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    Which Mouse?

    Review of MX 1000 Just realised my son's football game is in 30 minutes
  2. Duke Atreides

    Which Mouse?

    MX 1000 You will thank me, just as I thank the guy who suggested it to me.
  3. Duke Atreides

    Friend Wants Out Of The Army.

    Short answer... Your friend does not have the emotional strength to be an effective soldier, judging by what you have said here. He can not cut it. However, he made a commitment and barring some cowardly way of cheating his way out, he will be held to his commitment. He will be made a clerk, or cook, or driver, or mechanic. The Army has many jobs that need to be filled so the ones who are capable may fight. Not trying to be harsh on your friend but guidance counsellors are in short supply in the military, the Army will use him where he can be useful, if his attitude does not improve (once again, going by what you wrote) he will find himself spending lots of time polishing brightwork and doing laundry, or in the brig. --Duke Atreides, former US Navy
  4. Duke Atreides

    You Guys Do This?

    "Posted on: Nov 11 2003, 09:16 PM Absolutely stick with it. The most worthwhile things in life are the hardest, you will thank yourself later in life for the extra effort you put in today. " Started out giving sage advice to a young 'un
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    Do You Play Battlefield2

    I play whenever I get the chance. My name is [CoH] Atreides. I specialise as a fighter pilot, ranked around 4400 out of 638,000 last I checked. Excellent game. I have an AMD64 bit rig running two gigs of Mushkin ram and an X850 XT card, runs smooth as butter.
  6. Duke Atreides

    Ati X800xt

    RMA that puppy and NOW! The fan is supposed to spin to cool that hot bugger. When you get it's replacement you also might try to have the vid card running all by it's lonesome on one power line.
  7. Duke Atreides

    Hey Im Back!

    (drumroll) I HAVE RETURNED
  8. Duke Atreides

    Updating My Rig

    Hello all, it has been awhile. I have what I hope is a simple question, I have a MSI K8N Neo2 MOBO running 2x512 Mushkin 3200 Ram (2-3-3) in dual mode. I was thinking of getting another dual set of 512 Mushkin and filling the other DIMM banks. Would my comp continue to run in dual mode having 4 ram sticks installed?
  9. Duke Atreides

    Another Iraq Question

    Knowing that cute lovable fuzzball Saddam and his outstanding human rights record any prisoners taken would most likely have been tortured and executed.
  10. Duke Atreides

    Sexism... Dosn't Apply To Women?

    People tend to redefine terms to press a political agenda, but the following is truth. Sexism is judging a person based on their ., whether it be female OR male. Racism is judging a person based on their races, whether it black, white, hispanic etc... Period.
  11. Duke Atreides

    Terri Schiavo

    Onyks, You did not read my previous posts obviously. She has been recieving medicine for MENSTRUAL CRAMPS these many years because she would moan in pain and clutch at her belly if she did not get relief from the discomfort of her period. Also she has been given Morphine, I saw Schiavo's lawyer Felos state as much on camera just two days ago. My point is why give pain medicine to a person who is incapable of feeling pain? The answer is... because she CAN feel pain and is NOT brain dead.
  12. Duke Atreides

    Terri Schiavo

    Her care is being paid for out of a settlement that is held in trust, upon her death if she is still married to Michael he recieves 100% of the money. If however he divorces her the money would go to her parents, but she could very well live a natural lifespan so the financial motivation is nonexistant for the parents. This is one of the main resons why the Guardian Ad Litum in 1998 reported to the court that Michael's motion to kill Terri should be denied.
  13. Duke Atreides

    Terri Schiavo

    quote Coolzero/ " either way she won't feel a thing due to the fact that shes ALREADY DEAD." You obviously did not read my post earlier, she has been recieving medication for MENSTRUAL CRAMP PAIN due to her COMMUNICATING the pain by moaning and holding her bellyover the years. Also, if she could not feel a thing WHY have they administered MORPHINE to her? Truly if she is already "dead" and can not feel anything why has she been recieving pain medicine and is being given MORPHINE? LOOK INTO THE ACTUAL CASE, don't take what a talk show says and base your opinions on that. I am a conservative Republican and gravy agrees with me, JESSE JACKSON agrees with me, SUSAN SARANDON agrees with me etc... and I would have agreed with you only a few months ago until I actually looked into the case, talk about an eye opener.
  14. Duke Atreides

    Terri Schiavo

    Small update before I go to bed: There will be an autopsy, in the case of cremation in the State of Florida law the medical examiner has full authority to determine the cause of death and furthur has the right to do a FULL autopsy. I just saw Michael Schiavo's attorney attemptin to spin it as they requested the autopsy. She is no longer passing urine, her death is very close. My prayers are with her family, and I hold the courts in contempt for murdering an innocent woman. G'night
  15. Duke Atreides

    Terri Schiavo

    ciddono, In sworn afidavits there are a few nurses that fed Terri with a spoon and she swalowed just fine, but Muchael had a medical order put in that she could ONLY be fed via tube. The tube only is the mechanism to feed her and give her water. I take your food and water away and you can be sure you will die too, anyone would. Terri is like a newborn baby, she is incapable of getting up and getting a drink of water from the sink, just like a baby she relies onothers to feed her and give her water. Michael via the courts has ordered that NO ONE can give her water of food again until she is dead. The food and water keep her alive, but due to her husband the only way she has been getting those things is with a TUBE. Nerm, This is not about what you would do, this is not about having her live forever, she is only 41 years old. She is not a vegetable, I have seen people on TV say that she is brain dead, SHE RESPONDS TO VISUAL STIMULI, ALSO SHE RESPONDS TO SOUND. That removes the term "brain dead" from her description entirely, too many people see a 30 second spot about this case and come to a conclusion, actually LOOK at the case. This sets a VERY dangerous precedent where a person who is unable to communicate due to an accident or illness is starved to death by a ruling of a judge, mass murderers are given far more rights than a handicapped woman. Terri can live just fine, all she needs is what everyone of us needs...FOOD and WATER. She requires NO other life support at all, to take the logic of this case as sound they would have every major stroke victim that is unable to move or speak killed via starvation, or every old person in a nursing home that is unable to move or speak, while we are at it we could just get rid of anyone in a coma, then comes the deformed babies, next it is the infirm...all in the name of mercy... Third Reich version 2 unless we as a nation start PAYING ATTENTION to what is actually going on. /edit to respond to Muddy/ The family also wants an autopsy performed at their expense because their has never been a full examination to determine exactly WHAT happened to put her in the state she is in now.
  16. Duke Atreides

    Terri Schiavo

    She has been given medicine for MENSTRUAL CRAMPS during this whole time, she has indicated the pain of this by moaning and holding her belly. After the medicine was given she was more comfortable. Also, during the last few days which is the most agonising when you die of dehydration she looks like an Auschwitz refugee and has been recieving morphine for the pain she has no ability to feel. The husband will allow NO cameras in the room as his wife is dying of dehydration because her skin is cracking all over and her body is starting to resemble a holoucost victim from a Nazi concentration camp. This is a slippery slope folks, a legal precedence is being set where a judge can rule to execute an innocent person due to quality of life issues... just like 1930's Germany did, also the judge has ordered at Michael's request that immediately after death Teri's body is to be cremated with no autopsy, xrays or even a medical examination.
  17. Duke Atreides

    Psu 3.3 Rail

    I have the MSI s939 Neo Plat 2 board with the corecentre that runs in background. The problem I am having is that the corecentre alarm goes of and shows the 3.3 rail is running at 2.93 volts and fluctuates. What is causing this and is there a setting I can tweak to bump that up, I suspect it may be due to the cool and quiet program but am not sure...
  18. Duke Atreides

    Psu 3.3 Rail

    Meh, I don't have a digital multimeter so I will just trade this PSU for a new 450 Watt I have in stock for an upcoming rig I will be building. Is there a way in BIOS I can increase the voltage on my 3.3 rail?
  19. Duke Atreides

    Terri Schiavo

    About the rehabilitative therapy... She has not had ANY after her husband won his court case many years ago, the money used to provide basic life support ONLY is paid for out of his legal setlement, the remainder of the money is HIS when she dies. Also she old injuries of broken bones that are no whee on her medical file... In the absense of a living will and the fact that they are not just turning off a switch, but rather are going to starve her to death... It smells very bad.
  20. Duke Atreides

    Something Got Messed Up......

  21. Duke Atreides

    Get Hungry While Playing Eq2? No Problem!

    My God, Give this thing another 50 years and we will have masses of people the size of Jabba the Hutt at their computers 24/7. And then the death rate will dramatically rise as ambulances are called out to pick up the bodies of 25 year olds who need to have a section of wall removed on their house to have their cheetos stained, hot pocket enduced carcass removed.
  22. Duke Atreides

    Wuts The Best Anti-spyware Software?

    Using Firefox is one of the best ways to avoid most spyware. I also run Ad Aware and Spybot together.
  23. Duke Atreides

    Anybody Have A Card For Sale?

    I have in my hot little hands a card I would sell for cheap... It is a Matrox 32 bit card, very nice, very dark green with gold looking things on it. Make you good deal I would.
  24. Duke Atreides

    I Want This On My Desk!

    I am sporting electronic "timber"
  25. Duke Atreides

    Software Pack

    Adaware Spybot S&D AVG Free edition I also type instruction on how to update them all and run all three programs once a week and stick that on the desktop in a small cluster in the right top corner.