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  1. My wife has a Toshiba Satellite 1135-S125. This is the third time we have gotten this error, the previous two times I just used the restore discs and started over. However I thought there MUST be a better solution that reformatting the HDD. This particular time my wife had the thing on the couch for a long time and some error came up asking her to restart. I do not know what error it was but since then whenever we stry to start it it POSTS, then goes blank screen, if we wait 5 minutes something does come up which says: Windows could not start because the following file is missing or currupt: <Windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe. Please reinstall a copy of the above file. I have tried using the Windows recovery with a SP2 disc, that does nothing. My wife has like 10 gigs of music on this laptop and really does not want to lose it, is there something we can do to fix this that does not involve using the restore discs or reformatting?
  2. I have tried it both with battery out and in. After completely taking the thing apart I discovered there is some physical damage to the MOBO. Oh well, another one bites the dust.
  3. I have an HP pavilion xt412 that was recently handed to me to fix. The problem this thing has is it turns on and then about 2 seconds later turns off, turn on, turn off etc about 10 times then comes on and hangs. The screen does not come up with POST or anything, the lights are merely on and the fan whirs. Any ideas? edit/ I have the thing completely dismantled currently.
  4. Bold clours on the checkerboard thing, and instead of the dot thing make the dots much smaller and with colour gradient for shading rather than the almost painful polka dot look.
  5. One of my favourite artists is Enya... I own all of her albums (cds for you punk kids) So there.
  6. If you do not want to read political threads... (big pause) . STAY OUT OF THE POLITIX SECTION! see how easy that is? In Soviet Union they eliminated political discourse, not here. Now I have to come out of vacation... *EDITED*
  7. So taz, by your definition... does that make you a liberal fanboi?
  8. You know there are many, many loberals just praying that the elections tomorrow are a failure because without George W Bush they would not have happened. Almost time to come out of vacation mode.
  9. I find the notion of lubing up your mousepad to be just disturbing. I use a WowPad, its nice and big and works just fine for me.
  10. Attacking a person is not kosher. Laying waste to a opinion is completely fair game.
  11. When one makes gratuitous assertions based on hyperbole and misinformation then one should fully EXPECT to be blasted.
  12. Someone watched an old Souithpark episode.
  13. My Bf2 Stats This game has a small chunk of my soul. I am just hping for maybe a few new jet models, thus far my favourite is the Mig.
  14. I am typing this response on the exact keyboard pictured. Here is the review of my keyboard.
  15. One thing though, there are two versions. The version I have is the PC GAMERS version, there is another called the sillouette I think... On this version the letters do not light up on the keys, you just have the backlighting, however it does have the mini keypad for gaming. The sillouette has no second keypad but the letters do light up IIRC. Circuit City carries both, you could just go to one of their display comps and plug the keyboard into a USB port to check them out. I pretty much touch type so having the letters lit up was not that important to me and the little keypad was a nice touch since in BF2 I spend most of my time in the air.
  16. I bought this keyboard a week ago, I must say that I love it, the keys are just the right touch for both gaming as well as typing, there is no cheapie rattle (even from the space bar). The thing is great for both gaming as well as typing research papers (my wife is a college student and I do quite a bit of typing in forums). The thing has weight to it as well so you don't have to worry about moving it around accidentally and the adjustable level of backlighting makes it ideal for playing in light/dim or dark. I don't worik for this company or anything, I just like the keybaord.
  17. If you can wait try to latch on to one of the Black Friday deals. Wal Mart is selling one for $400 that day and some other places have some wacky deals as well. Check this site I used this site last year to work out my shopping plan that day and got some really great deals on some various hardware for my comp (ex: 100 Gig HDD for $30 out the door, Wireless mouse for $6 each etc...) just check the ad scans and happy hunting.
  18. Extremely nice board, I have this very one myself. Just make sure you update to the latest BIOS, there were some minor problems in previous BIOS versions. Rock solid board though.
  19. I have also tried to make these little pockets of joy... and finally cornered a guy who owns a restaurant I frequent. Do not use actual crab meat, use the crab-like-meat (refrigerated stuff, not the nasty pouch crap) The faux crab meat is actually whitefish with flavour and colouring added, but it is also sweeter. Just try it, and in your mixed up stuff before you fill the things add a drop or two of lemon juice.
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