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  1. Duke Atreides

    Merry Christmas To Me...

    Drama Queen. Nice tattoo, just don't go overboard.
  2. Duke Atreides

    Mouse Wheel Won't Work

    Turn comp off. Disconnect mouse. Hold it up and cuss at it briefly. Bang it on table a few seconds. Cuss a bit more. Reconnect mouse to comp. Boot up. Ought to work now.
  3. Duke Atreides

    Doubling The Ram Of Your Card!

    Just give him the star trek answer... and let him think you know more nerdspeek than he.
  4. Duke Atreides

    Merry Christmas To Me...

    Check it first and make sure the Japanese symbol really says what you want it to. Or in five years you may get an Oriental girlfriend who sees it and after 15 minutes of teary eyed laughter finally gets enough breath to tell you it means "Free Gay Man Slave" or something. There was a news atricle about this a few months back.
  5. Duke Atreides

    Doubling The Ram Of Your Card!

    Tell him that you heard that there can be problems if you do that on a non Ultra Xeon based AMD 128 bit Mega processor with the optional holodeck interface feature. The reason why is the biometric gel pack isolinear structure begins to lose cohesion and has trouble keeping up with the quantum artichture in the LCARS core. Then laugh at him and explain that he really needs to check up on his information because the quantum technology is at least 2 generations away from this type of procedure based on the tachyon emissions from the holomatrix.
  6. Duke Atreides

    Socket 754 Vs 939

    I would recommend the MSI K8N NEO2 Platinum board (socket 939) That is the board of choice and if you look around you can find it for around $130. I have a Winchester (90 nm) 3000+ myself that I grabbed in retail box for $150 and I had it OC'd to 2.4 at one point with good temps on stock air, others have gone much higher. The 3200+ seems really popular except for the those that have the cash to go with higher cost.
  7. Duke Atreides

    Christmas Gift To My Girl

    You know, once I drew a picture of this girl named Cheryl, I must have worked on it for hours... Your pic there makes mine look like I was drawing while high and drunk. Very nice work, you have talent.
  8. Duke Atreides

    Defrag Software

    After removing Norton SystemHog and going AVG I have just used the included Win version. No problems.
  9. Duke Atreides

    Bucklys.. It Tastes Awfull..

    SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP YOU NEED SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. Then you will feel better. Just give up a day to sleep as much as you can as opposed to slogging through it all.
  10. Duke Atreides

    X800 Pro !

    The Price Is Wrong Bob!
  11. Duke Atreides

    Free Games?

    Just be careful, viruses for cell phones is catching on in popularity. My sister dl'd a song or something for her cell phone and it crapped the whole thing up, she took it back to the store she bought it from and they told her she had a virus.
  12. Duke Atreides

    Post Your Eq Settings

    I can't hear ATM so it doesn't really matter. But before I would genearally have a very shallow V.
  13. Duke Atreides

    Hair Length..

    What the heck is a "poof"? I have lots of British friends online. My grandfather was also British and I heard unique phrases from him and even to this day I catch myself calling vacation "holiday" and using two fingers to flip someone off. (Like a reverse peace sign, and you gesture your hand upward.) Poof is a slang term for queer, homo etc...
  14. Duke Atreides

    Merry Chirstmas

    May the peace of the Lord be with each and every one of you. Merry Christmas everyone.
  15. Duke Atreides

    Hair Length..

    Short hair, because I am a man. Long hair is for poofs and hippies. And those name markiemrboo.
  16. Duke Atreides

    Old Tandy Sales Ad

    Xenix... Uuuuugh! Good God I remember Xenix. I was hired by a company to work in the office (recommended by a family friend to the CEO) and this guy had built them a multi-user fileserver that had 12 dumb terminals (keyboard and monitor only) throughout a large industrial building. The guy got his big check and dissapeared... The system of course crashed, the CEo called me into his office and asked me about my computer experience, I told him I could program in a few languages and had done some work with them in high school. He said "Well, your new job is Computer System Administrator" he then gave me the root password (burned into my friggen skull it is, light001) and told me the computer was now my baby. I was excited and very naive... The operating manual for the SCO Xenix operating system comprised of 18 full size loose leaf binders at 2" thick each! I spent the next month struggling to get a handle on this monstrosity of an OS and managed to get the system back online... Then it crashed two days later, for those of you involved in computers in the late 80's early 90's do magnetic tape backup mean anything to you? (SHUDDER!) I can not tell you how many hours I spent when one of the SIX! HDD would burn out reloading backede up data... Oh I am getting a headache remembering this dark time in my life... DOS Emulator... groan Program module error... shudder Payroll went down on a Thursday afternoon= No sleep for me Thursday night... Oh the pain... THE PAIN. In one year I think I aged 20 years, anytime I see an Okidata printer or a WYSE monitor I get the chills. Xenix was the spawn of Satan, and it had my soul for a time, but I will always carry the scars.
  17. Duke Atreides

    Cleaning A Keyboard

    I thought that was alcohol... or women... probably both. (ps Hi Celtica )
  18. Duke Atreides

    Half-life 2 Demo

    Don't worry KB, I saw a doctor last Sunday and am on 4 perscriptions right now. I also have an appointement with an Ear Nose and Throat specialist Monday.
  19. Duke Atreides

    Half-life 2 Demo

    I dl'd it and tried it for a bit today. Unofrtunately I have no idea what I am supposed to do, this last weekend something happened and I have lost almost all my hearing (temporarily I hope) so I would imagine knowing what people say is really important. The atmosphere is phenomenal to say the least, I will probably buy this game after it drops in price some.
  20. Duke Atreides

    How Many Hours A Day Using A Computer?

    Can't tell you how many times I have fallen asleep at my compy, I have a fairly nice fabric manager chair that is comfortable. I tilt my head back just slightly and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz................. Wife gets rather annoyed sometimes, though she falls asleep on the couch watching the tv herslef.
  21. Duke Atreides

    Cleaning A Keyboard

    Now that is the old school of maintenance! Props to my homie! Yo Yo
  22. Duke Atreides

    Interesting Selling Tactic

    Watch out boys and girls, the ghost thread is about to be resurrected!
  23. Duke Atreides

    Half-life 2 Demo

    This has been done before by other companies, I remember on another forum an actual game developer explained the reasons for a delayed demo release after a sequel game comes out. When a sequel comes out, fans of the original are almost guranteed sales numbers, also friends or people who watch the new release notes in magazines, those sales spike and dwindle within about a few months after release and reviews are written. Then after the fire of the initial sales have died off, they release a free demo to catch the eye of people who will try any game that is free or maybe just buy a gaming magazine and try everything on the demo disk, then many people like it, they buy it and tell their friends and give them the demo disk... then the company has tapped into a secondary market allowing for another surge of sales before the inevitable price drops that occur at around the 6 month mark on many popular games. Follow the money trail.
  24. Duke Atreides

    Interesting Selling Tactic

    Just a copycat from the lady that sold her uncles "ghost" and included a free cane a month ago, she fetched around $20K I think. This guy just wants to cash in on some old junk comp he had in a closet. I pulled out my lie detector, this is what it read:
  25. Duke Atreides

    Minimum Requirements To Run Xp

    If I remember right it is somewhere around a 100 mhz proc. I do remember that 64 megs of RAM is required.