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    Your Username

    In the early 80's I watched a movie I relly liked called Dune. My father has some of the original books which I read, the whole book series is one of my favourites. When I came online for the first time a year ago i needed a handle, thi is it.
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    2500+ Barton Overcliocking Help

    Ok, my system specs are below. And I read through several articles here on OC'ing my Barton 2500. I can't find the multipier setting in cmos, howerver I raised the fsb to 190 and now I am showing a 3200+ running at 2180, thus my multiplier must be 11X. Also the vcore is set at 16.2 and I was unable to find that setting either (total newby) The question I have is with my pc 270 ddr ram auto upping from 166 mhz to 178 mhz due to my fsb settings, could this cause me problems? It is Centon memory, and I don't have the funds to buy better ATM due to having to fix my kids comp. Also, I am running Sandra 2003 burn in wizard, is 3dmark a better check on my system than Sandra? Thanks /edit/ Have run the burn in wizard through 14 times now, solid! my max temps are 43C for cpu and 40.1 C for mobo, is this mobo temp high?/edit/
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    Kids Comp Problems

    The 256 Ram is pc100 SDRAM, not DDR, (it was scavanged out of my father in law's old comp) The wind 98 I had laying around, but I'll probably get an XP disk and just upgrade the thing. But not until I have the money. That is what pisses me of so much, I built this comp essentially for free from cannibalised systems. Thanks for the help guys, Ive tried everything posted here, but no dice. Ill let my son go in halves on win xp.
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    Kids Comp Problems

    I think I have an old boot disk from an emachine I'm off to bed, I'll check here and try what I can tomorrow. Thanks
  5. Duke Atreides

    Should I Drop Out Of College?

    Absolutely stick with it. The most worthwhile things in life are the hardest, you will thank yourself later in life for the extra effort you put in today.