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    Would It Be Wrong

    Reagan a fascist? Whew! you need to check your history before 1990... Understanding the ideological differences in policy decisions which Bush has made when weighed on what I believe as a conservative would certainly give you understanding of what I really meant. Many of Bush's policy decisions have been very liberal when weighed against the general concensus of conservative thought. You will probably learn this in high school, so I don't fault you.
  2. Duke Atreides


    Here are a few that I like from other fori.
  3. Duke Atreides

    Would It Be Wrong

    That is REAGAN wannabe. Bush is far too liberal for my taste.
  4. Duke Atreides

    Would It Be Wrong

    Retard, LOL I haven't been called that since, oh ... 6th grade. Thanks for the laugh KB
  5. Duke Atreides

    Would It Be Wrong

    And: BionicSniper Posted Today, 12:36 PM ya who cares what other people think just do it
  6. Duke Atreides

    Wtt:my Gaming Rig For Your Gaming Laptop.

    I totally forgot about the glasses! OMG that was so funny, standard issue "BC" glasses... The BC stands for Birth Control. Think Ashley Banfield but in light brown HEAVY plastic. found a pic.
  7. Duke Atreides

    Spyware Free!

    I just realised that I had not run spybot or ad aware in aover a month, had not even thought to update or anything... I just updated both and ran them... NOTHING! (except the 5 DSO Exploits included with windows) Don't ask me why, but I am pretty proud of that. Maybe it is just clean websurfing
  8. Duke Atreides

    Signature Character Limit Of 300

    When you go to change yours in any way, the new limit will enforce itself on you. So just don't change.
  9. Duke Atreides

    Wtt:my Gaming Rig For Your Gaming Laptop.

    You will have NO use of a laptop during BASIC, unless it has changed that much in 15 years. The only personal items I was allowed to keep was a small Bible and my wallet. I went to BASIC at the Naval Training Command, San Diego CA in 1990.
  10. Duke Atreides

    Spyware Free!

    Well, as they said Firefox is my browser. Also the "Clean web browsing" is probably a large part of the reason.
  11. Duke Atreides

    New Computer (main Components

    About the only thing you "could" upgrade would be to go with an AMD 60bit system. MSI K8N NEO2 Platinum (socket 939) Socket 939 AMD64 3500+ or higher if you are itching to spend that cash. With 600 pounds burning a hole in your pocket you might just put the rest in savings for a bit. The aforementioned things would only set you back about 300-350 I think. PS Hi Shadow!
  12. Duke Atreides

    Tsunami Videos

    For those who may not quite grasp the immensity of this tragedy, I will share a few pics with you. WARNING, THE LAST PIC (BIG ONE) IS RATHER GRAPHIC AT THE BOTTOM, IF THIS OFFENDS YOU, DO NOT LOOK First here are two pics of the same area before and after the tsunami, these are sattalite pics: And here is a pic of a resort village in the aftermath... In the extreme foreground you start to realise almost half the debris is HUMAN. My prayers go out to the survivors.
  13. Duke Atreides

    Msi Neo2 Temps Off The Mark!

    MSI Live Update 3... Bundled software with your board you know. It actually does it from Windows and reboots.
  14. Duke Atreides

    Msi K8n Neo2 Platinum

    Extremely nice board. I give it 4 1/2 out of 5 swats on the naughty girl spank-O-meter.
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    Happens all the time on forums, though usually it is about some evil the Bush administration is waging on the universe. Check the politix section of most forums from November 3, 2004 and back.
  16. Duke Atreides

    Msi Neo2 Temps Off The Mark!

    There was a new BIOS released... Early December I think. I have the same board and I remember flashing it just a few weeks ago. You might try that.
  17. Duke Atreides

    Help Block Vicious Sites Please!

    I love that first part. Made me laugh Really now, did your hand accidentally scroll down the bookmarks? Or did you unconciously type the address? Oh man.
  18. Duke Atreides

    New Build New Ideas

    Jubblies on a case is a definite plus. Perhaps you could use some leds for accent. Or mod the buttons to place them somewhere more "appropriate".
  19. Duke Atreides

    40% Of Aohell Subscribers Don't Have A Computer

    I can see it now, there will be protesting in the street with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton screaming about those EVIL Republicans that fooled people into not voting correctly... I mean those EVIL companies (obviously Republican{Even though it is Ted Turner, but hey, maybe he went to the dark side you never know}) fooling people into spending money. Praying on the poor welfare recipients! I can see the poor toothless saps they drag out of the crackhouses whining about being too stupid to care (except they got $10 to care on camera for 30 seconds) Rabble rabble rabble! Just woke up and need some coffee. R Target... I know, just having fun. I actually know someone I worked on their computer that had broadband through SBC AND gave AOL 20 something a month for their service...
  20. Duke Atreides

    Just Saw The Manchurian Candidate

    General, you liked this one... You have to see the original, trust me.
  21. Duke Atreides

    Xp120 Installed

    Just run that back case fan to the mobo cpu pins. Then run that monster via molex with a rpm monitor/control. Come on guys, it's not that hard.
  22. Duke Atreides

    Im A Certified Geek Now

    Welcome Ste to the land of leetness. Thunder... Patience grasshopper.
  23. Duke Atreides

    Merry Christmas To Me...

    I guess that puts me on the Meh list. oh well, meh.
  24. Duke Atreides

    Doubling The Ram Of Your Card!

    Possibly, but the way he descibes it this kid was just some wannabee expert that was pulling stuff out of his backside, I like messing with such types IRL so I gave him an example of a response I might give to try to get the smarmy know-it-all to furthur embarrass himself. I should be nicer to people I guess, but having wasted my intelligence on a crappy job I imagine I find a way to get back at people who don't know, but act like they do... I need a hug now.
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    It went something like this...