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  1. Simple question with a simple answer... My Radeon 9800 Pro was purchased by me a few years back, and has served me well these many,many moons. In fact it would probably continue to serve me well but I had an itch to upgrade my comp and a vid card was the logical choice. The Radeon 9800 Pro runs FEAR as well as BF2 at MED/HI settings just fine depending on the rest of the comp so there is still some life left in her... I bought an X850XT when I caught a sale and was able to get one for around 300, for that price that was the biggest baddest card I could get in that price range, I can now run EVERY game out there at EXTREME settings with all eye candy turned to MAXIMUM and AA/AF at 4/8 with smooth-as-butter graphics. OK, maybe I only get 120 fps in real hairy video processing situations instead of 150 compliments of a $900 upgrade to PCIE MOBO and SLI vid card setup but I like to avoid nasty phone calls from the mortgage company and ugly notes from the electric company. Besides 120 fps vs 150 fps can not be SEEN by me while playing and I am not one to stroke my Epenis for all to see and be in awe of its size so benchmark scores are irrelevent for me unless it is in doing research on a item for upgrading mine or a customer's computer. I fully well know that there are people here with bigger and badder comps than me and that is fine, I fully love my setup and enjoy what it can do. Now allow me the rare indulgence of whipping out my Epenis: 3500 skt 939 A64 (mild OC to 2.9) MSI K8N Neo3 MOBO 2 Gigs of 3200 RAM at 2-3-3-7 200 Gig HDD Radeon X850 XT 256 vid card Audigy 2 ZS sound card Codegen Air mesh case (cpu at load 39C) 19 inch 8 ms LCD monitor Logitech MX1000 laser mouse Saitek Gamer backlit keyboard
  2. I bought an X850XT card just a few months ago and I can tell you I intend on using this card for a few years. And I doubt in that time a video game company will try marketting a game that only the richest of the rich can afford to buy the equipment to play the game. If they are foolish enough to do that then they will deserve the kind of PR hell that will cause and have really small sales numbers and an overworked service dept.
  3. I will come. My name is [CoH]Atreides, I have beenplaying for some time now, I am ranked around 4200 for jets so I should be able to help out some there. /edit I have come to the server many times in the last few days... But I am all alone so I leave.
  4. Wait for Black Friday sales, you might find an X850XT for $250 to $300, I bought one a month ago and WOWSERS! I loves me card, the feeling of going into to settings and maxing EVERYTHING out with 4 aa 8 af.
  5. I have an MX1000 and do a fair amount of gaming (BF2, FEAR, COD2 etc) and it works just fine for me. Seriously lose the gamer snob thing, it just proves inability to score with a living female.
  6. Tandy TRS 80. FOr reasons of nostalgia, it is still at my parents house buried in a closet I think.
  7. You could try a system restore back before this problem started. Also, Netzero3G is $15, I know that you are in Maryland, so the SBC DSL thing is not available for you, but ou might check with your school about any type of student deals offered by broadband services. I latched on to a deal and my 1.6 mb DSL only runs me $16 antil April next year at which time I will threaten to leave and get on another one year deal. Just an idea because I know the pain of being in 56K hell, my parents are 1/4 mile outside the broadband service area where they live.
  8. I have a peculiar problem with CRT monitors, back in '83 I was hit by a car and the back portion of my skull was essentially shattered, long story short my hearing is a bit off and I can "hear" the whine of a picture tube, a telvision with the sound off is like fingernails on a chalk board to me and every CRT monitor I have even seen is to some degree "uncomfortable" due to the CRT aspect of the monitor itself. The radiation put off by the monitor also hurts my eyes after a while and gives me headaches no matter the resolution, refresh rate etc...I found some special glasses a few years back and still have them for this purpose. Currently I am using a Samsung 913T 19" LCD monitor at 1280x1024, 75 hz refresh. I am a true believer in the joys of good LCDs, I had a Proview with a 12 ms and 500.1 contrast, this one is 4-8 ms with an 800.1 contrast...wow. No pain, no headaches, no eye strain, the quiet hum of my comp's fans the only noise in my room. I will NEVER buy another CRT monitor.
  9. Just get the laser treatment. I wear glasses when outside due to astigmatism and slight near sightedness but don't need it inside. One day I will go under the phaser of sight and say "Make it so"
  10. Radeon X850XT 256 mb. I upgraded to this from a 9800 Pro and have the very nice priviledge of turning my games to MAXIMUM SETTINGS and they run smooth as silk, and by games I mean Battlefield 2 and FEAR. 3d Mark 03 score was in the 14,000s and that is running at stock on the vid card. To be fair though I do have 2 gigs of 3200 Mushkin ram running in dual pipe setup.
  11. erf. Get a normal one then. I have no idea on a USB headset.
  12. A certain store I frequent still shjows the OEM copies for sale at $99 with a hardware purchase on their website, and I bought one just this last Thursday.
  13. I have mine set up exactly as you are wanting. INside the case there are two wires that connect the front audio jacks. Plug in the pink one for the mic but leave the green one out, your 5.1 speakers hook up to the black, orange and green plugs on the back leaving the pink one for your mic. Plug your mic in the mic jack and you are set... 5.1 sound and microphone. Note) If you dont have the wires in the case just plug you mic into the pink mic jack on the back of your comp.
  14. Thank you very much. Now to try to find all the programs I had on there... sigh
  15. I have a 512 mb thumb drive I use for my comp business. Long story short I deleted the partition in the drive and now the drive is innaccessable in windows. The comp recognises the drive but whenever I try to access the drive or save anything to the drive it say "Please insert a disc into drive F" So, I deleted the partition, and trying to format does not work either, I already know all data is lost... Is there anything I can do to fix this bugger?
  16. Those temps are perfectly normal for an non OCed A64 chip. My cpu at idle is only about 3 degrees C above room temp.
  17. They call it glace (pronounced glausay) Analogies are the crutch which the verbally challenged makes contact with the comprehesive illiterate. It's like telling someone how to get to the library by making three left turns, instead of one right one. Get it?
  18. You should have a disk laying around that was bundled software that came with your dvd drive such as: Nero/Power DVD, or Intermec DVD or some other such, these contain the codecs that enable DVD playback in either their company's player or Windows Media Player. Barring that just CLICKY and see what you can find.
  19. One thought about the whole "I support the troops but not the war" catchphrase... I support the doctors but not surgery. I support teachers but not education. I support farmers but not commercial agriculture. I support the pilots but not flying airplanes. And so on... Do you see how fantastically illogical this sentiment is? Pretending to support the troops but not their mission is a slap in the face to the troops, I have a few friends who have served or ar currently serving in both Iraq and Afganistan. Support the troops BY supporting their mission, only with a successful end to their current mission will those who have paid the ultimate price for Afgani/Iraqi freedom and in a larger sense American security will be shown honour. I heard someone turn that idiotic catchphrase around to "I support the war, but not the troops." Our troops are fighting this war, along with people stateside who are also fighting this war against those who want the same thing the terrorists do... Us to pull out of the middle east completely, some nasty allies you guys have there, though they would kill you just as fast as they would kill me. Think about that.
  20. Biggest obvious difference is that Windows is a computer operating system... Linus carries around a blanket and is Charlie Brown's friend.
  21. Yes, But God gave me my Schwartz at birth... I did not buy it at a store.
  22. General, I am back. Your pathetic rebellion is at an end.
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