs or do they have to be the same card?
  11. Try the KDE Desktop of PCLINUXOS i love it.
  12. Like topic states 4 coolers i no longer need. You could buy them all for 190 free shipping. Noctua D14-$50 plus shipping. Zalman CNPS 9900LED-$15 plus shipping True Copper (used only once in review on this forum)-65+ shipping (perfect for test bench since it's so heavy) Prolimatech Megahalems-30 plus shipping. Pics later.
  13. You'll have to format the drive and reinstall a fresh OS............but honestly just save and go all out on a fresh build. You wouldn't want all these great components in a crappy case. Plus i bet the ventilation is horrible.
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