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  1. it has one 6 pin pci adapter and one 6+2pin adapter....so probably best for someone with a single card setup. pics later today...
  2. i guess mushkin it is...again lol should i be weary of the high voltage requirement for clocking at 2000mhz though? It's listed as a con afterall..
  3. Could you please send me an eval? Anyone i've ever bought or sold something to if you have a heatware i would appreciate a positive. Tropicalpreist. thanx!
  4. I've only used this for about 3 weeks before i upgraded to my corsair psu. 700watt OCZ GameXStream It's perfectly working never had any problems with it. I still have original box in great shape. 80 shipped. thanx!
  5. Oh btw i have a huge heat sink on my p6t6 mobo so i'm going to need a low profile set. I don't know if switching the orientations will help but im guessing i'd still have clearance issues. hence the reason i got rid of my old corsair dominator set. thanx! (would of been nice if i mentioned that to begin with heh.)
  6. I'm sure they're plenty of kits out there for less that can scale up just as well for less. 2000 would be nice but, not for 400 bucks. <_< I appreciate the responses btw....(Zertz- ill take a look at the link thanx.)
  7. Would anyone trust this? http://www.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=5757829
  8. No longer need these modules. Yours for $95 shipped. http://www.mushkin.com/Memory/Blackline/996601.aspx Thanx!!
  9. I've read all these great reviews on here for memory in the 2009 section but the test setups are always on the i5 platform and they are dual channel. If i were to buy the top performing models would they perform the same on an i7 system? Besides that...are there currently any triple channel kits capable of 1800mhz and above?
  10. yeah ill try another method i guess i should rotate it vertically too no?
  11. What spread method do you use before placing the heatsink on the cpu? I just recently switched to the Noctua D-14 from the megahalems. At this point and time it's not doing so well. Im getting and idle temp of 51 compared to the prolimatechs 39 idle. Load is ridiculously too high as well. I was able to pass OCCT before but now it cancels with CPU too hot. Should i mount it vertically? atm im running on 1.28vcore 4.2ghz. FYI i used a Pea size of compound dead center or at least what i thought was pea size. this is the build... http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.p...howtopic=173001
  12. I felt the blue heatsink on the northbridge controller and it's too damn hot. Problem is the spacing i have is limited between the heat sink and the gfx card. So i looked around and i was thinking of getting this to get a fan somewhat pointing in it's direction. Any other suggestions? http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/spotcool/ btw picked up this baby today!
  13. Wow can't wait for the contest. I feel left out i never had the chance to speak with verran. His presence is all over the forum. RIP. Good luck fellas!
  14. sorry ill resize when i get back from work today at 3.
  15. Sorry, doesn't the site downsize them by like 50%? I don't know how to resize..maybe i should lower the pixel rate on my camera.
  16. This is my build...or rebuild rather hah. I promised myself i'd eventually switch up my i7 setup into another case when i has the chance. So now that i've finished i can now use the antec for my 860 build. I'm also thinking of building a watercooled setup with a CM 690 II Advanced. We'll see what happens! Let me know what you guys think of the difference from my 12 hundred tower. Pics are in the gallery!!! Here is a pic of the old setup. The pics of the 5 hour no sleep build lol.
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