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    Thinkin Bout Going Lcd

    I am thinking of trying to slide an LCD onto my desk during the next monthm as I will be building around 5 comps and upgrading another 4 for people as they get their tax returns, just seeing what kind of reason I can give my wife... And I am probably going to get a Viewsonis from the reviews (online and IRL) I have heard from people.
  2. Duke Atreides


    Seriously don't worry about the number of stars... I don't, I let my brilliant posts speak for themselves.
  3. Duke Atreides

    The New Alienware?

    I still prefer my "mesh" case with my added 120mm blue led blowhole with a Star Trek communicator pin on it. B)
  4. Duke Atreides

    I Need The Best 120mm's

    I picked one up at Best Buy for about $15, it has 4 blue leds and moves plenty of air.
  5. Duke Atreides

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    The quiet hum of my 120 mm exhaust fan, and my daughter has Spongehead Squarebutt on the living room tv.
  6. Duke Atreides

    My Pc In Action

    Rap is missing the < C > in the front of the word. Hi everybody! I'm back from a really bad few weeks with a cancer scare and big surgery and another cancer scare and complications. Good to be back online.
  7. Duke Atreides

    She Stole The Peach!

    And then she popped it into her mouth. He should have gone for the more pleasant alternative. the sympathy pain...THE SYMPATHY PAIN!
  8. Duke Atreides

    Please Help My Grade Depends On It

    Unplug your comp first! Then remove the battery.
  9. Duke Atreides

    What Kind Of Poster Are You?

    Funny stuff... I'm going to have to read all of these tomorrow. Here is ME
  10. Duke Atreides

    120mm Mod

    Man, that is the perfect size... Going to remember that next time.
  11. Duke Atreides

    Which Forum "view" Do You Use?

    Linear, in some threads it is helpful to see what the original post was and sit in amazement at what monstrosity it has become with the various twists of logic and emotion.
  12. Duke Atreides

    Should I Be Allowed Possesion Of What I Purchased?

    WHAT!!!!!???!!! Really kiddo, you need to lay off the drama a bit, you have things a LOT EASIER than most people in the world. This attitude is self destructive and I wonder if you have all black clothes and wear your hair over one eye... if so then the whole angsty rip yer head off reactionartism along with the rampant insecurity makes sense. I mean to be harsh, yes I do because your mother RULES THE HOUSE. My son (who is 13) knows not to cop some kind of freakin attitude like that because he will find all of his electronic entertainment items GONE. It is my house, he sleeps in my room, laying in my bed. (not the same bed or room I sleep in, his room belongs to me) He has no right to privacy, nor any right to property save what I allow. Enjoy being a kid, because THE REAL WORLD WAITS and sonny, it aint pretty for those who whine about things now. /edit/ Just for the record KB, if I were your mom I would explain you need to clear purchases with me first, then I would sell the thing on ebay and give you the money made.
  13. Duke Atreides

    Is It Ok To Pirate If

    CREDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL! Read all about it kids today... pffffffft!
  14. Duke Atreides

    New Computer Freezing Up

    Sorry to hear that, but that is the board of choice as far as I know.
  15. Duke Atreides

    Why Vinyl Is Greater Than A Cd

    That is his mom.
  16. Duke Atreides

    New Computer Freezing Up

    Flash your BIOS, Flash your BIOS. All together now!
  17. Duke Atreides

    Why Vinyl Is Greater Than A Cd

    Umm.... yeah
  18. Duke Atreides

    Xp Pro Saying Key Already Used Too Many Times

    Yeah, it gets annoying have to go through the sappy machine that sounds like a kindergarten teacher. I just wish there were a button to connect me direct to Apu so I can say "Yes, only one machine" and he can say "Thank you, call again!"
  19. Duke Atreides

    Call Of Duty

    I recieved this game for Christmas, I have now found one of my favourite things to do in the evenings is play the MP. You can find me usually in one of the open search and destroy or behind enemy lines games. My name is the same there so just holler at me. Going to go play some now.
  20. Duke Atreides

    This Is The Most Cruelist Thing I Have Ever Seen.

    The cat one is a fake, so relax about that. Still not very kosher to link though. The dog one is brutality plain and simple, SEVERE punishment should be brought against these scum bags. This thread should be buried. MODERATOR! I INVOKE YOU! LOCK THIS
  21. Duke Atreides

    Can't Connect Online With Router

    I do NOT mean this as a joke or am I besmirching your tech savvyness. Have you tried pulling the plug on both for a minute and then powering them back up? I have had my share of dealing with wonky routers and this little trick works about 60% of the time.
  22. Duke Atreides

    Does Anyone Remmeber

    You don't mean THIS do you? Trust me, it is safe. B)
  23. Duke Atreides

    This Sucks/blows/whatever

    What you should do is learn some relaxation/meditation techniques. Find some extremely SOOTHING music* (Rap and heavy metal do NOT count). Burn it to a cd and play that quietly while relaxing and letting your mind float. Once you learn the techniques you should fall asleep within 30 minutes. * for example, try Enya, Yanni, or light classical which focuses on string instruments and/or vocals. I have the latest Enya cd which I use for exactly this purpose.
  24. Duke Atreides

    Compliment The Person Above You!

    ^ IS a spammer extrodinaire ^