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  1. Yes, looking for monitors online, not finding anything atm, really want a 30" monitor with 2560x1600, with good response time. Any recommandations?
  2. Well i decided to go with the i7 920, the evga x58 mobo , seems like the most logical choice after reading reviews all day. Now on to the rest! I live in montreal, so all prices that you see are in canadian dollars
  3. Well i've heard some negative things about having a plexiglass case, maybe just better to opt for a built in liquid case like this case . Now i was thinking about the 285's as 3 of them would actually be cheaper. Note, i am not a fan of ati at all, had a 4870x2 for a while and had the most annoying driver issues with this card. Lack of support from diamond made me drop it like a ton of bricks. Worked amazing when it wanted to, was just plaged by too many problems. Now if i get 3 285's, i am most concerned about airflow in my case as i'm sure these cards will get hot very quickly. My 4870x2 would reach about 65c with the fan around 40% at full load in my antec 900. So i'm pretty sure i'd need at least an antec 1200 if not a bigger case(love the antecs!). And as for monitor, i'm getting at least a 30' monitor, if not bigger. Getting the nvidia 3d glasses as well so i need a 120hz monitor. I'm well aware that videocards come out every freakin 2-3 months, offering us better performance and whatnot but i want to know as it stands NOW, what would be the most beneficial setup for me. The 2 295gtx's, the 3 285's? I just want the highest fps that the computer gods can give me! As much as i want bragging rights with my friends, i DO want the best bang for my bucks, ansd don't want to spend extra money that will do little cause my goal in the end is to have a fast loading comp with very high fps for my mmo's and fps. So shoot me your builds on what you would do. Thanks
  4. Hello tech savy ppl, i'm here posting this request because i'm about done saving my money to finally build a computer of my dreams. I want my rig to be a beast! Now this may sound weird to some ppl, maybe all...but i've been looking for a video card setup of my dreams and i found this baby out a while ago and fell in love with it: video card. Now this is why it'll sound weird, looking for the perfect setup for these babies, cuz i want 2! Most ppl would start with the processor i guess, not the vid cards! Would an amd or intel setup be better? Money is not going to be the issue and the vid cards are somewhat overkill according to my friends but i think this would be a good long term investment and not have me thinking about upgrading for a very long time. So i need a complete sysytem build around the vid cards that i chose. I already have an Antec quattro 1000w psu so will that be good enough. Whatever the cpu, i plan on doing a mild overclock to slightly increase performance. For the case, i am thinking of having a plexi-glass case fabricated to show off the system as i plan on adding some uv reactive lights and uv reactive dye for the cooling. I want all opnions and builds as i am serious, i wanna get this rig done asap! Thanks.
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