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  1. Is Batman that good? I've been playing Lost Planet Colonies.
  2. I'd imagine they'd perform a bit better than the 4890 Xfire you have. Could just be my bias opinion though. Go for it!
  3. Im going for a higher number this week Ill max out my single card setup before i throw her in SLI mode.
  4. Could not have put it better myself i know how ya feel.
  5. aww man i wish i new before i went ahead and bought these mushkins. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001C830M...x_ya_oh_product
  6. Nope but will do that now. Thank You
  7. Just wait till i get this bad boy in sli! Can't wait to see the difference. ill take screens of the other futuremark applications later on. i7 920 Co/Ci 4ghz and GTX 285. 3DMark Vantage P16138 Honestly i think it still did very well with ppi disabled. Still some more tinkering i want to try with the card but this is what i have for now. SLi numbers will hopefully jump pretty high.
  8. under revision i have a CO/CI and you have DO. Whats the difference? Does it mean i would have a rough time ocing this processor?
  9. This is wear i am atm i fixed a couple of things with the case mounted second fan and new ram, also reorganized some wiring. Im 'currently on the trial and error phase with my 285 ocing. Little by little. This is still single card config. Once i get the card where i want ill work on the cpu than back to the card. Wish me luck! Case pics soon!
  10. you should get HijackThis.
  11. yeah i changed settings. Im going to uninstall it and reinstall from another group. Maybe it was a bad rip.
  12. I recently installed 3dmark vanatage, after the tests run and the score screen comes up it shows a gpu and cpu score but the overall 3dmark score says 0. Am i doing something wrong?
  13. Maybe something was wrong with the adapter but i a dvi to hdmi wire and it seems to be working i get sound too. I WAS using the Dvi>HDMI adapter that comes with the video card. Maybe it was faulty? I know it wasn't the hdmi cable itself cause i tested it with my xbox and the same monitor. Also i read something about HDCP maybe that was in issue with it?
  14. i don't have a problem as long as i boot with the dvi and than switch the connection back to hdmi ughhh i dunno why it drops signal like that. Like im using it right now and it's fine but if i rebooted and as soon as it hit the desktop it would drop the signal to monitor.
  15. Is anyone on the forum using an nvidia card with the DVI to HDMI adapter? I keep having problems with mine. It will boot into the os with the hdmi connection and i can hear the sound come through but after a few seconds the monitor reports no signal and i have to put back the DVI adapter in order to get my picture back? Is this common? Do i have it setup wrong? I've been looking in the nvidia control panel and i can't find any options that would allow me to control this or configure it further. -Mike
  16. Match them with my temps. i used artic silver 5.
  17. i own a antec 1200 ask away my friend. This is my build. http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.p...howtopic=167616
  18. Wow sounds good to me! Make sure i see pics please! I have the second fan on now (pics later) and wow it's so loud lol. But i love it honestly so much better than the zalman. I just can't see myself getting rid of the corsairs i have. Since i planned on getting another set anyway for 12 gig. So im definitely going to switch to vertical i also think i did a crappy job when mounting the heat sink because while trying to get the screws lined up it kept sliding with the thermal paste on the cpu. So ill clean surfaces and put more paste on. Been using artic silver. Once thats done ill get the other set of ram. And ill post overclocking specs.
  19. So did you decide? The WS is pretty isn't it?! Common you know you want it!!
  20. ahhh ok thnx so i should disable it if i wanna see the results of an overclock immediately. Yeah thats what this board is know for. Ill be running tri-sli with that same 285.
  21. Ok so here are piocs of the build i just completed with my asus board i did alot better this time around. Tried my best with wire management. I don't understand though as you'll see in the last pic why my processor it clocked at 1603.6mhz. Isn't i7 2.6? Ill be giving the machine some tweaks so stay tuned any suggestions please feel free. Build specs in sig. -Mike Also check cpuid:
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